Race-Cult Zionism as a British Oligarchical Strategy

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In the year 1862, renegade socialist Moses Hess in Germany authored his book “Rome and Jerusalem” and became the first continental Jew of prominence to declare that “the hour had struck” for the return of “the Jewish race” to Palestine. At the time and for almost half a century afterward, Jews in Europe considered the idea very fringe.

Also in 1862, the future British King Edward VII, who was then the Prince of Wales, made a well-publicized tour of the Holy Land. But the prince’s trip had a broader significance: For the first time, the British crown openly adopted Zionism as its policy.

Edward was surrounded by an entourage of British Zionist propagandists gleaned from the dens of Oxford and Cambridge. His guide was Oxford church historian Dean Stanley, the author of “Sinai and Palestine” and “The History of the Jewish Church,” both of which  emphasized the “Jewish roots of Christianity.”

Leading up to the king’s tour, the Jerusalem Literary Society was set up in the 1850s by a circle congregated around the British Consul in Jerusalem, James Finn. In 1857, Finn had sent a dispatch to the British Foreign Office detailing a scheme “to persuade Jews in a large body to settle here as agriculturists on the soil.”

Benjamin Jowett was the fraudulent translator of Plato, who during the 1850s and ’60s used his post at Oxford to spread the idea that the Jewish prophets were the “schoolmasters of the ages” and those to whom “our age owed its moral feelings.”

Then there was Matthew Arnold, a Oxford Professor of Poetry, who lent his name to the doctrine that Christianity was only “modified Hebraism.”

Three years after Prince Edward’s trip to the Holy Land, the British Foreign Office began preparing Palestine for “resettlement.” In 1865, the Palestine Exploration Fund was founded with funding mainly from Oxford and Cambridge Universities and the Grand Lodge of Freemasons. Everywhere you looked, Zionism was a British and Freemason operation — with nary a Jew in sight.

As the scheme was rolled out, along came the influential Claude Conder (future Lord Kitchener’s) Old Testament Christian nutwingism typified by his work “Judas Maccabeus and the Jewish War of Independence” and “The Hebrew Tragedy.” Try giving this unreadable tract a shot, but be prepared to enter the “Twilight Zone.”

Lord Shaftesbury, one of the Fund’s founders, became its president in 1875. As he was preparing to die, Shaftesbury pleaded for the Fund “to send out the best agents” to “prepare” Palestine “for the return of its ancient possessors … for the time cannot be far off before that great event will come to pass.”

Once again, the mindset of these British elitists is alien and strange. There is zero consideration for the people already in place in Palestine. At that time, were there any particular indications that the Jewish people themselves were seriously consulted concerning this Messianic racist nutwingism? The answer is no. Shaftesbury wrote in the Quarterly Review:

Syria and Palestine will ere long become most important. The old time will come back … the country wants capital and population. The Jew can give it both. And has not England a special interest in promoting such a restoration? … She must preserve Syria to herself. Does not policy then … exhort England to foster the nationality of the Jews and aid them, as opportunity may offer, to return as a leavening power to their old country? England is the great trading and maritime power of the world. To England, then, naturally belongs the role of favouring the settlement of the Jews in Palestine…. The nationality of the Jew exists, the spirit is there and has been for three thousand years, but the external form, the crowning bond of union, is still wanting. A nation must have a country. The old land, the old people.

There was a nationalist stirring among European Jews. A “Hebrew language” revival was beginning centered around the literary publication Dawn (Ha-Shahar)Based in Vienna, Dawn spawned Hebrew-language revivalist sects in eastern Europe.

Enter British Prime Minister Jewish by blood Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881) and his sidekick Lord Salisbury. These men were obsessed with messianic Zionism. Once again, we see a predominately British elitist synthetic plan for other people, a common globalist theme during the Imperial period. These elitists refused to leave anybody alone to their own devices and natural evolution. The whole planet had to be guided by crackpotism, often of a biblical nature.

