We Are Witnessing the Greatest Mass Hypnosis of All Time

By Marc Marshall | 8 April 2020

HYPNOMARC — Yes! You read that right – We are witnessing the greatest mass hypnosis of all time. Three weeks ago, I released a video on my vlog channel, Hypnosis Hangout, where I talked about the end of the world as we know it.  That message was specifically directed at hypnotists as a wake-up call to start making changes to the way they do both stage and clinical hypnosis.  What I missed at the time of that video were the signs of an event that even the best hypnotists in the world didn’t even see and are still missing.

In hypnosis, we know that the state of trance hypnosis is achieved in only one of two ways; either overload of the central nervous system, or fatigue of the nervous system.  The current Covid19 crisis has created both of these conditions and as a result, it has caused the most suggestible state that a person could ever be in.  Whether by design or accident, the result is the same, it is the transformation by the formation of this trance, that our futures are being shaped and we don’t see it or are so tranced out that we don’t care.

Please understand that I am not talking about conspiracy, although there will be many others that do.  I am simply observing a phenomenon that I see every day in my work as a clinical hypnotist to help people change behaviors or my work on stage entertaining people by having them engage in a host of zany and fun skits.  They hear what I am saying, they understand they are doing the things I ask and willingly do so.  In both those situations, I am using my skills to bypass what is known as the critical faculty of the conscious or rational mind and move right to the subconscious mind.  It is the subconscious mind that truly controls all of our behaviors and since this is now open to the continued suggestions by the constant messaging, people are being forever changed. […]

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  1. Thanks. Interesting that Marshall could see this 18 months ago – in the intervening time it seems we have become truly fatigue-hypnotised, and it is actually less easy for many to see it now. The result being that we have now competing psychotic states engaging in automatic behaviour patterns – blaming, deriding and polarisation.
    [As a therapeutic approach, hypnotism seems to be (fairly obviously) operating along behavioural lines, rather than being insight-led – perhaps this allows them to understand those other, notorious, behavioural influencers who certainly believe that conformity of actions leads to conformity of minds – everything from grooming to explicit ritual religion to implicit ritual health practices such as masking, the distancing safety-dance, and lining up for a vaxx. ‘Where your body obeys, so follows your mind’.
    And of course, ‘deprogramming’ is criminalised in the same way that 2A rights are annulled.

    • Very interesting – (and note the article posted here yesterday is 17 months old – is ours a “perpetual” or “eternal” hypnotic state?!) … I have long been a hypnosis-skeptic – sort of one of those 19C parlor manias such as phrenology, or speaking to departed spirits. The author’s bio refers to reaching personal objectives: ” through hypnosis and mindfulness practice” – which I might have thought are incompatible states or outcomes. And in that connection, I find considerable differences in your schema above: seems to me, people have long dropped the “distancing safety-dance” – it requires an alertness (mindfulness) and dexterity and considerable physical effort that just wasn’t worth it – but they love those masks! – something about enrobing the face that seems to me entirely consistent,even inducive of an altered, “hypnotic” state (perhaps in the common sense usage of less than alert) – with perhaps the sheer oxygen deprivation contributing; the dance is oxygen intensive- the sudden stops, twists, accelerations, the constant visual and spatial monitoring – lots of work!

      • Yes! Social distancing has evolved now, I think, into quarantining and internment – the state takes upon itself the duty of vigilance that its more recalcitrant citizens abandoned or never adopted in the first place. Thus, docility is the only quality required of us now, when the initial hasty scaffolding of control is replaced by a more refined mixture of symbolic solidarity (the arm proffered to the needle), and a facial-recognition signature to sign away every freedom that our forebears won from the forebears of our current masters.

        Your life is your bitstream, and, “All your bitstream are ours, now”.

        At least that is the half-baked, doomed plan. With every step they take, every measure of oppression they embrace, they engender an increasingly agile, savvy and joined-up opposition. They cannot help but put their heads further into the noose.

        Something quite extraordinary and historically unprecedented is happening. Things look increasingly bleak right now – but with every darkening of the shadow, the roots of resistance and the shoots of innovation are growing and strengthening, and making authority itself look like a lumbering dinosaur incongruously and hopelessly trying to drive a nuclear submarine across a desert. They will run out soon, and when they do, social evolution of a kind we cannot yet anticipate will simply overwhelm them.

        I guess you got me on a good day..

        • well, yes – I did not expect you to get to that position of optimism – you keyed that in before or after the near universal vaxx mandate just announced? – and just yesterday, Portland OR policemen gained an exemption from their employer … … lots of straws in the wind – and one big lumbering dinosaur just threw down the gauntlet

          • Before the mandate was announced – and I still haven’t seen it, only heard comments. It is like watching a slow suicide. And neither did I expect to end in optimism – it just came out and hit me.. could be wrong? I think I begin to see a much bigger shift afoot, and Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming is not so much an assertion of might, just an observation of inevitability.

