Insouciant Americans Didn’t Notice the Revolution that Stole their Country

Paul Craig Roberts |  Dec. 30, 2022

Florida Governor DeSantis, seeing that Florida’s universities are suppressing free expression with speech control and normalizing sexual perversity while demonizing normality succeeded in having laws passed against the substitution of indoctrination for education.  But the Woke left rule Florida’s Universities, Not Florida Law.

Florida Universities Ignore State Law Against Indoctrinating White Students with the Beliefs they Are Racists and the Constitution Is a Tool of White Oppression of Blacks.

Universities have developed what Cornell Law School Professor William Jacobson calls “systemic repression.”  By hiring Woke activists as professors and mandating Woke policies, administrators  have created a culture that allows no room for dissent against the demonization of white ethnicities as racists and the denunciation of Western civilization as a monument to white supremacy.  In most American universities it is no longer possible for students to be enculturated into the Western tradition.  A history major learns that history consists of a series of crimes by white people against people of color.  An English major learns African and South American novelists.  The voices that connect Americans to their tradition are not heard.


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  1. Ye had almost nothing to lose by his naming the Jews. Most everyone else doesn’t want to be stripped of their homes, jobs, and possessions because they spoke against them or even mentioned the word. Until most Americans learn about who they really are and what has happened to this nation because of the Jewish communist Bolsheviks, they will continue to smash us into oblivion. Those in government already know the game of not speaking a word against Israel, the Jews in general and now even against Ukraine’s Jewish scheme behind the war with Russia.
    It goes much deeper than naming the Jew as the NWO is fully the communist Bolsheviks plan of world domination and population elimination!

  2. I agree with the comments above, but even PCR, whom I call “Mr. Insouciant” because of his constant use of that word, has no true solutions–and he also never mentions that certain J word or uses (((Jword))) like truthers do…in other words, he’s controlled op and a click-baiter, who does sometimes expose the truth.

  3. Former girlfriend in a coma here… What I see are white people that identify as black… Magic hijacking the plight of African Americans and Spanish Americans claiming they are white…Magic and myself confused about the whole lot.. Am I allowed to say that?

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