Jewish historian Barbara Tuchman wrote: “To omit Disraeli from a central place in the 19th century development of Zionism would be as absurd as to leave the ghost out of Hamlet.”

Disraeli secretly authored the 1877 Jewish State blueprint. He lent support to a scheme of a South African Jewish mystic, Lawrence Oliphant, for a large-scale Jewish settlement project in the Palestine territory. He created the development of a “charter of rights” for Jews in southeastern Europe, which gave the British Foreign Office free rein to intervene at will in the affairs of principalities in that region.

The race-cult ideas of Disraeli and the Anglican “Jewish restorationists” of 19th century England laid the groundwork for modern Zionism. It’s not entirely clear when Disraeli teamed up with the Rothschilds, but the financing of the Suez Canal in 1875 led to “conversations” — and many would say schemes — pertaining to Zionism.

Was Zionism an Organic Judaic Movement? No.

The man who is officially known as the “spiritual father of Zionism and Israel was Theodore Herzl (1860-1904). Herzl was a twinkle in his daddy’s eye when Zionism was kick started. In fact, up to as late as 1895, Herzl was “fanatically devoted to the propagation of Jewish-German “liberal assimilationist doctrine.”

Then, (drum roll, please) Herzl was paid a visit on March 10, 1896, by British agent Rev. William Hechler, the Anglican minister to the British Embassy in Vienna. Somehow Hechler was able to “convert” Herzl to hardcore Zionism and make him the agent of it. Herzl wrote in his diary:

“Next we came to the heart of the business. I said to him: (Theodor Herzl to Rev. William Hechler) I must put myself into direct and publicly known relations with a responsible or non responsible ruler – that is, with a minister of state or a prince. Then the Jews will believe in me and follow me.”

This operation took place in two stages: first, a powwow was set up with Christian-messianic bible-thumping nutwing Frederick Wilhelm Ludwig (1826-1907), the Grand Duke of Baden. Then, the backing of the German State was secured when Herzl met Kaiser Wilhelm II in Palestine in 1898.

Only after these maneuvers and lobbying did the actual Jewish elites in Great Britain get on board with Zionism. The Order of Ancient Maccabeans (also Maccabaeans) is an AngloJewish society that was put in gear at this time.

However, early plans did not involve Palestine, as the Sultan rebuffed the Zionist overture. Herzl up to his death in 1904 pursued other lands as solutions. It wasn’t until 1905 (after Herzl’s death) that the 6th Zionist Congress, after investigations, decided to firmly commit itself to a Jewish homeland in Palestine. At that point, the Jews of Europe and elsewhere got the word. By and large, they were dragged into the scheme via machinations and only over time. The rest is history.

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    • WHOA … nice catch !! Yeah, not exactly your handsome Aryan countenance,
      think Robert Redford, Brad Pitt and a host of other regular everyday walking
      around folks one can see in any populous area. When you actually look at
      heads and faces, not hard to spot the “differences”. But in this case, think
      NOT ‘Viva la difference’ such as the more obvious Larry Silverstein, Alan
      Dershowitz, Harvey Weinstein, Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler, Anthony
      Fauci (WTH – you think he’s “Italian”), Ezekial Emanuel (yea, another
      real national treasure 🙂 Adam Silver, Adam Schiff … shall I go on ?!!
      Books DO have a cover, and appearances matter and often do mean
      something. Deportation on looks alone ?! Yes, “I like it. I like it a lot”
      said Jim Carrey famously …

  1. Was asked a legit question that deserves an answer: How did the Race Cult Zionism benefit the British oligarchy?

    I can cite a few key ones and there are certainly more-

    -. A belief system: Keep in mind that these Anglicans were Old Testament fanatical types much like modern day evangelical Zionists. They devoured the OT way too much and ascribed way too much importance to it- including the concept of Israel.

    – The cause of Zionism wedded and allied them to Jewish finance- not an insignficant benefit then or now.

