Sweden’s Hidden Highway to Hell

SHOCKING sex attacks swept across Sweden with the number of young girls and boys being raped rocketing as police struggled with migrant crime, Express news reported in February 2016. GRAPHIC: Express.uk

The lugenpresse at the Times of London were forced by necessity to report on actual news-on-the-ground in the migrant-swamped city of Malmo, Sweden, in January 2018. Thanks for finally playing. Sweden had been “experiencing an unprecedented surge of gang shootings, bombings and sexual assaults,” the Times admitted. “People use machine guns and hand grenades — they want to kill,” said Zoran Markovic, the former chief of community policing in Rosengård. Anti-tank weapons were found in a basement.

Rosengård’s force works from a black fortress of reinforced concrete with narrow windows and a 10-foot-high electric fence. It was bombed last week, days after a police car was blown up.

Winter Watch conducted open-source research on the size and composition of the Malmo migrant gangs and found information shockingly scarce — no doubt part of the PC black-out on the topic.

There was poor news coverage even within Sweden, which is hardly a surprise. Real news media would have investigative journalists on this; but this, too, seems lacking. Coverage that does exist, such as the following headline from a TIME magazine article, uses politicized gaslighting against the code words “Alt-Right” and “conspiracy theory” instead of real investigative reporting.

“More than 36 percent of young Swedish women say they feel unsafe at night,” the article continues. The authorities have admitted they are unable to investigate rape cases immediately because the resources are focused on gang crime. “We are forced to choose between two evils,” the police said.

According to the article, Stefan Lofven, the far left Social Democratic Party prime minister (whose pro-Third World immigration and “asylum” policies are the cause of the migrant invasion and violence), said last week that he was ready to deploy the army into the “affected areas.”

Even the Swedish Democrat leader Jimmie Akesson “declared war” against organized crime and suggested that Sweden should deploy the military to no-go zones to counter the out-of-control violence.

“People are shot to death in pizza restaurants, people are killed by hand grenades they find on the street,” Akesson said in parliament on Wednesday. This is the new Sweden; the new, exciting dynamic, multicultural paradise that so many here in this assembly … have fought to create for so many years,” he said sarcastically.

Last year, BBC showed just how dishonest — and we would suggest malintentioned — they are by coining an article showing that sex offences have stabilized in recent years. A precocious 13 year old could tell you by looking at Charts 1 and 2 that, yes, the parabolic rise has ended and only because Sweden is no longer offering significant numbers asylum. But the damage is done. Sweden now has one of the highest per-capita rape rates in the word [see Chart 3].

A Question No One is Asking

Is there something else to this deluge of riffraff descending upon Sweden? Could it be much more deliberate and weaponized than anyone ever imagined? Could the politicians and international agencies responsible be traitors and fifth columnists of the worst kind? It appears that gangsterism has been transferred from Somalia to Malmo.

Read “Sweden’s Radicalized Leftist Kosher Media Monopolizes ‘Truth’ About Migration”

One Somali journalist returned to her country out of fear and stated that it’s safer at home than in PC Sweden, given that at home the issue is treated with greater honesty.

Also consider that in the last few years Somalia has enjoyed a solid economic and social recovery. Work is available and investors from China, Qatar, Turkey and India are coming in. There is little reason to be offering refugee status to Somalians now as their country could also use its better-quality people.

Did someone take the lowest common denominator out of Somalia, Eritrea and Afghanistan and dump it on Sweden? Additionally, the anti-social impact of the Somalian diaspora has been much less elsewhere. Did Sweden get the special treatment? Is this why the background on these criminals is so hard to ascertain? The push was orchestrated by wealthy usual suspect internationalists allying with a twisted, inverted, masochistic, brainwashed element within Swedish society itself.

Winter Watch Takeaway: No European country should allow unmanageable populations of Africans and Middle Easterners. But even more importantly, those small numbers that are let in should be heavily screened. Adding insult to injury, Swedish fifth columnists arranged for a criminal element to enter. The traitorous and disgraced Swedish government is responsible for trashing their country and needs to be condemned, canned and replaced with adult supervision. And I am not buying the “incompetence” lie.