            • I have lost just about all confidence in the accuracy of my “seeing” … will there be some “shift” as the vaxed look at the reality of boosters … this fall … in the spring – or will they (how many?) rush to “line up” again ?? – some opinion claims the mandate is flagrantly unconstitutional – SD Gov is threatening suit … up north – Premier of Manitoba quit suddenly Sept 1 (like those guys at FDA); he is said today to have put his house up for sale; plans to move to Costa Rica – he’s moving fast! why?

              with the scale of what they are trying to pull off there is no “inevitability” – how does it go? “From Chaos, Order”

    • OK, present company excepted. With the possible exception of the ‘Orange Potato-Head’ guy. lol.
      I just throw stuff out there – if you can’t make a few unsupported generalisations, life’s a lot less fun..

  2. “Indeed, it is becoming ever more obvious that it is not famine, not earthquakes, not microbes, not cancer but man himself who is man’s greatest danger to man, for the simple reason that there is no adequate protection against psychic epidemics, which are infinitely more devastating than the worst of natural catastrophes. “
    Carl Jung – the Symbolic Life

    That quote is featured in the first video on the following playlist (three videos) on mass psychosis. I absolutely disagree with a couple of ’illustrations’ made particularly in the first video but there are many fine quotes and references for further reading.

    • The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis – The Academy of Ideas

    Those and more are featured here in a six-part series by 21st Century Wire


    Note to self – post passages from Dostoevsky’s “The Grand Inquisitor” – Book 5, Chapter 5 of the Brothers Karamazov

    “But we will gather the sheep once more and subject them to our will for ever. … “

    • FD: wrapping up the commonest truths in the most ponderous prose I’ve ever had the misfortune to struggle through. And never a joke! I like books that make me laugh! Ayn Rand’s ‘philosophy’ books – she gets some real good barbs in; David Bentley Hart’s theological pieces – actually lol’d several times reading ‘Theological Territories’ (as opposed to any of Alisdair MacIntyre’s stuff).
      There’s some damn good laughs in Shakespeare, although I believe the modern idea of a joke only found its way round Civilisation in Pepys’ time (there’s a passage somewhere in the Diaries relating him explaining to a confused superior what a ‘joco’ was, along with learning the powerful new technique of multiplication).
      Enough. ‘People I Have Read’ is a sordid kind of bragging, and I feel duly ashamed.

      • Oh, can’t resist: Mortimer Taube, ‘Causation Freedom and Determinism’. What a lad, my god does he lay into Hume, Leibnitz and all the Boys in the Band! Undeservedly obscure, but basically the founder of information science. Definitely wiping the tears from my eyes there.

        • Jesus Christ was not hypnotized by the antIChrists-that-be. Those who were/are His friends with His Mind are ignored, discredited, or dead by that same criminal syndicate. Such is mostly reality- but not necessarily perpetually.

          • Agreed. An interesting point – I try not to conflate perpetuity with eternity. The aspiration to ‘(my) life, everlasting’ is quite different from eternal life in Jesus Christ.

      • I thought this would be a great place to share this, thanks Stuart. It touches on the questions of democracy and fascism amongst other things philosophical and intellectual.

        • The Orthodox Nationalist – Ivan Ilyin on Democracy and Evil – TON 090121 – Matthew Raphael Johnson


        I had actually listened to the following some time ago and it is worth tossing in here – for those with time and an interest. (Maybe listen to this one first.)

        • Russian Nationalist Philosopher – Ivan Ilyin – Matthew Raphael Johnson (#5 on the playlist)

        Dr Johnson makes a particularly good observation at around 20:35 re the Soviet occupation of Russia.

        I have just ordered Ivan Ilyin’s book “On Resistance to Evil by Force”

        “Written in 1925, On Resistance to Evil by Force is one of the most important tracts composed by white émigré philosopher Ivan Alexandrovich Ilyin. Responding to the pacifist pretentions of Count Leo Tolstoy, Ilyin mounts a tenacious defence of the Orthodox tradition of physical opposition to evil. As he explains, in the face of evil which can be contained by no other means, a forceful response is not only permissible, but becomes a knightly duty. Further, heroic courage consists not only in recognising this duty, but in bearing its heavy moral burden without fear. In his own time, … ”

        PS – have you ever hear of ‘Pook in Boots” (by Peter Pook). I read it by chance as a young teenager and am still laughing.

        • Will come back to this one over the weekend; well done!

          Play it Julius, play it…play Happy Birthday to me…come on play it…play the damn song!!!



          P.S. If you get a chance, the best on of what I put in (below) was the morning news compilation from 9/11; I have forgotten so much over the years (mainly by design).

  3. “Play it Pat…happy birthday to me…play it!”

    What is everyone even talking about? Mind control? Everything is fine.

    Just fine.

    See its all so quiet, so quiet indeed. Nothing to worry about, go back to sleep and dream of sheep.

    Have a cookie and it will all be “right as rain”…

    Remember you are happy, happy, happy.

    Remember this truth thing is all a “HOAX”.

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