Matt Taibbi issues warning of government efforts to cleanse media of ‘disinformation’: ‘Extremely dangerous’

Fox News | March 26, 2023

Independent journalist Matt Taibbi joined “Sunday Morning Futures” and warned host Maria Bartiromo of the threats ‘targeting true information’ posed by anti-disinformation programs – stressing that the programs from NGO’s and the government are ‘extremely dangerous’ and ‘terrifying.’


MATT TAIBBI: … Our most recent discoveries involve something called Stanford’s Virality Project, which was you know, it was created by Stanford University. It’s an outgrowth of something that was called the Election Integrity Partnership that was founded in 2020. There’s a lot of state money involved in this project, but what was most significant about what we found, we found emails to Twitter in which this project told them that they should consider as standard misinformation on your platform, true stories that might promote hesitancy or true stories of vaccine side effects. So we now know that a lot of these anti-disinformation programs, whether they’re actual state agencies or whether they’re NGOs that are state-funded, they’re targeting true information that just happens to be counter-narrative, which I think is extremely dangerous. 


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