For those who cry racist, ask what the impact and outcry would be if Sweden sent its 1,000 most dangerous and worst white criminals to some country with a different culture and race, and that country stood by in political correctness and a news blackout while they formed criminal gangs and raped the native women.

Congratulations, idiots, you have Brazilified your country. When the new adult supervision is established, they can consult with the BOPE from Rio de Janerio and employ tactics as illustrated in the following video clip. BOPE can bring to Sweden the benefit of years of experience dealing with Hell.

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  1. Notably, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin & Malcolm X, all denounced induced migration as a tool by oligarchs to conduct class warfare against their own peoples

    Yet today nearly all the leftists fall into the ‘cultural marxist’ trap sponsored by the oligarch cabal, with the notable exception of Irish Stalinist Gearóid Ó Colmáin, author of the striking ‘Coercive Engineered Migration: Zionism’s War on Europe’ on Dissident Voice, where he cites Pentagon advisor Kelly Greenhill’s 2011 book on ‘Weapons of Mass Migration’

    Question rolling around in my mind is the degree to which the oligarch cabal anticipated (or perhaps planned?) the counter-reaction to migration that is quickly escalating in Europe, despite the pro-migrant news censorship & media propaganda … I wonder, if as often the case, the cabal has its claws in both sides of this game here

    Chatter is that even in places such Germany & Sweden, the indigenous Europeans amongst the police are quite beginning to crack migrant heads … and increasing numbers of Europeans, in private talk, anticipate a turning of the tide in upcoming years, with an ethnic cleansing of literally millions of migrant arrivals, back to their home countries, given that most of them were in truth economic migrants as internal EU statistics are showing

      • One other indicator of what you confirm, is the way all the migrant crimes etc are documented most voluminously on the Gatestone Institute site, which is run by a gang of traditional neo-con types such as John Bolton … the hallmark of Gatestone being that they totally avoid WHO is organising the import of the migrants, and also that they try to steer hostility towards migrants & Muslims into pro-Israeli hasbara

        Have been chuckling these days when I look at ZeroHedge … the ‘latest’ articles in its main feed, are often ones I saw 2 or 3 days earlier on the various nationalist & alt-right websites … the easiest place for ‘Tyler’ to get red meat for his audience … ‘Tyler Durden’ being Bulgarian-American Dan Ivandjiiski, sometimes said to be Jewish, his father said to be a Bulgarian journalist plus sometimes also named as an intel operative

      • The Brazil example and case is an interesting one … a country full of some of the world’s worst crime and murder rates, but with some very wonderful, and physically beautiful people in it … but what one thinks of as ‘middle class life’ destroyed, because of the crime most people in Brazil are forced to navigate around, even for people who are middle in income.

        Tho it is some years ago that I stayed for a time in North America, one thing I noticed in the USA even long ago, was that it seemed there was nowhere where you had all 3 of these things, still able to be found in Europe, namely a city area that was (1) walkable (2) safe and (3) working-class. In the USA it seemed you could have 2 of those 3, but not all 3 … A remaining tho increasingly shrinking pleasure in Europe.

        The world’s 50 worst-murder-rate cities, are apparently all in the Americas (45 of them), plus 5 in South Africa. Interestingly, in general, the high murder rate is essentially all in countries that suffered from centuries of black slavery / apartheid colonialism.

        Tho I think there is something unique about the now much-beleaguered European culture, with its heritage of the Renaissance & Enlightenment, what strikes me as very ‘wrong’ on the white-heritage sites, is the crass ‘anti-miscenegation’ material. Tho there are good reasons to oppose induced manipulated migrations – and also to note how migrant invasions plus cucking of European males, are giving European-heritage females a strong desire for ‘more masculine’ non-whites – I find it strange to be opposing mixed marriages.

        And that’s in part because to my eyes, many of the mixed-race people, in Latin America or in SouthEast Asia as in the Philippines, are some of the most beautiful human beings God ever allowed to be born in the world.

