Trudeau gives federal employees a $75K benefit for sex changes

Canada Free Press | March 1, 2023

The Trudeau government is funding sex change surgeries for federal public service employees who are transgender and Canadians have taken to Twitter to express their disapproval of the new “health benefit.”

Starting July 1, each transgender employee receives a health benefit of up to $75,000 for “gender affirmation” procedures, such as sex reassignment surgeries.


2 Comments on Trudeau gives federal employees a $75K benefit for sex changes

  1. Trudeau gov’t will provide up to $75k for ‘trans surgeries’ for federal employees. That’s on top of what OHIP and other provincial health insurances already cover for those in the general public who, let’s face it, have mental health issues.

    What legacy media does not tell you is the high rate of suicide in the transgender community as they come to regret their decision.

    They are killing the old and downtrodden with MAiD and using the savings to castrate our children. All for population control.

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