More Revelations About the Nature of the ‘Capitol Coup’

PAINTING: Anthony Freda/ZeroHedge

Details are emerging that point to the psyop nature of the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill shit storm. One assorted group of sketchy characters I have referred to as the “Village People” — headed up by a guy in absurd Viking attire — was on the scene.

Viking man Jacob Chansley with rest of his Village People

Read “U.S. says Capitol rioters meant to ‘capture and assassinate’ officials – filing”

Notice the standard neuro-linguistic programming that comes with the presentation of these psyops actors.

Jacob Chansley is described as the Arizona man and QAnon conspiracy theorist who was famously photographed wearing horns as he stood at the desk of Vice President Mike Pence in the chamber of the U.S. Senate.

The detention memo, written by Justice Department lawyers in Arizona, goes into greater detail about the FBI’s investigation into Chansley, revealing that he left a note for Pence warning that “it’s only a matter of time, justice is coming.”

“Chansley has spoken openly about his belief that he is an alien, a higher being, and he is here on Earth to ascend to another reality,” they wrote.

This is the same basic “Lizard people” script put forth to describe the alleged (dead men can’t talk) suicide bomber Anthony Warner in Nashville, Tennessee, last Christmas. These are psychic implants, repeated again and again, used for the brainwashing of the general population who avail themselves of the Lugenpresse.

Related reading:

Among the Village People posers was the fur-clad Aaron Mostofsky, who was later arrested in Queens. He’s the son of Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Shlomo Mostofsky.

The poser carrying the Confederate flag is a nice psychological embed in this Mostofsky photo shoot.

Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA, via Shutterstock

We see the obvious presence of professional agent provocateurs at the Capitol. This man is seen during rioting in Portland, in the clip below and inside a Capitol building office.

Next, we have one John Sullivan, a BLM leader from Salt Lake City and founder of Insurgence USA, who was given a free platform on CNN.

Seated with Sullivan on CNN is Jade Sacker, who followed him into the Capitol to film his exploits. Here she’s heard congratulating him — “We did it!” — and he says, “Is this not gonna be the best film you’ve ever made in your life?”

Here is the curriculum vitae of Sullivan’s side kick Sacker.

Here is Sullivan and posse in the Rotundo setting up his photo shoots.

Incredibly, John Sullivan was “Johnny on the Spot” to film the increasingly sketchy shooting of Ashli Babbitt. He then shared the footage with the Washington Post.

Sullivan gets to the front and in position by telling people he has a knife. The alleged “shooting” of Babbitt unfolds at 01:50.

Now,  near two years after what looks like coldblooded murder (if real), we have little idea who the security trigger man was. Here is a grainy screen grab of the shooting from Sullivan’s video. Where is the blood splatter? Why would he shoot with Capitol police standing in the line of fire back in the stairwell? We are calling this a “probable staged deception.”

We’ve been wondering when all that CCTV video was going to be released of the Capitol psyop. Maybe there was a “malfunction”.

The 9/11 Tale of the Pentagon’s Disabled Security Cameras

Reminder: French Authorities Ordered Destruction of CCTV Images of Nice Terror Attack (UPDATE)

Standard staged psyops grainy photo from sketchy Sullivan’s camera offers few clues as to the slayer of Ashli Babbitt

Sullivan has been charged with unlawful entry and disorderly conduct. No doubt the Crime Syndicate will avail him of top legal representation to make any consequences a hand slap. The sistema has released him without bail.

Curiously, Sullivan was called out as an agent provocateur by Portland and Seattle BLM protesters.


More examples of fedposting and agent provocateurs in action follow. In its legal response, Amazon cites violent Parler content. But nobody seems to ask the question: How much of this is “fedposting,” Cointelpro or dirty tricks? Yes, ladies and gentleman, there seem to be glows about everywhere you look.

Urban Dictionary defies glows: “A governmental agent (FBI, NSA, CIA, ATF) making bait posts on forums and image boards to entrap individuals or gather intelligence. The purported goal of glowniggers is baiting potential criminals or gather intelligence about a particular online community to reveal their intentions or beliefs.”

