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Is Russia the REAL target of Western sanctions?

Soaring oil prices, energy and food crises on the horizon…is it possible the REAL target of this economic war is us?

By Kit Knightly | 30 March 2022

OFF GUARDIAN — The first tweet I saw when I checked my timeline this morning was from foreign policy analyst Clint Ehlirch, pointing out that the Russian ruble has already started recovering from the dip created by Western sanctions, and is almost at pre-war levels:

Ehrlich states, “sanctions were designed to collapse the value of the Ruble, they have failed”.

… to which I can only respond, well “were they?”

… and perhaps more importantly, “have they?”

Because it doesn’t really look like it, does it?

If anything, the sanctions seem to be at best rather impotent, and at worst amazingly counterproductive.

It’s not like the US/EU/NATO don’t know how to cripple economies. They have had years of practice starving the people of Cuba, Iraq, Venezuela and too many others to list.

Now, you could argue that Russia is a larger, more developed economy than those countries, and that’s true, but the US and its allies have previously managed to hurt the Russian economy quite drastically. […]

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  1. The purpose of the “Russian sanctions” by the “West” was to collapse the US Dollar. It’s part of the globalists’ strategy to destroy the US. It was implemented by globalist players on “both sides of the aisle” (Russia, the US)’EU. The Globalists need to destroy of the US before they can implement their “New World Order” or their “Great Reset”.

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