RFK Jr. kicked off Instagram for vaccine misinformation

11 February 2021

ASSOCIATED PRESS — Instagram on Wednesday banned Robert F. Kennedy Jr., son of former presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, from repeatedly posting misinformation about vaccine safety and COVID-19.

Kennedy Jr. has amassed a huge following on social media, where he frequently posts debunked or unproven claims about vaccines. He also uses his social media pages to post about large pharmaceutical firms and environmental health concerns.

“We removed this account for repeatedly sharing debunked claims about the coronavirus or vaccines,” a spokesperson for Facebook, which owns Instagram, said Thursday.

In an emailed statement, Kennedy Jr. stood by his Instagram posts, adding they have been carefully vetted.

“This kind of censorship is counterproductive if our objective is a safe and effective vaccine supply,” he said.

Most recently, Kennedy Jr. has posted misinformation about COVID vaccines. In a late January post, he described COVID vaccines that are currently being administered in the U.S. as posing a potential danger, despite studies on tens of thousands of people that found no serious side effects. […]

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  1. Bizarre — even more bizarre is the fact social media sites can get away with this.

    The ‘National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act’, signed by Reagan in 1986, is prima facie evidence that vaccines harm people — in fact, so many people are harmed, and the number who are seriously harmed is so significant, that liability claims arising from these injuries are potentially ruinous for vaccine manufacturers — hence they successfully lobbied for this (shameful) law.

    The vaccine makers and the political establishment counter by saying that vaccines do more good than harm, but they never prove this; in fact, proving this claim would be very difficult.

    What’s certain is this: mandatory vaccinations produce huge annual/recurring revenue streams for vaccine makers, and these same vaccine makers donate large sums to politicians.

    *Where there is risk — and vaccination does pose a risk — there must be choice.*

    So actually Kennedy deserves a lot of credit for making people aware of the risk from vaccination, which both the media and medical/pharmaceutical establishment are anxious to suppress.

  2. I read all the time vaccines have nothing to do with Autism. Okay, but has anyone heard of what is causing the huge increase? If not the toxins in vaccines, then what?

    • Two modern health emergencies for which there is remarkably little interest/urgency: 1) obesity, and 2) autism — you can ruminate on/speculate about the reasons for that in each case.

      That there is an epidemic of obesity is obvious: the number of fat people (you’re not supposed to call them that anymore) is so much greater today than in the 1970s/80s; in any random US crowd scene on TV, the number of overweight and obese people is striking; official obesity data confirms this.

      The prevalence of autism depends somewhat on how many people/kids are evaluated, and what criteria are used to designate someone as autistic — at the very least there is a strong correlation between the (apparent) rise of autism and mass vaccination beginning in the 1980s.

      But then many determinations of medical causation are made via epidemiological statistics — e.g. if you search the medical literature, you will not find much definitive info re how smoking causes lung cancer and heart disease (but every layperson is sure it does) — what exists is decades of epidemiological data indicating a strong association between smoking and both lung cancer and heart disease.

      I look at autism and vaccination the same way.

      • Obesity has more to do with eating meat from animals that were subjected to growth hormones shots …

        Two retarded moves for the price of one ( i.e. eating tortured holy cows … that were treated with growth hormones )

        • >meat from animals that were subjected to growth hormones shots

          Just for the record: during a number of years following the newest diet research, I’ve never come across this as a cause of obesity — I won’t discount it as a factor.

          More suspect seems to be the modern (i.e. late agricultural/industrial age) carbohydrate dense diet (including consumption of large amounts of sugar per capita), which resulted from wrongheaded official government sponsored dietary advice to avoid meat and saturated fats; after evolving over millennia as hunter/gatherers, humans do not appear well adapted to this kind of diet — ‘Good Calories, Bad Calories’ by Gary Taubes is probably the best known book that examines this question.

          Obviously not everyone gets fat on this modern diet, so it appears genetic makeup is also a factor — it’s a fairly complicated, and serious research into it has only been ongoing for the last 20 years or so.

  3. More censorship from the communist masters. The claims of vaccine safety are made by the makers of the vaccines , those who stand to make large profits or billionaire investors like Gates, who have zero medical training. Censorship of issues only say that detractors of RFK jr. have no answer to his truthful claims so in true soviet fashion must silence him!

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