    -balkanization of Ottoman Empire, Palestine was part of that country until 1919

    • up until ww1 the rotchilds kept the ottoman empire afloat on purpose (since it was economically bankrupt since 1815….) as buffer against the tsar (the only non jewish run country), they took it down when it suited them

    • How did the Race Cult Zionism benefit the British oligarchy

      -crypto jews in critical mass and their fallacious arguments inducing cognitive disonance…

      • …and I mean that’s how the British oligarchy were fooled into thinking there ever was any benefit to begin with.

    • We might also consider that oil was on the rise as a resource for the ever expanding combustible engine technologies. If we consider that often the 1% of the 1% (which some fo the British are a part of and both Wilson / House wanted more American involvement in the conversation) often plan 25 – 50 years forward. A consistent presence of British troops to “keep the peace (until the Zionists started hitting their military with terrorists attacks)” and then yet another special relationship meant a forward operating post for decades to come.

      Then we could also arrive at Hitler’s fondest wish to endear the British, appease his banker backers, and rid Germany of Jewish influence through the Haavara Agreement. Again one might opine that there was the “hand” of the Rothschild family, acting through the Warburg family, in forcing Jews to relocate to a region that many of them never really wished to go in the first place.

      An interesting thread worth some additional consideration / reflection.

    • The British Crown is not the same as the Crown Corporation, which is a Jewish bankster enterprice. They are behind the Pilgrim Society, the East India Company and own among other things the USA corporation. Many, if not most Jews are raised extremely supremacist and racist and think that they are Yahweh’s chosen people who have a devine right to conquer the world because it belong solely to them. Their old testament ( torah, tenach), talmud and kabbalah is full of this evil crap.

  2. Another great article, Russ. I reckon you are probably the best historian currently writing.

    I would only add that after Edward VII became king, his entirely Jewish advisors- the infamous “Jewish Seven” sought out the Saud family, then a tribe of Jewish bandits located in the geographical center of the Arabian peninsula. The Saudi were armed by the British with modern Lee-Enfield rifles, the same weapons used by the British army. This new-found firepower allowed the Saudi to capture the mud-walled village of Riyadh, and with consistent Zionist support they were later able to expand their power to nearly the whole of Arabia.

  3. Leading alt-media figure, Jewish Ron Unz, wrote a widely-read article on how shocked he was to learn the true nature of historical Judaism from the books of Israeli dissident Israel Shahak (1933-2001), Hebrew University chemistry prof who became an anti-Zionist activist (previously cited on TNN by Thomas Müller) … Some of the shocking – surprising elements, mostly from Jewish History, Jewish Religion: Weight of 3000 Years by Israel Shahak (free online book):

    Religion of most traditional Jews is not monotheistic, but contains a variety of male & female gods … religious Jews apparently pray to Satan almost as readily as to God … ritual itself is absolutely uppermost, while interpretation is secondary … many traditional rituals explicitly intend to fool or trick God or His angels

    The primary reason for the existence of non-Jews is to serve as slaves of Jews … In 2010, Israel’s top Sephardic rabbi declared that the only reason for the existence of non-Jews is to serve Jews & do work for them … Jewish religious traditions regarded slavery as the natural & appropriate lot of all non-Jews, Jews some of the leading slave-traders historically

    Jewish lives have infinite value, non-Jewish ones none at all … if a Jew needed a liver, it would be obligatory to kill an innocent Gentile & take his … today Israel is widely regarded as one of the world centers of organ-trafficking

    According to the Jewish Talmud, Jesus is perhaps the vilest being who ever lived, condemned to spend eternity in Hell, immersed in boiling excrement … many deeply religious Jews utter a prayer each day for the immediate extermination of all Christians

    Traditional penalty for any Jew who informs authorities on any matter regarding Jews has always been death, often preceded by hideous torture. [‘Law of the informer’ (din Moser) – A Jew who reveals Jewish secrets is a ‘Moser’ & the law imposes death on Jews who betray fellow Jews to judgement of Gentiles. ‘Law of the pursuer’ (din Rodef) commands every Jew to kill or wound severely any Jew perceived as intending to kill another Jew.]

