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Demand for UK Fetish Clubs is Higher Than Ever – Newcomers Tell us Why

PHOTO: Vice/Amber Valence

A huge uptick in attendance and memberships post-lockdown suggests that people are needing kinky spaces more than ever.

Miss Moira at Klub Verboten PHOTO: Vice/Amber Valence

By Dani Ran | 1 December 2021

VICE — It’s fair to say that things have been getting increasingly worse here on Normal Island. Pandemic aside, we’ve all been doing our best to exist in an environment that’s unfriendly, unsafe, uncomfortable, and, well, pretty unhappy. With no clear end in sight, people have been turning to external comforts to cope. For some, that might look like binge-watching a series, getting a takeaway, or buying themselves a little treat. But for many others, external comforts alone won’t cut it, they need something deeper. The marrying of the two – the external wants and the internal needs – has caused many people to gravitate towards kink.

Kink has been on the rise over the past few years, as education and information has become more readily available online, and phenomena such as #kinktok help to lessen the taboos surrounding kinks, fetishes, and anything society has historically considered deviant. Add this to the want – or rather, the need – to forget, unwind, and blow off steam in an increasingly hostile and unsettling world, and you have the perfect recipe for what we’re now seeing: a growth in demand for fetish parties.

Several new fetish parties have popped up around the UK, such as Howl and One Night Parties to name a couple, while existing parties like Torture Garden and Klub Verboten have seen a huge uptick in people signing up to attend and become members. […]

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