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The Jan. 6th Committee is More Dangerous to Democracy Than Jan. 6th | Opinion

By Liz Wheeler | 22 June 2022

NEWSWEEK — “People are going to be surprised,” Rep. Adam Schiff promised us, preceding the first primetime televised hearing of the January 6 committee. “The American people know a great deal already,” he said, but there is a “great deal they haven’t seen yet.”

If the tantalizing promise of juicy evidence sounds familiar, it’s because Adam Schiff is a one-trick pony. How many times did Schiff promise “proof” of Trump-Russia collusion only to produce … nothing?

Any inquiry that boasts Rep. Adam Schiff as a member should be outright rejected.

“Our goal is to present a narrative of what happened in this country,” Schiff continued. “How close we came to losing our democracy. What led to the violence.”

Which is it, Mr. Schiff? Will your committee serve up evidence to bolster your outrageous allegations? Or are you weaving a political “narrative” to serve your party’s agenda?

The Jan. 6 committee under the helm of Chair Bennie Thompson, flanked by Schiff and pseudo-Republicans Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, among others, is more dangerous than Jan. 6th itself. We’re less than two weeks into their televised kangaroo court — during which they’ve already admitted they do not plan to make any criminal referrals to the Department of Justice — and they’ve given us at least five reasons to suspect they pose a greater threat to our country than the events of Jan. 6th ever did. […]

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