    Political rulers with little sympathy for subjects sometimes restrict power to a small group of well-rewarded mercenaries [i.e., leading Jews ‘kosher nostra’] … E.g., traditional economic niches of European Jews from tax-farming, with Jews more likely to extract every last penny, their antipathy for all non-Jews ensuring minimal tempering by human sympathy

    All powerful mass-media technologies of our modern world, film, radio, & television, invented & pioneered by Gentiles, but in each case control was seized by ruthless Jewish businessmen … By the 1950s, nearly all of America’s leading concentrations of electronic media power were solidly in Jewish hands

    Unz also writes about Ariel Toaff, professor, Bar-Ilan University near Tel Aviv, son of the Chief Rabbi of Rome, who in 2007 published ‘Blood Passovers’, suggesting that the ‘blood libel’ of Jews killing Christians, including perhaps children, to steal their blood for Talmudic rituals, was true … Israel Shamir has put this online
    Blood Passovers – evidence behind the ‘blood libel’, by Israeli Prof Ariel Toaff

    • Being we as Americans, and many other global citizens have governments which swear an undying loyalty to “Biblical Israel”(Zionism) and/or care more for Israel than they do for their own citizens, I feel it is of utmost importance to expose the absurdities of this political movement. If you think this not the case, have a look at Zionist lobbies in America: https://israelpalestinenews.org/the-israel-lobby-a-list/

      People have got to realize Judaism is a political movement disguised as a religion, and Christianity and Islam are just its red headed step children. I learned a lot from the great yahweh slayer himself, Charles Giuliani. He played an important role in my “good book” deprogramming. I recommend all his work. Here is a sample of his work where he discusses his book “What’s Wrong with the Bible?”
      Caution: Strong language Content
      P.S. Thanks Russ for another great article

      • Giuliani is a liar fact we live in a Globe container the Catholic Universe and you are full of shit Giuliani is a freemason satanic shit that can’t read

  4. “Anglicans were Old Testament fanatical types much like modern day evangelical Zionists.”

    It must be said that there is without question many Old Testament verses which cannot be fulfilled without the existence of an actual nation called Israel. Just the verses from Ezekiel 38 and 39 about Gog and Magog reveals this as a surety. However, there is one huge and glaring problem of biblical interpretation and that is what was written in the 6th Century BC by Ezekiel was re-mentioned in the Book of Revelation with some important additions! These additions however, have gone completely ignored or interpreted wrong by too many within the church. Further to this is with the rise of Nazism and Communism in Germany and Russia there was and continues to be a belief among many deceived Christians that these nations are the nations of Gog and Magog literally! A HUGE MISTAKE but one in which looked to be true given the sufferings of the Jews in Germany and Russia. Further to this with the onset of WW! many believed the end was nigh. This has to stop because the truth of the matter is that not only has Russia and Germany got nothing to do with Gog and Magog it has nothing to do with any current Israel either. What the prophecy is talking about is an act of treason some 1000 years into the far distant future. The Church Fathers called it Chiliasm which they unfortunately condemned at their councils. A huge mistake because they took away the hope of Israel that is clearly mentioned and explained in the scriptures both Old and New Testaments.

    If there is an Israel of God it began with God and it ends with God in the person of Christ Jesus who will rule from Jerusalem both literally and figuratively in a kingdom age and then for all of Eternity when God makes all things new with a new Jerusalem arriving on earth from out of heaven. Start with the end of the story and then work backwards to the beginning!! If only Biblical expositors had done this we would not be in the mess we are today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please get and read the book by Gerry Fox Lies, all Lies for a comprehensive teaching and understanding of this topic.

    It is imperative that this nonsense about Gog and Magog being Germany and Russia gets put to an end. It will in fact destroy Christian Zionism.

