Magician John Mulholland Reveals His Tradecraft in ‘CIA Manual of Deception’

John Mulholland (1898-1970) was a highly successful performing magician who entertained “New York City society circles.” In 1953, the CIA paid him to write a manual on deception and misdirection. Copies of the document were said to have been destroyed in 1973 by CIA Director Richard Helms; however, it later resurfaced and was published as “The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception.” The full text is available here.

His impact on the art of magic was enormous. He predicted an aspect that is surely in play a half century after his passing — specifically, that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

John Mulholland instructed operatives that their success — as opposed to that of magicians — depended upon the fact that they are not known to be — or even suspected of being — tricksters. This points to the media as being a large factor and culpable in the stagecraft in the age of deception we are witnessing today.

The other aspect that the public doesn’t see is that tradecraft is practiced by a supranational entity, which Winter Watch refers to as the Crime Syndicate. The gullible pajama people can’t conceive of this, thus making deception a fait accompli.

Multiple elements of the magician’s craft can be seen throughout the world of espionage and deception, most notably in stage management, sleight of hand, disguise, identity transfer, escapology and special concealment devices.

Awareness and “management” of the potentially hostile environment, where audiences are culturally diverse, uncontrolled and sometimes unseen, is as critical to a operative’s success as his special devices. Similarly, a successful stage magician understands that the execution of a trick may not produce an effective illusion unless the stage and audience are consciously managed.

Sight lines, limiting what the audience is allowed to see, are arranged so that the magician’s trick may be executed without exposing secret equipment or maneuvers. Mulholland advises to carefully select each operational site for visibility. In the manual, he focuses a lot on angles and moving at right angles.

He offers that illusion is only a means to divert attention from a clandestine act. To be successful, the espionage illusion must withstand both the direct observation of onlookers (casuals) and the scrutiny of professional counterintelligence officers (hostile surveillance) without exposing either the participation or identification of the agent.

We see this constantly in the staged deceptions we cover. One of the more obvious illusion tricks is not revealing CCTV footage — or when revealed, blurring it. Examples would be CCTV cameras turned off at the Pentagon on 9/11.  April Gallop: Eyewitness at Pentagon on 9/11 Says There Was No Plane Debris

Read “The 9/11 Tale of the Pentagon’s Disabled Security Cameras

Also, the CCTV video footage of McVeigh’s truck in front of the Oklahoma City Murrah Building “is missing.” The public was told that four cameras in four locations went blank at basically the same time on the morning of April 19, 1995. The FBI claims the security cameras did not record just prior to the blast or during the blast, because “they had run out of tape” or that “the tape was being replaced.”

Read “Reminder: French Authorities Ordered Destruction of CCTV Images of Nice Terror Attack (UPDATE)

Read “An Analysis of the 2016 Brussels Airport ‘Bombing’

For anybody observing these tricks, it is blatant what one is not allowed to see. For a basic example of this oft-repeated formula, look at a clip from NBC “News” titled “Drone Captures Video Of Car Plowing Into Crowd In Charlottesville.” As a viewer, ask yourself this question: Does this show the second car driven by James Alex Fields plowing into crowd?

The following are all a few minute clips. Which begs the question, why stop filming so soon?

Next, watch starting at the 20-second mark. Do you see evidence of people down, or just an impression? Look how the sight lines on the ground are blocked. Someone is still even carrying an unfurled blocking banner that reads “Against White Supremacy” after the alleged fatal incident. Mulholland in his manual frequently refers to using a body or other objects as shields, fully demonstrated in this example.

In the next video, yet again we have a herky jerky film and theatrics just when things get interesting at minute 0:23. Incredibly Finger Lady blocks the view by putting her fingers in front of the lens. At 0:44, Finger Lady proclaims, “Those cars ran down all these people.” How many do you see? One dead and 26 wounded? Do you see that many casualties? Decide for yourselves, but about all I see in this clip is what my old basketball coach referred to as “wasted motion” — wasted motion for the purpose of putting on a performance.

The stagecrafters violated Mulholland dictums by filming a red shoed acrobat stunt man with a harness strapped on. Shoes are bouncing around for staging good measure.

Shoes in Staged Deceptions and False Flags as Both Calling Cards and Black Magik

Finger Lady video- speaking of stagecraft this revealing video has been scrubbed from the Internet.

