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‘Creative Destruction’ & Then, 6uild 6ack 6etter (Makow-Updated)

'South Park' Jew bot army

27 April 2022

HENRY MAKOW — We face an occult force, Organized Jewry and its minion Freemasonry, are dedicated to destroying civilization.

The plandemic is inspired by the satanic doctrine of “Creative Destruction” found in Cabalist Judaism & Freemasonry. This may have missed expectations so they are beginning their third world war to compensate & cover their tracks.

They require the destruction of the old order which was dedicated to fulfilling God’s Will.

Then, the “Great Reset” will create a “New World Order” dedicated to serving Satan. Hell on Earth. Satanism.

It’s time to stop parsing their lies and focus on the OCCULT nature of the challenge we face.

Humanity suffers from a debilitating cancer. Satanist Jews and Freemasons control our blood supply (the banking system.) They have leveraged their control over government credit to subvert every social institution: government, media, education, religion, medicine, law. Their Communism is the control of every facet of human life.

Putin’s invasion is a genuine challenge to the globalist agenda which dooms not only Russia but the whole world. Western goyim are helpless to resist since they have been brainwashed to eschew anything that can be termed “antisemitism.” […]

4 Comments on ‘Creative Destruction’ & Then, 6uild 6ack 6etter (Makow-Updated)

  1. This is a tough pill to swallow at first but once I got past it a few years ago everything else makes sense. At our home in San Diego we used to DVR the CBS evening news to see the a world through the clown lense. The first Monday after Obama had lighted the White House rainbow after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage I saw a story of concerned parents considering therapy for their transgender 5 year old.
    Now there is universal repulsion against Florida for passing a law prohibiting teachers from grooming kids in 3rd grade and below.
    Makow is 100% correct. I strive to show people God and Jesus by demonstrating the children of Satan and their work. That task is getting easier every day because the proverbial cat is out of the bag.

  2. Renegade Tribune – Protocols of Zion

    The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: Introduction to 1938 National Socialist Edition



    Who are the Elders?

    Protocol I The Basic Doctrine

    Protocol II Economic Wars

    Protocol III Methods of Conquest

    Protocol IV Materialism Replace Religion

    Protocol V Despotism and Modern Progress

    Protocol VI Take-Over Technique

    Protocol VII World-Wide Wars

    Protocol VIII Provisional Government

    Protocol IX Re-education

    Protocol X Preparing for Power

    Protocol XI The Totalitarian State

    Protocol XII Control of the Press

    Protocol XIII Distractions

    Protocol XIV Assault on Religion

    Protocol XV Ruthless Suppression

    Protocol XVI Brainwashing

    Protocol XVII Abuse of Authority

    Protocol XVIII Arrest of Opponents

    Protocol XIX Rulers and People

    Protocol XX Financial Programme

    Protocol XXI Loans and Credit

    Protocol XXII Power of Gold

    Protocol XXIII Instilling Obedience

    Protocol XXIV Qualities of the Ruler

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