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San Francisco Residents On Alert As Home Invasions Spike 42%

By Tyler Durden | 23 September 2020

ZERO HEDGE — San Francisco residents are on edge and sounding the alarm amid a spate of brazen break-ins throughout the city, according to KPIX5, which notes that burglaries in the city were up 42% in the first nine months of the year vs. the same period in 2019.

“In the Northern District, which includes Pacific Heights, the Marina, North Beach, and Cow Hollow, it’s up 59%. In the Mission, 79% and in the Richmond up 50%,” according to the report.

A recent example is a video posted on Nextdoor and given to KPIX 5 from one homeowner in the Cow Hollow neighborhood that shows a man trying to break into a house at 1:52 a.m. on August 22. It’s an image that’s creepy, disturbing and has shaken a sense of safety.

The homeowner didn’t want his identity revealed, but others say these attempted burglaries have been rampant. –KPIX5

Our next-door neighbor got broken into and they had already experienced another break-in a month prior to that,” said resident Ginny Fang, who lives in the city’s North Beach neighborhood. Thieves stole four of her family’s bicycles several weeks ago in a breaking and entry. […]

2 Comments on San Francisco Residents On Alert As Home Invasions Spike 42%

  1. I live in San Francisco. Ever since CV 19 lockdown in March along with the George Floyd fiasco, the rate of crime has shot up allover the city. On a personal level, there have been two break in attempts to my office. When speaking to the local police, they indicated criminals are now brazenly entering residences to burglarize , even when lights are on and everyone is at home.

  2. California re-wrote state criminal law 8 years ago. Criminal activity that previously would have drawn a felony charge, is now a misdemeanor if not decriminalized. That’s before plea bargaining. More recently, California freed an excessive number of criminals excessively early.

    California Prisoner per capita cost (per year) $76,000.00
    Prisoners released early (or) never locked up 50,000
    $76,000 x 50,000 = $3,800,000,000.00
    The payoff to the state of California budget is big…….but
    the total cost (not just in dollar terms) of the long term consequences is huge for the average Joe and his wife, and his son/daughter.

    All these minor & major property crimes are prelude to the big show Rape/Robbery/Murder.
    An the Libtards in the media have tomorrows headline pre-written.
    Sacramento Bee (It was a Robbery gone wrong) hahahaha.
    Friendo, You should have left California 5 years ago.

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