30 Comments on More Revelations About the Nature of the ‘Capitol Coup’

  1. The globalist cementing of victory is so complete after the Capitol siege, it is even going on inside of the intra-Jewish fight between the Soros globalists and the Netanyahu nationalists … In this past week:

    Mon. Jan. 11, Sheldon Adelson turns up dead, the biggest financial backer of both Donald Trump and Bibi Netanyahu … timing certainly a big ‘coincidence’

    Tue. Jan. 12, Associated Press establishment media, launches attack on Israeli nationalists, calling Israel an ‘apartheid state’ … this signals the Soros gang furthering their own vision of ‘greater Israel’, with more power-sharing with globalist-friendly Muslims under Jewish leadership … more legal troubles for Netanyahu soon, Netanyahu being a key ally and legitimising prop for European nationalist parties

    Wed. Jan. 13, Congress votes the absurd 2nd impeachment of Donald Trump, over Trump doing what Democratic leaders have been doing through 2020, encouraging political violence and even the 31 May – 1 June 2020 White House siege attacking the other ‘centre and symbol of US democracy’ … globalists all around the world joining in the demand for populist blood, spearheaded by the Trump-humiliation campaign

    Sad, hard times ahead

  2. The extended satanic ritual humiliation of Trump underway over the Capitol siege, is of course just a weapon to demonise all nationalists and anti-globalists all around the world, every globalist goon now calling for more censorship to crush opposition

    No truth matters, it is just ‘Who? Whom?’ – ‘Who is favoured? – Whom to be destroyed?’, as Lenin 1921, Trotsky 1925, Stalin 1929 all emphasised

    The tyrants know human psychology … the average human hard-wired to go along with the dominant narrative, so control the narrative & you control most people

    The success of the covid lockdown tyranny via propaganda, seems to have emboldened the full-Bolshevik press ongong now

    Even most Americans sadly express favour for censorship, as Audacious Epigone reports on Unz, polls giving 53% of Republicans and 87% of Democrats as being pro-censorship

  3. Good morning to WW! Hoping all of you are well on this fine Saturday morning.

    To begin, let me say brabantian has some really excellent posts (below); I would opine the first (time signature: 11:36 AM) is the stronger of the two, but both are very interesting indeed.

    Now I could get into the preposterous and maybe even come up with something unique to say; however, I spoke about the use of squibs this past week on one thread and the Kabuki theater / pageant aspect of this event on at least one or, possibly, two other threads this past week. My mention of private security, the Sargent at Arms office, and the Capitol Police not having a plain clothes division sort of went unnoticed, at that is fine. Yet to write on this all again, would seem a tad redundant. Let’s put it this way, the thread is strong and brabantian posts are strong, what could SC possibly add that would be “new”?

    Wracking my brain, wracking my brain, thinking, thinking…

    What about an analysis of the shooter’s Glock? Nah, I promised Mr. Winter no talk of weapons on Winter Watch as it causes trolls to find our merry band. Plus so many other websites are concerned about the gun.

    Talk about the idea that the shooter was a shape shifter? No, David Icke will cover that one for Alex Jones and Mr. Icke knows more about the reptilian shape shifters than I do; I am simply too unqualified for such a claim.

    Speak on the oak divider with the windows that this 13 year, Air Force, veteran decided to bust through for no apparent reason and maybe mention how the crime scene was not immediately secured by the “SWAT” team (or players if you will — hold your weapon like this, look menacing, say: “make a whole” Americans love those three words). Nope, you already did that earlier in the week.

    So what is left??? Ah ha! MAKEUP! That’s the ticket. MAKEUP!

    Okay so as many of you know, I have an eclectic background of knowledge, skills and abilities (as our OPM always used to put it when adverting for a new position). This background has brought me in contact with many artists in a wide variety of fields including Makeup Artists (a real title) for various types of productions (events, film, photo shoots and the like).


    If you are on the west coast, you have a wide variety of manufacturers and distributors for special effects make-up to choose from; however, what if you are a professional, stuck on the east coast and time is ticking away on a big, fancy, production, or you are a part of the team working on the Sopranos over at Silver Cup in Queens.

    What do you do for the fake blood, scar tissue and black eyes?

    You go here:

    If Pauly is about to be shot in the next scene by Christopher, then you probably want to stop by the old Alcone Company the night before to make sure you can make the wound to the director’s liking.

    Also, with certain projects, such as live action acting, we might all agree that you really need to be prepared!

    You do not have the ability to risk that Ben Nye overnights the right product to the set, on time!

