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Cleon Peterson, Dystopic Artist to the Elite


Los Angeles artist and dark mind Cleon Peterson is quite the hit with the elite. He was commissioned to paint Edmund de Rothschild’s boat, “The Gitana,” as shown in the following video.

As the sampling of his “artworks” below illustrate, Petersen appears to be a member of the Agent Provocateurs School of Art. His special focus is on a dystopian, futuristic world where blacks beat, torture, rape, stab, impale and mercilessly victimize white people. As a general rule, the graphic scenes show naked characters.

Petersen is so accepted in the world of Luciferian, degenerate art that he painted the first mural below the Eiffel Tower. One wonders who arranged for that?

To fully illustrate the vitriol and evil, let’s simply imagine a reverse of races of the torturers and the victims. But to be perfectly frank, this is real trans-humanist racism (as opposed to imaginary) to both whites and blacks for portraying them in this manner. It is classic divide and conquer agitprop. Once in a while Peterson likes to spice things up with black-on-black brutality. The last painting shows whites only, and they are universally engaging in perverted behaviors.



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  1. About 25 years ago I attended a party at movie producer Joel Silver’s house. Silver then owned a beautiful Mayan themed house on Sunset Boulevard that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I wanted to see this house, so I went to the party with my then-girlfriend, who was Jewish.
    It’s not a large place, and there were a lot of people there, so the schmoozing and boozing soon spilled over into Silver’s bedroom.
    Guess what was hanging at the head of the bed? A painting of a huge black man clubbing a tiny little white man, with the inscription “Free South Africa”.

  2. Serrano’s “Piss Christ.”

    Mapplethorpe’s whip-handle-in-butt photos.

    Peterson’s works Mad Mandingo paintings.

    We are all urged to be tolerant.

    But give the “okay” sign and work and lose your job.

  3. “Gitana” meaning
    A Gipsy woman.
    A Spanish gypsy.
    A Spanish female Gypsy.
    Physical objects imbued with ugly names and images are cursed, literally. I wouldn’t be surprised if this butt ugly boat sinks and kills its crew

  4. And to think at one time (1970) I wanted to be an artist (went to a NYC art school…boy what a waste of my parents’ money! But I only went one year), Damned glad I’m an author instead…using fiction to tell the truth. (plus a character in my fictional rock band backs a degenerate artist…the “Piss Christ” comment reminded me of that…)

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