A Walk on the Wild Side- James Kunstler

Kunstler. com | Sept. 19, 2022

Do you doubt anymore that the USA, indeed most of Western Civ, is in the grip of demonic possession? You can’t quite medicalize the problem by calling it a group psychosis because the people demolishing social boundaries know exactly what they’re doing and are shoving it in your face maliciously for the purpose of goading you into humiliation and punishment — which is predicably what will happen if you object to being mind-fucked.

Case in point: a shop teacher styling himself as “Kayla” Lemieux, comes to work wearing a grotesquely outsized fake boob costume. You are meant to say that this is okay because, hey, it is just a form of “gender expression” — so said the Halton District school board in Ontario, Canada. Of course, you know it’s not okay. The School Board only pretends that it’s okay, because this nonsense is supported by the Canadian federal government under the Woke-Marxist Justin Trudeau, which holds the levers of law and can crush you, subject you to its courts, bankrupt you, ruin you, if you don’t play along.


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  1. This prosthetic wearing mental case is just the tip of the iceberg(or is that the tip of the giant boobs), when it comes to Marxist leaning Trudeau’s plans for Canada.

  2. Case in point: a shop teacher styling himself as “Kayla” Lemieux

    Was the fake boobs teacher a hoax?

    Another more recent rumour, though, suggests ‘Kayla Lamieux’ is neither a sincere identity nor a fetish, but a prank. Someone on the Anonymous message board, who claims to be a student in this man’s class, says the giant prosthetic breasts are in fact a kind of absurdist protest. The student goes on to say that the teacher hates ‘woke culture’ and would regularly ‘drop redpills to his class, such as how silly gender neutral bathrooms are’. His aim is probably ‘to get fired, then sue for discrimination’.

    So it could be a prank; he was winding everyone up, as Brits say — who knows?

    I recall the guy in Canada who formally/legally changed his gender identity so he could save money on car insurance.

    Alberta man changes gender on government IDs for cheaper car insurance

    He says he saved almost $1,100

    So there is evidence Canadians still have a sense of humor — believe it or not.

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