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Monkeypox: The Next Scamdemic or Just High Strangeness and Grifting?

Public health experts theorize that major LGBTQ Pride gatherings in June may have facilitated transmission of the monkeypox virus. Given the infection’s incubation period — the new paper puts it at seven days, with a range of three to 20 days — the nation is now possibly seeing the resulting downstream effects of sexual encounters in late June and early July, NBC News reports.

Monkeypox is a rare disease caused by infection with the monkeypox virus, according to the CDC. The virus is part of the same family of viruses as smallpox. Monkeypox symptoms are similar to smallpox symptoms, but milder; and monkeypox is rarely fatal. Among an estimated 15,000 monkeypox cases worldwide this year, five have people died (0.03%).

Despite the low death rate, the response by government is mass indiscriminate purchase/deployment of JYNNEOS nonreplicating orthopox product?

The virus has been spreading almost exclusively among sexually active homosexual men. Of those infected, 98% are gay/bisexual and 41% have concurrent HIV infections. Sexual activity is responsible for 95% of virus transmission. Among those infected, 13% become hospitalized for derm/anogenital lesions.

Two children have contracted monkeypox, the AP reported on Friday: a toddler in California and an infant who is not a U.S. resident but was tested while in Washington, D.C. The children are “in good health and receiving treatment,” the CDC said.

“How they caught the disease is being investigated, but officials think it was through household transmission of a homosexual couple.

Generally, the virus is presenting in a select lifestyle population. This strikes us as a grift that allows government payments to a receiving population — or more accurately, activists purporting to represent this group.

Looking at EU27 (9,697), U.K. (1,735) and Canada (745), it’s striking that of the mere 1,335 cases where gender is recorded, only one is female. In the U.S., eight women are among the 2,800 cases. The “gay transmission” theory seems to also almost completely preclude bisexual men transmitting to women.

In other words, monkeypox is a freak show, not a pandemic, and nothing the vast majority of us should care about. Still, look next for the “monkeypox is everyone’s disease” propaganda

To its credit, the WHO, unlike most governments, recommended laying off the gay orgies a bit. Governments would rather spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on more “vaccines” manufactured by their political donors. A vaccine is something that is guaranteed not to work because “monkeypox” is not really the problem. Still waiting for the “two weeks of no gay sex to flatten the monkeypox curve” message from Fauci and Walensky.

World Health Organization Will Rename Monkeypox, Citing Racism

Among the nearly 3,000 cases of monkeypox in the U.S., more than 1,000 are in Sodom and Gomorrah’s New York City. The rest are in San Francisco — a surprise to no one. NYC Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan of India — who wants to keep kids under 5 years old masked indefinitely — won’t tell homosexual men to stop having orgies, but he is asking the WHO to rename monkeypox because black homosexuals might feel the term is racist and homophobic. Can’t make this shit up. 

Biden and the kakistocracy wants to name a coordinator to handle the outbreak. They’re considering a public health emergency declaration. AND they want $7 BILLION to help “contain” the outbreak. Sound reasonable to you?

Questions to be asked:

  • If it’s a genuine MP infection, why did it appear all of a sudden only recently? (Choose one)
    • a) new lab release or
    • b) vaccine induced immune deficiency.
  • Is the story that children are infected fake? If not how did it spread?

Do you remeber how there was a coronavirus pandemic simulation exercise in September 2019, mere months before the actual Covid-19 scamdemic? Well, it turns out a panel last year did the same thing with monkeypox, the New York Post reports.

An eerily accurate simulation exercise at the Munich Security Conference in March 2021 centered on a monkeypox outbreak and had the rare and potentially deadly “hypothetical” disease starting exactly when the real one did.

The Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), a non-profit founded by U.S. media mogul Ted Turner and former Democratic Sen. Sam Nunn, gathered a panel of 19 experts — including government officials from the U.S. and China, representatives from the World Health Organization and the U.N., and researchers from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and major pharma companies — to game out responses to a “12 Monkeys”-like bioterror attack.

The fictional scenario, sponsored by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and his Open Philanthropies non-profit, hinged on the secret release of a lab-enhanced monkeypox virus that eventually killed 271 million people in a worldwide 19-month pandemic.

The simulation’s imaginary launch date was May 15, 2022 — the same week that marked the real-world start of the first international outbreak of the viral disease, more than a year after the globalist group met.

On other fronts, the Crime Syndicate’s Covid death-jab project is moving along. Young-adult cardiovascular incidents are surging in heavily vaxxed Scotland.

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