    No, instead you want to pick a selection that ensures the performance (s) is / are enhanced by your artistic abilities. You need to plan for everything, including:

    1. Storming your nation’s Capitol building, or just being let in by friendly officers — but since the performance needs to look menacing — maybe put some zombie like circles under the eyes of the players.

    2. Perhaps wardrobe will have a player running around in horns, or a living “furby” that was inspired by the looks of John Lennon, but with fur!



    electronic toy by tomy(?). the furby is simply a small, poor quality motherboard covered in fur.

    the furby can “interact” with humans. you can rub his tummy (press a button there), massage his back (press a button there), yell at it (sound sensors pick up loud noises and trigger a seizure for the furby), and blind it (cover the light sensor on its head and trigger another seizure).

    when a furby first starts up or gets reset, it only talks (plays predefined words) in a limited, shoddy “language” called “furbish.” as time continues, the furby “speaks” english – giving the illusion that by speaking to it, you teach it english (sort of like a little child). furbies cannot learn english from you; it has preset words. however, you can buy mod chips that make it swear.

    the furby is known for being one of the most annoying pieces of shit ever…


    A scar here, a scar there, some chest painting and you will have that hallway scene ready for the close-up!


    3. Lastly, when the squibs start going off, make sure that you have the blood, boiling, and ready to go. Now, even at close range, someone may not get there ENTIRE HEAD BLOWN OFF, so restraint is required.

    Blood capsules are the ticket. First have the player pop one or two that they are keeping under their tongue. Then have someone reach behind them and use either a packet or a couple more capsules concealed in the hand to show the blood spreading.

    Even if the other performer fires the most carelessly aimed neck shot in the history of film (think Miami Vice or A-Team careless), then your artistry can still draw the viewer in, with blood spreading from the mouth to the neck.

    People will forget that it was a “neck shot” and that the entire head or neck did not EXPLODE at close range, just by the narrator re-emphasizing the story line and everyone seeing your great work; this is why you are a graduate of the “Harvard” of make-up school!

    In closing, I really do not have much to add to this thread. Comic con invaded the Capitol. They had no list of demands. They did not cut the power to the building or take other “insurrection” steps and were more in line with a Harrison Ford type of film. Windows were hurt, podiums were stolen, secret teams (playing 5D chess) took computers in order to retake the nation, and now a bunch of innocent citizens (ones who took their kids for a peaceful march in the Capitol) will take the blame (real or not). What a shame.

    Peace and good will to you all. You are all in my prayers!

    Simple Citizen

    • Great stuff SC. I would like to share this paragraph from the linked too article which made me chuckle and shiver at the same time. It really puts the whole “capitol Coup” into perspective.

      “Having invaded the Capitol building, with no concrete purpose, with no revolutionary objectives, as mere tourists, crunching potato chips on Congressmen’s chairs, snapping Instagram photos at the podium, they are the Kim Kardashians of “patriotism.” Slavoy Zizek’s mishmash of post-modern loss of authenticity blurring ethnicity with ethnic food. The picture perfect assimilation of junk food with Americana for which Trump will be remembered. Better a McDonald’s hamburger than an “Arab’s” kebbab. “Patriots” no different from the idiot who riled them up, called them into DC, set up Pence as a fall-guy for his own four years of empty promises and inaction, then spoke like a true spineless self-engrossed opportunist telling them to get lost without so much as acknowledging their legitimacy. Patriots on whose shoulders this colossus with clay feet stood. It would be tragic, if it wasn’t so painful.”

      • Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

        JWR — you nailed it! What an exceptional quotation that surmised the scene so well.

        Actually, if one steps back for a moment…they realize that Mr. Mumbles (Pence) is actually their current President or the head of the circus. Anytime the Pentagon stops communicating with POTUS and goes to another source VPOTUS, then that individual (by job description) is POTUS.

        So the game show host is back to promoting new games and President Mumbles is, in effect, in charge. A soft coup through any prism (who needs the 25th, just ignore the orange heathen). President Pence’s reign will be shorter than President Ford’s, yet he will be disliked in even greater measure.

        The quotation you cited is succinct and lets everyone see the “Wizard” (as Baum put it) for his true worth. Pulling the leavers of entertainment in order to play with the heart strings of the real folks who thought him to be a savior, while never letting them realize that their own power (click the ruby or silver slippers — film / book) was with them all along. They did not need any other solution, but to look inside themselves and find the truth.

        Great response that I have really, thoroughly, enjoyed.

