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FBI raids 69-year-old man’s home after he attends Trump rally, neighbors tipped off authorities

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By C. Douglas Golden | 27 June 2021

WND (THE WESTERN JOURNAL) — Joseph Bolanos says he didn’t riot at the Capitol. He wasn’t even on the streets at the time, having retreated to a hotel room as the incursion had happened. He said he turned over evidence to the FBI that proves it.

But the FBI still raided his and his mother’s apartments. He’s had two strokes since. He’s said he’s been ostracized by his community, where he was a respected member. All because an anonymous caller reportedly told the FBI he was bragging about having entered the Capitol — which he has the evidence to prove he didn’t do.

According to a Wednesday piece by New York Post columnist Miranda Devine, Bolanos is the president of his Upper West Side block association, a position he’s held for almost a quarter-century.

Devine wrote that Bolanos “looked out for his neighbors during the pandemic. He dropped off masks and kept extra heaters in his rent-controlled apartment for seniors. He raised morale with a weekly street dance to show his support for essential workers.” […]

1 Comment on FBI raids 69-year-old man’s home after he attends Trump rally, neighbors tipped off authorities

  1. What FBI did in this case appears atrociously wrong. Over the past 3 decades, FBI Leadership’s “See-Something, Say-Something” has clearly become a Politically Partisan Battering Ram for the Clinton-Obama-Biden Trojan-Horse to suppress conservative US Citizens.

    Given, Bureau Leadership has to-date, positioned themselves against US Patriotic Citizens, who respect law enforcement as a whole, FBI Leadership now appears to have become exactly what President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned US about nearly 70 years ago;
    That, “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”

    That, it made me sick to my stomach when JOETUS, recently on podium, compared himself to President Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower. So, I’ll call FBI Leadership what it has become – the mafia-style strongarm muscle of the Clinton-Obama-Biden Trojan-Horse, and Mueller was their last soldier who crawled out of its’ belly to destroy US All, starting with his pursuit of President Trump.

    That, every decent FBI Agent I have ever submitted valid, vetted, authenticated Case Referrals to (over my 31 years as an investigator/contractor) have been promoted to the position of Supervisor, just after each and every one of my Case Referrals were shut down, apparently by folks like Mueller and Comey (definitely under their watch). And so, more likely by the powers of the Clinton-Obama-Biden Trojan-Horse – cases ranging from about 65% related to public corruption linked to the Trojan-Horse and NatSec concerns, about 20% lower level cases, and the remaining 15% to OCID (Bob Mueller’s good old friend Whitey Bulger).

    The Bureau’s old motto, “Don’t Embarrass the Bureau” once meant something to me (early-on, I trusted them). I always thought that motto was implied towards civilian complainants like me, a once expendable civilian contractor. So, I always felt a genuine responsibility/obligation to vet-out my cases every time before submitting any referral to FBI. But, now looking back over the years, I now see that Bureau motto is far more fitting for FBI Internal Leadership Personnel, instead of US Citizen Complainants. No worries, FBI Leadership has been (during Democrat Party Leadership Tenures) the Clinton-Obama-Biden Trojan-Horse’s muscle – those in leadership have embarrassed themselves and the Good and Decent Agents whose common core pursuit was (and some may still be) Truth and Justice for US All. Now, that same FBI Leadership muscle appears in likeness reporting to their organized-crime-style “Dons” of the Democrat Party Leadership. Thus, projecting their own faults and failures on folks like Joseph Bolanos/US Citizens.

    Its exactly why FBI needs to keep feeding US/the public to “See-Something, Say-Something” – they need to know exactly what we know, so they can run-counter intelligence against our genuine complaints, soon after admonish US concerned citizens or worse. So, to protect their new 2021 Boss, Don-JOETUS. It is what it is, and I feel a genuine heartbreak for the Good and Decent FBI Agents left on the front lines of this battle for Truth and Justice. They were silenced and then promoted for keeping quiet, all of them.

    You are not alone Joseph Bolanos. My broken heart/strokes/pacemaker came after my suspect 6.3.2015 near death – just 2 days after 2 NatSec cases on the Clinton-Obama-Biden Trojan-Horse were shut down by FBI Leadership. To me, it was all a gift, because I no-longer fear death.

    P.S. Great Job Massachusetts Statees on your outstanding Ops over-night. We Honor You All, Still. Always Remember MSP Doug Capen

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