    • Christian Zionism is a burden to us all. For the first 1850 years of the Christian church there was a general understanding of what the Bible narrative was. This was flipped in large part by a fellow John Nelson Darby and subsequently by CI Scholfield and his fraudulent Bible laced with Dispensationalist dogma. These and their ilk were giant tares planted in the church spewing false doctrines. Since these events the church is less about Jesus and his Kingdom and more about Israel and end times eschatology. Looking at it that way it makes sense that Kabbalist/Talmudists control 80% of the US congress and thus our foreign policy. Christian Zionists are useful idiots in danger of damnation for believing lies which is the same thing that caused the Northern kingdom of Israel to be “cut off” in 722 BC and hauled off by the Assirians. The southern Kingdom of Judah was “cut off” in 70 ad when God used Titus to destroy Jerusalem and the temple. You can read Flavious Josephus War of the Jews for all the details which correlate with much of the book of Revelation and with what Moses told the ancient Hebrews would happen to them for their unbelief in Deuteronomy chapter 28.
      Paul declares in Galatians 3:16 that Jesus is the fulfillment of the promises made to Abraham in Genesis 12. The Old Testament is about the promises of God about a messiah, and the New Testament is about the fulfillment of those promises for those that by faith believe and partake of Gods spirit living inside of their hearts Jeremiah 31:31-34. Cheers.

      • Exactly. No need for an Israel (especially a political apartheid nation of Israel) since God disinherited them and destroyed them scattering their seed to the winds as punishment. Joshua states how God was to punish them) yet Christians prefer to allow false teachers like Hagee to do their Bible interpretation for them, brainwashing them. Jesus is the new covenant as you show that Paul declares. No state, nation, ethnicity or religion can undo that. I believe Darby and Scholfield and the likes of Hagee are paid disinformation agents of the Jews. Maybe their real names are Darbyman or Schofeld or Hageestein.

      • I too came to your conclusion.
        The Edomites were clearly involved in the destruction of Judah with Babylon. Assyria has long ago destroyed Israel. Both lands were filled with foreigners squeezing our the natural born Hebrews. http://www.odyeda.com/en/attachments/20150118_Jewish_Timeline_Odyeda_white.jpg
        This timeline helps to explain the fall of the Hebrews.
        As can be seen the Hebrew began leaving after the spit of the kingdoms as the Hebrew leadership fell into paganism. It wasn’t hard for Assyria to boot out the rest of the Hebrews and fill the land with aliens. And the Hebrews left in Judah were pushed out by the Edomites which the Greeks called their land Idumea.
        Old maps show how Idumea pushed into Judah. Herod was and Edomite and certainly his Pharisee were Edomites. Whatever was left of pure Hebrew bloodlines by the time of Jesus was slim at best. who were the Edomites? They were the decendents of Esau. Esau was Jacobs brother. Jacob stole the Covenant Blessing handed down to Isaac from Abraham. It should have gone to Esau but It went to Jacob.

  5. The entire British nobility had been corrupted long before that in waves by Jews. When Scotland was Jewish, written by bragging Jews, dates their arrival to the 12th C. And further south it began with the Normans. I consider Alfred the Great as England’s last king and in fact I’m a Puttallo on on side and they quip that it’s ancient Pictish. In fact the de Pittocks arrived from Spain and were first found on CAMPBELL lands in 13 something. Fancy that. Your entire article and many other like it give the impression that the British are somehow twisted when they have been under attack, like the other nations, for 6000 years, Russian winter. In fact, the holy family arrived wit the legend of Joseph of Arimathea immediately after the death of Jesus to bring the good news of his life and warn against the impending trials. The early gospel only Celtic Christianity has been totally scrubbed but the evidence is there is the book of kells, the gospel was venerated and OT nowhere in sight. The harmony between the gospel and indigenous beliefs varied with the types of paganism going on but we can sure that in places where the was subsequent violence involving Rome the pagan priests were in perfect alignment with the teachings of Jesus. Enter the the phariseical stooge “roman” Patrick and the rest is history. No where will you find “New Testament only” Christians online buy the Gideons sure did a wonderful job and their bibles held America together for a long time until they were removed. The great thing about all the shills is that they too are in line for the g5gmos and ultimately freedom in Christ too, just like the innocent jews