        Have an excellent weekend my friend!

        All my best,

        • Okay, JWR’s reply got my blood flowing and mind working really fast…

          What popped into my head? Well for those of you that are younger than I am, we had this major event in 1984. Yes, 1984. Like George Orwell’s 1984.

          Was it the Olympics SC? No.

          Was it that groundbreaking Apple television advertisement? No.

          Was it First Lady Nancy Reagan sitting on Mr. T’s lap? No.

          Then what was it? ROCKY IV!

          Now I am not specifically thinking of the film right now, when Rocky (personally) saves us all from the Cold War through his magnificent speech at the conclusion of the film (bigger than Ich bin ein Berliner and / or Mr. Gorbachev, “Tear down this wall!”). No, I am talking the excellent soundtrack and training montage used to make the music video.

          A band called “Survivor” reprised their role for yet another Rocky soundtrack with the song “Burning Heart” for Rocky IV, and, O BOY, was it excellent! Actually the song is not very good at all, but the music video is priceless!

          Here (the actual video begins a 0:22):

          So ignore Ivan Drago for the moment, and let’s focus on America’s true hero, Rocky Balboa. As you will notice he has an elaborate, outdoor and in barn, training montage that was supposed to taking place in the USSR (it was actually Canada, but that is the magic of Hollywood). Rocky puts his body through a very difficult / near impossible training regimen. Cutting wood, loading boulders. extreme angle leg lifts, line training, climbing a mountain and so much more!

          Now let’s put this in a modern context. Close your eyes after to read this reply through and imagine a 6’4ish, orange, man who weighs a little less than 280lbs. Picture the naturally blond hair created by angels. The handmade suit and Brioni (extra long) tie. Comfortable cap toe shoes and silk pocket square. The image of a legend or a guy from Queens who was once your own Commander and Chief!

          Listen to the song, but instead of Rocky doing all these great training activities, imagine this man lifting his McDonald’s Big Mac to his round face. Instead of climbing a mountain, picture him taking a slurp from his chocolate shake. Replace the boulders with french fries and apple pies; what a workout!

          Oh how far we have come since the 1980s. This is America now people! A shining bathroom, made of pink marble with gold plated fixtures, on a hill somewhere (although on the highest hills in DC, you have the National Cathedral and the German Embassy).


          • Okay, just one correction: ” An author of ine books…”, should be …fine books…

            and one teeny, tiny, small addition:

            President Trump should use the Emergency Broadcast System to announce that through 5D chess and “The Art of the Deal”, he has negotiated the 99 cents “value meal” down to 49 cents for a period of the next four years!

            This way all Americans can take their, government provided (under the Trump Administration, the gold plated standard in leadership), $ 600.00 supplemental check and eat (approximately) one meal a day (if they skip quite a many Sundays), until his triumphant return!

    • Now that there is voluminous evidence of a false flag operation at the Capitol building the next shift in the inquiry is whether or not the entire leadership of Antifa/BLM are Federal agents. Judging from their elaborate efforts to misrepresent MAGA trump supporters, we can assume the worse. I think it’s safe to say that the year 2020 has been one gigantic Psy-Op and it isn’t over yet.

      • The psyop lifestyle started after the war of 1812 when ’news’, novels, ‘higher criticism’, the death of God, the judaic religion of ‘unfulfilled bible prophecy’ foisted on the shreds of Christianity, cosmopolitanism, ad nauseum became common themes in any & all means of the emerging mass media mind penetration tools of print, photography, & motion pictures from which there seems to be no escape today. Any ‘event’ that evokes the question, “Do you remember where you were when such & such happened?” is probably a psyop. Boomers have been the target generation of the most well done, believable pysops ever.

        • Hauntess,

          Mind blown!

          Never, have I ever, thought about that particular point in time as an inception point. Yet, I do not think you are incorrect. In fact, you now have me on a new journey for research, so i thank you.

          My mind has always gravitated toward the last quarter of the 19th century forward in the United States of America (in Europe, I often think of the 18th century as an inception point / Asia also is normally end of the 19th), so your idea is really interesting to me.

          Many thanks.


