Biden administration’s war on appliances is just getting started

Fox News | May 12, 2023

The Biden administration has unleashed a flurry of regulations this year targeting popular household appliances as part of its climate and conservation agenda and has paved the way for additional actions.

Over the last several months, the Department of Energy (DOE) has unveiled standards to make various appliances, including gas stoves, ovens, clothes washers, refrigerators, air conditioners and dishwashers, more efficient, and experts have said this would worsen product quality and lead to higher prices.

“It’s just spreading to more and more appliances. It seems that almost everything that plugs in or fires up around the house is either subject to a pending regulation or soon will be,” Ben Lieberman, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told Fox News Digital in an interview.

“Consumers aren’t going to like any of it. These rules are almost always bad for consumers for the simple reason that they restrict consumer choice.


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