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Dr. Fauci Gets In Heated Debate With Seventeen Previous Versions Of Himself

26 May 2021

BABYLON BEE — After a brief temporal anomaly occurred in Washington, D.C., causing a version of Dr. Fauci from just two weeks ago to materialize in the city, the current Dr. Fauci got in a heated debate with the manifestation of himself from the past.

“The virus was created in a lab!” present-day Fauci said indignantly, causing past Fauci to wag his finger and shake his head emphatically.

“No, no, no, that’s a deranged conspiracy theory!” past Fauci said. “It’s practically alt-right! Didn’t you check Snopes? Anyway, at least we can agree we should wear double masks forever.”

“No, masks aren’t necessary anymore!” said current Fauci. “We just wear them for political theater.”

“That’s insulting! They’re absolutely not theater!” said early May Fauci.

At that moment, another version of Fauci suddenly appeared from March 2020, agreeing with current Fauci but taking it a step further, saying, “Masks are useless. They just make people feel better!” […]

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  1. Matt Hancock bought 2 years supply of Midazolam from France just before this so-called outbreak of Covid-1984 for our Hospitals and care homes, which is also used on death row prisoners. Midazolam, Oxycodone and Morphine all used to cull our old folk and all deaths put down as Covid to back up this false scandemic, the well poisoners have been very busy indeed. It all brings back memories of Alder Hey hospital and the murder of our old folk there and the cover-up, the jewess Luciana Berger made sure of that.

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