Watchdog: Federal anti-terror unit investigated journalists

By Mark Sherman | 11 December 2021

ASSOCIATED PRESS — A special Customs and Border Protection unit used sensitive government databases intended to track terrorists to investigate as many as 20 U.S.-based journalists, including a Pulitzer Prize-winning Associated Press reporter, according to a federal watchdog.

Yahoo News, which published an extensive report on the investigation, also found that the unit, the Counter Network Division, queried records of congressional staffers and perhaps members of Congress.

Jeffrey Rambo, an agent who acknowledged running checks on journalists in 2017, told federal investigators the practice is routine. “When a name comes across your desk you run it through every system you have access too, that’s just status quo, that’s what everyone does,” Rambo was quoted by Yahoo News as saying.

The AP obtained a redacted copy of a more than 500-page report by the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general that included the same statement, but with the speaker’s name blacked out. The border protection agency is part of Homeland Security. […]

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  1. Hello Jeff Rambo. It’s been almost 2-decades since we last spoke face to face, man to man. Sorry to see JOETUS now has you tracking down good, decent people in the know, who are left with no other outreach (so to inform truths to other decent Americans) than to be heard on online media sources like this one, EPOCH Times, and Fox News Media Sources.

    If only you had interviewed me in person, you would have known that I am the same man I was 20 years ago when we met. There is much you don’t know about what happened to me on 6.3.2015, just 2 days after Comey was likely ordered by the Obama-Biden Admin to shut down our 4.1-2.2015 FBI-CT-Squad-Referral on the “1600-Case” (Iran Nuclear Deal) and another FBI-Referral (found in 8.2016) related to Uranium-One.

    All you had to do Jeff was call me and set an appointment to meet with me for an interview (you know that). But unfortunately, the big D.C. bosses don’t want that because they know I will tell all, and you’ll have to put it on paper.

    Again on 1.5.2021 & 1.18.2021, they sent for me again, to finish the 6.3.2015 job they failed to do, and yes, I have absolute confirmation the street thug drug-trafficker they sent was sent by a 2008-2012 SoCal Obama Staffer. It did not work out well for him, at all.

    You’re a Good Man/Agent Jeff, and 20-years ago is how I want to remember you (What you Signed Up For). Don’t ever lose that, and Serve & Protect Americans First.

  2. God Bless WinterWatch, EPOCH Times, and Fox News Media for giving US All a Voice, when those on the Dark Side never wanted to hear US.

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