This illustrates that the Kakistocracy Crime Syndicate covers for mediocre stagecraft execution by suppression and censorship.

In the next Rebel Media video – the woman’s voice (Faith Goldy) announces at 0:02, “Here ya go,” and is very distracting. Turn her down and watch a second time.

At 17 seconds in the “Last Stand” footage from C-ville, you see the blurry image of a small black woman or girl, picking herself off the hood. She looks partially pinned. Seconds later and right when it may become revealing to thinking observers, this photographer begins shooting the top floors of buildings before the video is cut off. At about minute 00:50, they come back to the cameramen “filming chaos,” in this case almost all screaming and images of overhead wires, trees and surrounding buildings.

The rest of the video shows a whirling, jerky camera, poor quality footage, a narrative and scenes (CGI?) that are little different from other staged events. An observer would not be able to identify any person in this multitude or really make a whole lot of sense of the scene in which 26 were alleged wounded and one killed. Curiously, the narrator does point out that it took several minutes for police to arrive.

The Last Stand Footage

In the next video, we see this sleight of hand with a so-called award-winning Boston Globe photojournalist at the Boston Marathon bombing. Turn the sound down so that the acting doesn’t distract you. When the obscuring smoke clears and he goes to the rail, the upper floors of buildings are filmed with only glimpses of where it matters on the ground. Notice in classic Mulholland method- his sight line (of an alleged professional) is continually blocked by wasted motion people darting about in the foreground, and by the lifting of a wooden barrier.

See: Waukesha Parade High Strangeness Psyops Examined

10 Comments on Magician John Mulholland Reveals His Tradecraft in ‘CIA Manual of Deception’

  1. Another excellent article Russ. Many feel these sort of psyops have come about fairly recently. Personally I have come to believe these types of events have been carried out for a very long time. For anyone with time on their hands and curiosity towards such things I suggest the work of Miles Mathis. Although you may not agree with all of his findings, I feel you will end up with more questions than answers when it comes to ANY event which receives major coverage from the so called mass media.

    P.S. – Thanks for the link to the CIA Manual of Trickery, I will be reading that one for sure

  2. The CIA surveillance cameras at the Cuban and Soviet Consulates in Mexico City somehow malfunctioned or were otherwise available when Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly visited them.

  3. In the second C-ville video, the car that appears at the 0:21 mark is the key to the whole fraud. It’s a Toyota with a padded vinyl roof – there is no such animal. The padded vinyl roof was added before the shot to facilitate the stunt rolls of the actors and prevent injuries.

  4. Signaling between nations’ intelligence services is apparent in the BM event at the 1:31 mark as the portal opens.

  5. The Finger Lady Video ‘still’ shot on this page shows a man’s barefoot on or near the bumper of the Toyota Tundra, more signaling as it appears that there is a running shoe on his left foot.

  6. I have collected links to hundreds of deleted YouTube videos, and the common thread is that all of them challenge establishment narratives. Anything credible on YouTube that is frequently cited by “conspiracy theorists” is bound to be censored sooner or later – and we are seeing that here, for the “Last Stand” video has been deleted. If you post anything valuable on YouTube, make sure to post it somewhere else at the same time, and share a link to both. If you reference anything on YouTube that is worth preserving for posterity and future research, use a tool such as 4K Downloader to save a copy at the highest resolution.

  7. Although it is hard to admit, we the people permit all of this trade craft and deception through our own actions or lack there of. The fact that we do nothing to overturn Sovereign Immunity in the United States of America is at the core of our problem. Here we have a nation that is primarily succumbing to masking guidelines and / or mandates, not ratified laws, primarily due to the fears of punitive powers and / or tort litigation (civil suits based around perceived responsibility).
    So we fear one form of litigation which inevitably is harmful for our own well being (and that of our children), yet we will not even question our lack of ability to seek a remedy against our own government, its representatives and institutions, if we find out that their actions have led to our own harm.

    So if the CIA wishes to do harm in all of our names against our fellow citizens (against the Agency’s own mission statement)) or in a nation that none of our citizens would ever wish to interfere with, they can do so with impunity. If we were to even attempt to stop such and action, Sovereign Immunity would apply and nothing would change. The only way to even remotely change the actions of our nation, without overturning Sovereign Immunity at the ballot box, is if the government decides to change itself through a legal proceeding.