  4. An aside:

    So I left WW after posting this morning, and went back to a little work, along with my current audiobook. Then it hit me, I often do not use a lot of links in support of posts that I put up here. This is primarily because I use information that is either experience derived and / or in texts. Now in the past, I have made some text recommendations, so that anyone could see the same sources by either:

    1. Purchasing the same text

    2. Going to the library and finding the same text

    3. Finding excerpts of the text online

    And / or

    4. Being inspired to find a text that you like of a similar or opposing view

    You see my problem is that one of my favorite economists was Fisher Black, PhD. He died well before LTCM, so please do not bring up that mess to me; however, his central research (other than the options equation he is most known for) was in “market noise”. Now his focus was on the number of inputs an average trader and / or investor could be swayed by in terms of an action decision, due to “market noise”.

    He wrote about his ideas in the early 1980s, when a Bloomberg terminal was just coming to market and Lou Rukeyser’s PBS program, as well as Barron’s weekend edition, actually meant something in the form of financial news. There was not nearly the vast array of “noise” that there is now.

    Further, I would say that in just about any subject, the web is filled with lots of “noise” that olde SC just has a hard time deciphering. So I, often, stick to my books.

    Now this is actually not the point of this post (“market noise” and the web). No, actually, I wanted to offer all our friends here, a way to really find or verify some key, historical, aspects of the “TRUTH” from unusual sources. The road less traveled if you will.

    So let’s take Director J. Edgar Hoover and all of his nonsense as an example. There are a myriad of texts on this man, his history, his actions, his relationships, related rumors of extortion (by Meyer Lansky) and deep analysis of the relationship he had with his mother. Yet, I am listening to a book that has an interesting new angle to the whole picture of J. Edgar and do you know where I found it?

    Jimmy Stewart: The Truth Behind the Legend, by author Michael Munn

    Seems old George Bailey actually provided his services to J. Edgar, starting with the Red Scare, and then moving into later years as a regular informant. This ties into another text that I have recommended on WW:

    Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream, by author David McGowan

    That book describes an Army intelligence base that once sat in the Hollywood hills, with the many stars including such luminaries as Mr. Stewart and even Ms. Marilyn Monroe, who had identification cards that permitted their access into the facility.

    Want to know about Shia Islam, Aga Kahn IV, globalism and the United Nations? Then perhaps consider looking into the relationship of Ms. Rita Hayworth and Prince Ali Salman Aga Khan (Aly Kahn), his father, through Ms. Hayworth’s biographies. Certainly, if nothing else, you will be amused by the stories of this interesting period of American history.

    Now to be clear, I approached the biography of Mr. Stewart to actually help me distract myself from the “market noise” of current events; I had ZERO idea that this author would give me anything other than a, “Ah schucks.” fluff piece of a book. Yet, it would seem that the truth is always present in even the most (seemingly) innocuous sort of texts.

    In conclusion, you can really get some odd and interesting information, even when you are setting out to avoid it, from the biographies of former people who are good at dress up and reciting lines.


    • Thank you SC – I am a million pages behind you and appreciate your posts very much.

      As a further aside, I don’t [would never] use Amazon and would recommend going directly to the source …

      But first … here is Dave talking about his book:

      • Dave McGowan –Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon

      Please explore this source site (now run by his daughter) for more of Dave McGowan’s work
      • Dave McGowan –Laurel Canyon

      I particularly recommend “Wagging The Moondoggie” …

          • Whoa!

            Not to take away from today’s thread, but that link goes to an EXCELLENT thread as well!

            The original material, and last year’s update, predate my awareness of WW. So, I am extremely thankful for this point in the right direction.

            Thanks! Will be reviewing the interview this weekend.


        • Wonderful – excellent news – and thank you both, I have gone to your May 13 link on Laurel Canyon now.

          I have SO much to catch up on … Don’t wait for me SC – I will be at my own pace.

          I am really keen to get Dave McGowan’s “Understanding the F Word”. People really don’t know what this word means (it has been successfully demonised) and the best explanation I have come across is by Oswald Mosley. (I will share a couple of links when I can.)

      • Julius Skoolafish,

        Likewise, I appreciate your posts / responses very much. In terms of the substance of your response:

        First thank you for the kind response and links; I am very appreciative. Certainly, I will check them out over this weekend.

        Second, I use Amazon as a means to have a simple link for WW and work quickly; certainly, it is not an endorsement of any kind (just me being quick and a little lazy = ). Sorry if that seemed the opposite.

        On some recent post, on another WW link, I recommended used bookstores when possible (although they too are dying in the current age), of course libraries, going direct to the author (your idea) is great, sharing books with friends, whatever independent bookstores one might still have in their area could be supported, and then excerpts online can also do for some information.