    • Let’s listen to some Locomotive Breath to ring in the New Year. I always liked how Ian said, “open on page ONE”. It reminds me of my crazed American youth doing cocaine is strange hotels with strange friends and listening to fantastic music. Wouldn’t change my misspent youth for the world. Thanks Jews! And thank you very much Jesus 🙂

      • Sammy,

        Interesting post, that may just be “over my head” and / or “deeper than I can swim”. Respectfully, if you have a moment, could you provide a little detail on this point please:

        “Your entire article and many other like it give the impression that the British are somehow twisted when they have been under attack, like the other nations, for 6000 years, Russian winter. ”

        There is a whole lot of history being placed in this one statement, and unfortunately I was left a little lost. Now please understand, I am just trying to get your message in these two posts, and not wishing to be unkind or even challenging.

        The second post is a little clearer, and I am happy for you. Your youth may have had some interesting times, but you are happy where you stand at the moment and in the depth of your faith. Good to hear a bit of positivity. As for Locomotive Breath, I do not know what that is, but will look into the link a little later.

        If you do not pass back this way, I will close by wishing you a Happy New Year.

        Simple Citizen

    • A point of view:
      Jesus knew his kingdom wasn’t over a corrupted Judah. His kingdom was establish by overcoming the Luciferian psychology of the VICTIM which fuels Edomite madness as the UNCHOSEN brother.
      Just like Lucifer feels UNCHOSEN. This is the root of sin. To feel cheated and denied your rightful do. This lies at the heart of all killers, thieves, subversives and liars. They were wronged and so their sin is justified and so much so, they can’t sin at all.
      Their revolution (lucifers rebellion) is righteous -For to get rid of sin is simple. You just remove judgment. Remove judgement, you simply remove God. And if you think I’m wrong, simply look at the demands of the LEFT. Don’t judge me. Accept all. Sin is a delusion of the patriarchy.
      It’s all Luciferian cancer which has spread through the Jews into the Sabbateans into the world of the spiritually dead victim mindset.
      Jesus said as he was dying on the cross. “Whatever has been done to you has been done to be first”. There was no time in which Jesus could not have struck back. But that was not his mission. His mission was to conquer SIN in the flesh. Jesus was victimized but he was never EVER a victim. And that is why the WORD of GOD made flesh is the the savior to the world. LOGOS God’s Laws of creation will not yield to these Luciferians. They will not change times, dates and rules of creation. They will not change the world to their desires. God constructed reality through the WORD and the WORD is the LAW. All those that “Do as thou wilt” are going to find out. The hammer of God is coming down on these people and if you want to survive you better separate from them now. Don’t get dragged down by them.

  6. “Was asked a legit question that deserves an answer: How did the Race Cult Zionism benefit the British oligarchy?”

    “Baron Abraham Edmond Benjamin James de Rothschild (19 August 1845 – 2 November 1934) was a French member of the Rothschild banking family. A strong supporter of Zionism, his large donations lent significant support to the movement during its early years, which helped lead to the establishment of the State of Israel, where he is simply known as “the baron Rothschild”. ” Wikipedia

    It was the dream of the French and British Rothschild’s of the later part of the 1800’s for there to be somewhere for Jews to live as their own country. The Rothschild’s already had massive leverage on the British monarchy / state by this time. It is argued that they owned the majority share of the Bank of England by this time.

    Another very important factor, as Russ mentions, was the Suez Canal. it was hoped that it was to be built further North from where it actually is today, and to be controlled by what is now Israel. This is why to this day also, there is the debacle over the Sinai area.

