‘We simply don’t have the ammunition’ – Polish general says

Remix | April 28, 2023

Speaking at a strategy session of the National Security Bureau, the Polish Armed Forces chief of staff General Rajmund Andrzejczak said that when he analyzes the war in Ukraine politically, he is pessimistic. This is, he explained, because “there is nothing that indicates that Russia will lack the resources to continue the conflict.”

He said during the session that he did not feel sanctions would stop Russia from having the funds to continue the war.

The general also offered a bleak assessment of Poland’s ability to send ammunition to Ukraine.

“We simply don’t have the ammunition. Our industry isn’t ready to send the equipment to Ukraine and to maintain our own dwindling reserves,” he said. He noted that he was tirelessly presenting such an analysis in order to raise awareness.

He continued his remarks by saying that “war is not the business of soldiers.” It is rather “a question of politics with economic factors involving finance, infrastructure, technology, food, and a range of other problems that you have to figure into the equation to be able to understand it.”


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