    All three branches of our government have a mechanism for enacting such a change and, of course, government employees / contractors do have a limited power, through the Qui Tam, to help initiate a form of change by reporting improprieties. Yet, how often have we heard about a Qui Tam, or whistleblower case, either going unheard and / or being dismissed after some form of administrative action?

    Lastly, what if we have an administrative legal action make it through to say the Congress (for instance) and some form of new law is passed or (possibly) a form of remedy is issued through a vote or agreement, then do we honestly have many examples in which a final remedy has created a legislative or judicial success?

    Well, why don’t we consider the Iran-Contra Affair (notice even the title is misleading; it sounds like a love affair that James Bond might have had with a beautiful Persian woman). Here we have a situation in which our Congress passed a legislative amendments, collectively known as the Boland Amendment, to prevent government monetary assistance being provided to the Contra Party of Nicaragua (originally a CIA operation).

    Our Congress actually took an action to limit, impede and / or end all of our tampering with this other nation’s political process and self determination (which even if we disagree with Nicaragua’s choices, was that nation’s and its citizenry’s, natural, right), and we all know how that ended up. Several of our governmental employees, both political and from the military, figured out a method to circumvent the Boland Amendment and continued to interfere with the nation. This interference resulted in a great loss of life, destruction of property, and had deep reverberations in Nicaragua’s economy for decades to come. In fact one might opine if that the nation has never recovered from the “affair” of the 1980s.

    After (rather famous) hearings and finally some punitive measures against the individuals who circumvented the amendment, our nation could have finally felt that the operation had been terminated, with many of its participants serving prison terms for their actions (time for reflection and rehabilitation). Yet, we all know the end results and they included:

    Presidential pardons (from a President who was a Director of the CIA, who the CIA compound / the farm is named for and who, I would opine, had a very long service in this government agency)
    the overturning of numerous convictions
    a refusal by the Supreme Court to hear the case


    very light sentences, along with low fines.

    Our system has been broken for a century or two (depending on your perspective). Why were we unable, as a nation, to sue Woodrow Wilson, Judith Wilson (his second wife) and Edward Mendel House for lying to the nation as to the fitness of the President and his actual ability to complete his role as the Commander and Chief of the United States of America? Sovereign Immunity.

    This is one, minor example, of a litany of government lies and actions that have been utilized to both cover up, as well as cause (actual) harm against the nation’s citizens (harm is often a component in civil litigation utilized to determine guilt).

    While small businesses cower to mask recommendations, guidelines, and mandates due to the ultimate fear of being harmed through litigation, the government and its representatives can utilize “double speak” to hide any number of sins. Consider this question:

    Does anyone here think that Anthony Fauci, M.D. would not be sued if he conducted himself in the manner in which he has done, since the beginning of his tenure with our government (remember he is technically supposed to represent all of us who pay for the pleasure of his services), if he was in a private practice?

    One could opine that his double speak alone would lead to mountains of litigious actions, and the potential that any future practice of his would be uninsurable.

    By permitting Sovereign Immunity to our government and its employees, along with special groups such as pharmaceutical companies, as well as information technology companies, we rob ourselves of legal remedies that permit the continual failure of our nation’s government and its chosen associated parties to go unaccountable. When we think of harmful vaccinations being fostered upon us, or the censorship of citizens on the networks of privately owned companies, which are treated very uniquely in the context of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and even monopoly statues, we must first consider where the actual issue truly begins.

    I would suggest that it begins with ourselves and our fellow citizens. If I were to organize a road trip to every state and territory of the United States of America, how many signatures do any of you believe that I could attain for a petition to overturn Sovereign Immunity?

    How many do you think I might attain with a petition to wind down the CIA and offer early retirements to the employees or fold them into one of the other alphabet intelligence agencies?

    Do you think I could get 10,000? 100,000? 1,000,000?

    My own guess is that I would be very lucky to get 10,000 in total. Think of our population and what that number represents.

    We are both the problem (including our ancestors, if they were citizens of the United States) and the answer; however, to change anything we would need a heck of a lot of our fellow citizens to wake up, and desire to help out.


  8. Looks like possibly another Tribe member got soft justice after killing a rough sleeper in North London with stab wounds and a concrete block to the head. My comment was quickly removed on MSM, but not before it got a few likes. The rough sleepers in the UK tend to be White as invaders get the housing first.

    I could be wrong but looks very suspicious that a Myer gets a Hospital sentence after such a brutal killing.

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