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NYC Records Most Violent Week This Year With 46 Separate Shootings

By Tyler Durden | 26 April 2021

ZERO HEDGE — A summer of gun violence could be nearing for New York City as Mayor Bill de Blasio, a symbol of America’s ultra-progressive left, cannot stop a wave of shootings and homicides.

According to NYPost, NYPD data reveals the metro area endured its bloodiest week so far this year as shootings and homicides erupt.

About 50 people were shot in 46 separate incidents over seven days ending Sunday (April 26). Compared to the same time last year, violent crime has skyrocketed 300%. To be fair, the metro area was in lockdowns last year around this time, but still, de Blasio’s liberal policing policies are failing.

This weekend alone, there were two dozen people shot and three killed. A weekend from hell could be the first course of many more as warmer temperatures bring more people outside and into the streets.

In response to the mayhem, de Blasio has unveiled a plan to stop gun violence with new efforts to place more police officers in high-crime districts and convince gangs to trade in their weapons for jobs. […]

2 Comments on NYC Records Most Violent Week This Year With 46 Separate Shootings

  1. >high-crime districts and convince gangs

    Oh no, non-white ghetto trash are killing each other more often than usual; it’s quite the crisis — I’m sure this will be good for a few posts and/or tweets from virtue signaling conservatards like Steve Sailer — somehow I don’t think changes to ‘policing policies’ have much of an effect on violent crime in white areas — AmRen regularly parses FBI/UCR crime data for NYC, among other locales (link) — If New York City were all white, the murder rate would drop by 91 percent, the robbery rate by 81 percent, and the shootings rate by 97 percent.

    >de Blasio’s liberal policing policies are failing

    Actually it’s well known that the most statistically reliable indicator of violent crime in an area is the % of the population that is black (or somewhat less reliably, generally non-white/-Asian) — to mention violent crime without also mentioning this fact is dumb — and to blame police or ‘policing policies’ for violent crime, or an uptick in violent crime, in heavily non-white areas is also dumb (albeit some measures, e.g. ‘stop and frisk’, may help reduce violent crime).

    >to trade in their weapons for jobs

    What kind of jobs? — taxpayer funded jobs?

    • When they were stopping and frisking negro savages under Giuliani a high majority of them stopped carrying guns….Obviously negroes killing each other over “BEEFS” is good for this planet.

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