    If one looks at the Rothschild’s as “Black Nobility”, then the completely hidden elephant in the room would really be the Vatican, or the hidden (Holy) Roman Empire, that some argue really set up and controlled all major “secret societies” via the Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Templars, Priory De Sion etc

    It might be that the Vatican wants to control the place where Jesus might return to. Or that the cabal simply wants a strategic place in the Middle East. Divide and rule and all that. Add in that the (Templar) Freemasonry “all goes back to Solomon’s Temple”, in what is Israel / Palestine today. Why wouldn’t they want to try to control that?

    • America was established as a Christian country which the jews are trying to take down now. Why they get to have a country and destroy all others is beyond me. Why the world has put up with it is not comprehensible.

  7. Christianity is Jewish: The Lord Jesus Christ is the King of the Jews.
    Judaism is the rejection of Messiah and rebellion against God. They are the synagogue of Satan, not Jews.

    The Zionists tricked the Western elites into globaising the world for them and giving them Palestine by pretending that they would support the UN plan.

    In reality, they want their 70 Nations project, with global rule from Jerusalem. Here is the Sanhderin explaining it:

    The current global chaos is due to the fact that these former partners in crime are now at war.

    North Korea?

    Communism is Judaism.

    • Bingo – nailed it!

      See Brendon O’Connell ( Youtube) for grist to this mill. Talpiot, Belt & Road, PNAC, Oded Yinon etc.

  8. Back in 1895, Rabbi Pereira Mendes (he has an entry in Enc. Jud.) published an article entitled ‘The Solution of War’ in The North American Review. He overconfidently revealed the whole Zionist plan. They wanted to make Jerusalem the centre of world government and controller of the world’s only military force. Naturally, he cloaked everything in misleading language about world peace for evermore, etc. The whole article is worth reading. It’s far better than the Protocols and was written in English for a mostly gentile readership. No wonder it’s gone down the Memory Hole. This is how he sums up:

    Before our eyes rises a picture of the nations restoring the Hebrews “as an offering,” as the prophet phrases it (Isa. lxvi.20): shall we say as “an amendment offering” for the injustice of lead-footed centuries? We dream of that martyr-nation of history, “despised and rejected,” as that very prophet foretold, “wounded through others’ transgressions, bruised through others’ iniquities,” at last rightly, justly, lovingly dealt with!”
    The North American Review, CLXI. No. 465 (1895) 161-169.

  9. Nevertheless the POTEOZ are spookily redolent in today’s Global Geopolitics and research shows they are most likely to have Rabbinic source material. No surprising we live in a Talmudic Worldview.

  10. “Once again, we see a predominately British elitist SYNTHETIC plan for other people, a common globalist theme during the Imperial period. These elitists refused to leave anybody alone to their own devices and natural evolution. The whole planet had to be guided by crackpotism, often of a biblical nature.”

    Yes, ‘synthetic’ in the sense of ‘contra naturam’ or demonic. Not surprisingly, perfidious Albion reserves its keenest machinations for Jerusalem, the navel of the universe, a city contended for by all parties and principalities, both good and ill.

    What event or confluence of events place Great Britain in the conductor’s podium, and when?

    The British East India Company’s founding in 1600, Cromwell’s repatriating overtures to the Jews in the 1650s, the BofE Charter of 1694? John Dee’s minting of the British Empire and his Enochian dabblings in the late 16th century?

  11. Hmm, reading the Ex-Kaiser in Exile by lady Norah Bentinck and the first edition english translation of the Kaiser’s Memoirs, Willhelm II talks about a healthy mistrust for Jews in the empire and that he even gave ‘The Protocols of Zion..’ some credence against his inner circles wishes. He was only openly anti-semitic to those who hadn’t integrated into the empire and were faithful Prussian/Germans though.

  12. Lord Rosebery married Hannah Rothschild in 1878, heiress of Mayer Amschel de Rothschild. Rosebery was prime minister of England from 1894 to june 1895, he was succeeded by Salisbury and notorious Arthur Balfour.

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