Erik Prince calls for upgrade of US hybrid conflict capabilities

Erik Prince in 2014 in China to 'ease Chinese firms' path into Africa.' PHOTO: Bruce Yan/South China Morning Post

Blackwater founder argues for the primacy of low-visibility, localized, deniable forces, backed by private sector efficiencies

By Uwe Parpart and Andrew Salmon | 30 December 2021

ASIA TIMES —  2021 showcased the inability of the West to win small, long wars, and now, on the eve of 2022, the perils of far more existential big, fast wars loom over East-West relations.

These risks pose grave questions.

In the wake of the US humiliation in Afghanistan, and with fears rising of a potentially apocalyptic conflict breaking out over the flashpoint Taiwan Strait, how can conflict be better managed –- or even better, effectively obviated?

In a world in which state-run militaries seek ever-bigger budget allocations, while generals and their staffs war game with expensive conventional weapons and deadly strategic arms, conflict management tends to fall within the realm of deterrent strategy.

But what if conventional weapons and tactics fail – as happened in Afghanistan? What if deterrence falters – as it may do over Taiwan? […]

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  1. Just a reminder of what a scumbag Erik Prince is. The fact that he is still in business, put a new ‘Phoenix Program’ into play right as Trump went into office (see the old James Corbett/Doug Valentine interview on that), and dozens of other private security firms just like his are getting a huge boost from ‘Build Back Better’ and CV-19, is the worst shit that could possibly happen to any kind of so-called ‘justice’ in any country. Part and parcel of the ‘abolish the police’ agenda, whether those shouting the slogan know it or not. The link to the Times article is now dead- probably wiped- but the OP copy/pasted it into the top post in the thread, which discusses Princes apparent/alleged roles in the murder of his own soldiers who were brave enough to blow the whistle on his corruption, which included everything from racketeering, assassination, to using abusive, chemically-altering drugs to produce mind control on subjects.

    • Private Investigator Ed Opperman, who did work on the Trump/Epstein case, knew quite a bit about the Prince murders. I couldn’t find the exact broadcast- he’s had so many. But I know that at one point, years back, one firm Ed worked through worked with Blackwater, when they were a fledgling firm. So he had a bit of inside knowledge on all of that, had a pretty long radio show on it a few years back. Was saying the exact same thing about being baffled that the guy was still esteemed and in business in such high places.

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