        • because mixed race people have no roots and don’t belong and aren’t “us”…as to anti-misc propaganda being crass, you’re aesthetic argument is about as fatuous as saying immigration is good because of all the ethnic restaurants…and besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there’s plenty of ugly half castes. Maybe I’ve seen too many white girls in wheat fields, but Europeans are pretty much the pinnacle in terms of beauty. But the aesthetic considerations are secondary, they aren’t “us”, they haven’t evolved with “us”. Britons have been on those Islands for 30,000 years. Here’s Exhibit A of someone — Afua Hirsch — so rootless, that hates the people she lives among because she can never be one of “us” and resents it — that she wants to destroy our monuments to our Heroes.


          Oh, yeah. And she is Fugly too.

  2. Trump again, ‘If I win, they’re going back, they’re going back, I’m telling you! They’re going back!”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy4QZ5gdkyg&t=0m46s

  3. Sweden’s military is now conducting intel on its native population as it prepares to move against it at some point in the future. The first hostile targets are ethnic nationalists…

    • More re Sweden – Horrifying story on Château Heartiste, about middle-aged Swedish mother, working at a migrant home, who took one of the young male Afghan migrants home as her boyfriend. The Afghan sexually molested the woman’s 12-year-old daughter, mother refused to report it or get rid of the Afghan … daughter at school refused to go home until her divorced father was contacted, who called the police. Swedish authorities refused to deport or imprison the Afghan but told him to do ‘100 hours of community service’ … mother is still pimping for him, despite the sexual violation of her own pre-teen child.

      Mid-life European women using the young male migrants as sexual boy-toys has been an apparently widespread rampant problem, tho this is one of the most sickening cases of it.

      • Digsuting, what narrow egotism! The spirit and soul of Western society is now utterly corrupted. Congratulations to the satanists and their “cremation of care” rituals – mission accomplished!

    • From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races;

      from the confusion of races, the loss of memory;

      from the loss of memory, all understanding;

      and from this – all evil.

      (ancient Aryan proverb)

      • And yet, seven out of ten Swedish men are voting for more mass migration. Wouldn’t it be easy if only women were the problem… Unfortunately, both sexes have been subverted by the cultural Marxism of the jewish Frankfurt School. Jews own all Swedish media, that’s were the corruption comes from, not women. Greed and personal comfort takes priority for many right now…until the economy gets really bad, which won’t take long now.

  4. > Winter Watch Takeaway: No European country should allow unmanageable populations of Africans and Middle Easterners < NO ! Allow me to re-write: "No European country should
    allow ANY african of middle eastern (read:non-White) population of immigrants." Period, no
    more to the policy. WHAT THE F FOR? would be the question I fling back to any cucks who
    may complain that's too harsh or extremest. Oh yeah – the time for hard line was the day
    before yesterday by the way. What benefit does any White country derive from non-White
    immigration ?! Name one !! Oh wait, I know – authentic food. Damn – forgot that one 🙂
    They ALL go except for a few restaurant operators who AREN'T citizens BTW !! And
    with no great degree of kindness either. Color me … No damns given.

  5. From voltairenet.org “Strategic Immigration as a Weapon of War”

    As far as one can judge from a recently leaked internal document, a special report to US Congress for the 2014 financial year on the issue of migration prepared by the US DHS states that in 2014, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services applied 1,519 exemptions to individual applicants granted refugee status, resident status, and the official protection of the US government. And the most interesting thing is that in one way or another, all of these people have links with terrorist groups and extensive experience of subversive activities.

    One can only speculate on the kind of future wars the US has in mind if it is planning to use such specific migrants as a weapon.

    This is why they want our guns, they want us defenseless. Remember what Henry Kissinger said:

    “Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.”
    – Dr. Henry Kissinger, in an address to the Bilderberg Group at Evian, France, May 21, 1992, and transcribed from a tape recording made by a Swiss delegate, Michael Ringier, Publisher and CEO of Ringier Inc.

  6. That’s feminazi chickenshit gubernments fer ya …

    They’re very good at aborting unborn babies though … and make no bones about it !!!

    And like other Euro-peon liberal futur ” shitholes ” , they’re also quite cruel towards innocent defenceless animals … like universal mother cow … which they readily kill in hellish circumstances …

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