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The left calls for a ban on Germany’s AfD party –right when it’s surging in popularity

Remix News | October12, 2022

Members of the Social Democrats (SPD) and the Left party (Die Linke) are calling for a ban on the conservative Alternative for Germany (AfD) party just as it surges in the polls, raising fears that Germany, which prides itself on being democratic, will attempt to completely ban one of the largest parties in the country.

Dorothea Marx (SPD), a member of the Thuringian state parliament, is one of the politicians calling for the AfD party to be banned.

“The time is ripe,” Marx told the dpa news agency. Above all, she said, the Thuringian state assembly must act quickly.


2 Comments on The left calls for a ban on Germany’s AfD party –right when it’s surging in popularity

  1. This is nothing new — there are constantly calls to ban the AfD, demands that the BfV should investigate and monitor the AfD (a measure designed to further discredit the AfD in the minds of voters), usw usw.

    The latest example reported here came after an improved showing by the AfD in a recent state election in the former East Germany, where the AfD is generally stronger than in the former West Germany.

    Unfortunately, after an increase in support following the flood of migrants in 2015, the AfD has not done all that well since then — in fact, after the 2021 federal election it now has fewer representatives in the Bundestag than it did after the 2017 federal election:

    Bundestagswahl 2021

    In 2021, support for the AfD fell 2.3% nationally compared to 2017.

    The bigger problem is that the state supported media, which all Germans must support financially, including AfD supporters, constantly/as a matter of policy (apparently) denigrates the AfD in its political coverage, which is supposed to be neutral and non-partisan — this is an everyday phenomenonthis institutional bias is therefore a much bigger problem than these occasional calls to ban the AfD (at this point, it’s pretty clear the AfD is not going to be banned).

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