        Again, thank you very much.


        • Julius Skoolafish,

          REPLY 2:

          Looking at the center’s website and hit a SNAFU (excuse my “French”). After our conversation and looking at Mr. Winter’s other thread, I decided that I wanted to acquire the text:

          Derailing Democracy

          Now when I was going to the source, I was hopeful that I could purchase this text or a PDF of the text. Unfortunately, the center wishes to send me to Amazon where I may purchase the text used or new for a healthy mark-up. Now I am not against an individual making money for a product that I would like to acquire, but if I “pull the trigger” and even buy a newish copy, then Mr. Bezos wins.

          Hunting this text is feasible, but I am not sure I want to use a library around here for it and we are somewhat restricted in our movement at the current time. So, as some might say, I am in a bit of a “pickle”.

          Since you and I are becoming friendly, I shall commit to endeavor finding the text in one of the used bookstores in the area (I will call around, since even if they have a web presence, it is normally a static page).

          What I would, respectfully and kindly, ask of you is if you have any other ideas on how I might secure the text (digital is fine as well), then would you mind sharing that direction with me? I would be very appreciative.

          Also, you still have my gratitude for the foreign language page deciphering tip.

          All my best and thanks,
          Simple Citizen

    • I’m in the early start of reading “The Blue Eagle: From Egg to Earth” by Hugh S Johnson. The first few pages of just Hughie’s early years and time at West Point knowing Douglas MacArthur and Ulyssess Grant III is spurring me to take notes and probably write a book review for Russ/WW. Hugh Johnson was the underwriter of the New Deal and the head of the NRA during the 1930’s for its short time span. I always try to pick a book from the collection that mirrors today’s events. I just finished Tibor Machan’s “Classical Individualism” for ‘corona’ reasons and wanted to bone up on the NRA because of the insane/planned lockdowns and destruction of small businesses for patriotic reasons.

  5. …. and yet, the irony is if we stay only in the information war arena we will most certainly be walked right into the trap of jewish genocide.

    name ONE major event (911, USS Liberty, Waco, USS Cole, et.c etc. etc.) where they were truly held to account.

  6. What everyone seems to be missing is the presence of Norm Eisen in many of those videos. Eisen is the guy in the black suit- seen everywhere- when Sullivan is breaking a window, Eisen soon appears. Eisen is standing at the stuntwoman’s elbow when she is ‘shot’. He then grabs the arm of the prone ‘victim’ and yanks her up, only to let her fall back, thus ‘proving’ to the cameras that she is comatose. She was allegedly shot though her little girly neck with a 45 cal. hollowpoint- ask any deer hunter what the result of that would be. Blood Spraying Everywhere is the executive summary.
    So who is Norm Eisen? Former ‘ethics adviser’ to Barry and Big Mike. He now represents the Transition Integrity Project. The stated goal of TIP is the removal of Trump from office by any means necessary. Mission accomplished, Norm.

  7. Everyone here has the ability to dissect the events that transpired to a very minute level. But, for the very first time, a more important Rubicon has been crossed. Average American pajama people noticed something odd about this event.

    The big THEY are rushing their ops, and are now throwing patient and careful deliberation to the wind. It doesn’t matter how many disinformation agents you have at CNN or Reddit if the event was so transparently incongruous with the narrative.

    People are asking – “how did these people get into the U.S. Capitol?” From there, it isn’t too much further to ask – “were they deliberately let into the Capitol?”

    Once you’re there, you are faced with being placed at the crossroads of researching the Grand Deception or going back to sleep. You’re asking… Why?

  8. Russ – I had to click on your name on the website to get to another sub page, to be able to read this story.

    It was redirecting to this from the main home page:

    Once clicking on your name and getting to the sub page of articles, I could click on the headline link and get to the story. Hope this makes sense.

    100% Psyop designed to taint Trump. but possibly also to give cover for Domestic Terrorism narrative. I am expecting some fake Psyop event around the inauguration day involving shooting probably. If not then, certainly if Biden does take charge.

  9. Someone posted a claim that John Sullivan is the adopted son of Lt. Gen. Kevin J. Sullivan, former head of the Air Logistics Center at Hill AFB in Ogden, Utah. If true, this guy is not just a normal BLM street thug. Sounds similar to the Laurel Canyon connections.

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