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‘Fentanyl Is Here:’ Las Vegas Suffers 200% Surge in Overdose Deaths

By Tyler Durden | 17 April 2021

ZERO HEDGE — America has been engulfed with a drug problem for decades, but the situation is quickly deteriorating as the largest inbound fentanyl traffic into the country was recently reported. Not surprising, but Las Vegas has been the latest metro area to suffer an “alarming” surge in overdose deaths.

According to Las Vegas Sun, fentanyl killed 219 people in the Las Vegas Valley in 2020, a stunning 200% increase from the prior year.

During the 2015-18 opioid crisis that ravaged many metros across the US, Clark County, Nevada, the area that houses Las Vegas, recorded annual reductions in opioid overdoses and deaths.

Since then, Mexican fentanyl has flooded the town, and overdoses/deaths have soared.

We said fentanyl was coming,” Metro Police Capt. John Pelletier told reporters Thursday. “Fentanyl is here.”

Reporters questioned Pelletier about how the drug crisis is going so far (on a year-to-date basis), he answered: “not good.” […]

3 Comments on ‘Fentanyl Is Here:’ Las Vegas Suffers 200% Surge in Overdose Deaths

  1. No doubt fentanyl has always been there — 1) fentanyl is notorious for being far more potent than heroin; 2) street fentanyl varies unpredictably in strength/concentration — a new batch not cut like the last could be significantly stronger and therefore produce overdoses and death in not only newer users but also hardcore addicts, who are probably careless in any case; the desperation of their addiction makes them more so.

  2. I know for certain that substantial shipments of fentanyl are coming up from Mexico into San Diego, through LA, particularly Riverside. There is traffic along the 10 and associated highways out into Az towards Phoenix and over towards Las Vegas. There is a lot up the 99 through Bakersfield, Fresno, Merced, Modesto, Stockton, Sacramento, via 50 over to El Dorado Tahoe and Reno (though some of that is local and bay area traffic not Mexican traffic), via 65 into Placer especially around Rocklin, and again via 99 up to Chico. There is a secondary route in Ca into SF and the Oakland Port and from the SF Tenderloin area via 101 up into Humboldt County,which has a large opioid-consuming population, and probably into Lake and Mendocino Counties too. In addition there is a minor route connecting San Jose and Humboldt County and another route connecting Oakland and Sacramento. There was recently a guy who made a Sac San Fran Eureka circuit bringing fentanyl, perhaps speed and/or heroin, and weapons up to Eureka too. I am in Eureka, Ca now.

  3. What has Mexico or China got to do with Fentanyl. Its not like Mexicans and Chinese are Showelling down the throat of Americans.

    A Simple NO is the answer but for that to built up in your mind. We need a Sane Society. Western Society is systematically being hallowed out. This is a DEEPER Problem not just about Stats and Percentage.

    Stop eating Burger, Pizza, Donuts – Eat more vegetables…This gives you more WILL POWER TO SAY NO. The problem is GM food destroying Americans gut.

    Every single addict I can bet haven’t had a healthy meal for a month to develop gut-brain axis.

    Eat more Beta-Carotene food to develop WILL POWER. The attack is on your WIll Power then comes the Parasitic Chinese And Mexicans.

    A daily diet of raw Black Carrot Organic not the orange fake one will restore your Will Power in a month to SAY NO. Viburnum opulus (kalina) is one of the national symbols of Russia, Ukraine has high β-carotene. You can’t entice a villege follk who has healthy food with crap fentanyl

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