Facebook is freezing hiring. Here’s why, who it impacts, and when it’s happening.

  • Facebook is implementing an unprecedented hiring freeze in response to missed revenue targets.
  • Executives explained how this freeze will be enforced in internal memos seen by Insider.
  • Here are some key highlights from the memos.

By Weilun Soon | 4 May 2022

BUSINESS INSIDER — Facebook is pausing on hiring and scaling back plans to acquire new talent across the company.

CFO David Wehner said the company, which has rebranded to Meta, is doing so as part of its “reprioritization” as it tackles challenges that caused it to miss revenue targets, according to an internal memo shared on Wednesday seen by Insider. Insider’s Kali Hays and Rob Price were the first to report Facebook’s hiring freeze.

In a separate memo, Facebook’s global head of recruiting, Miranda Kalinowski, said the company’s engineering team would be first to be impacted by these hiring decisions while management continues to adjust hiring targets elsewhere.

It’s rare for Facebook to freeze hiring. The last time they did so was at the start of the pandemic as the company scrambled to put in place processes to onboard new hires, a worker there at the time told Insider[…]

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