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Family of elderly Philadelphia man James Lambert who was beaten to death with traffic cone ‘can’t stop crying’

By Dana Kennedy | 9 July 2022

NEW YORK POST — The niece of an elderly man viciously beaten to death by seven teens in Philadelphia last month said on Saturday she and her large extended family are still in shock over losing the man they called “Simmie.”

“I’m sick to my stomach over this,” said Tania Stephens, 63, about the killing of her 73-year-old uncle, James Lambert, who was attacked by teenaged thugs who hit him repeatedly with traffic cones just after 3 a.m. on June 14 as he was walking across Cecil B. Moore Avenue.

“We all can’t stop crying. Who does this? Anyone normal doesn’t beat up and kill a senior citizen walking down the street. Simmie didn’t deserve this.”

Disturbing video of the incident, released by police Friday, shows Lambert trying to walk away from the teens as they follow him and knock him to the ground with a cone. He tries to pick himself up and flee but gets knocked down again while some of the teens smile and laugh.

Lambert, who lived his entire life in Philadelphia, was taken to a local hospital where he died the following day from his injuries, police said. […]

2 Comments on Family of elderly Philadelphia man James Lambert who was beaten to death with traffic cone ‘can’t stop crying’

  1. We’ve lost God, we’ve lost family, what’s happened to us?”

    Multi-generational welfare, no positive male role models, jew media coddling black thugs, gangsta rap, low I.Q., documented low civilization skills, what could go wrong? Send the blacks back to Africa, they don’t belong here.

  2. This will probably sound terrible, so I feel the need to apologize in advance if this is found offensive by anyone.
    I was born in Philadelphia & only lived there until I was 5, fortunately.
    This latest in what has become a very regular form of extra-curricular activity for “teens” in major American cities was, like the others, atrocious.
    However, this was only ONE of countless others, many right in the “City of Brotherly Love”. In many of these OTHER cases, the elderly person/PEOPLE, met with endings more degrading, terrifying, and viciously violent.
    I am subscribed to the local Fox Philly YouTube channel & the hourly-update notifications for this story have been making me feel almost literally sick to my stomach. It is insulting to the point of mockery, seeing them bend over backwards and go out of their way to keep “the community” informed of the status of this case.
    This TYPE of case is the norm. This particular case was NOT the norm, and I’m sure you know in what way.
    They are making it more and more blatant.
    I will end on a positive note, however, and say I’m glad to report the comment section gave me brief pause for hope. It appears people may actually be waking up to at least some of what is really wrong here.

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