Pope Benedict XVI’s 7-Year Imprisonment by Pedophiles Continues Anew

IMAGE: Paul Haring/CNS

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo | 23 June 2020

FROM ROME — The news can be presented in three ways. Simply retell the facts, without commentary or analysis. Or, distort the facts to craft a narrative to control the masses. Finally, comment and analyze the facts to find out what is really going on.

My recent reports about Pope Benedict XV’s trip to Bavaria employed the first and third kinds of journalism, as the sources made available. But my reporting was attacked in part by those close to a Priestly Society which has recently been subject to a series of reports on Pedophilia by Church Militant (see herehere, and here).

As someone trained in Anthropology, I am not surprised. The pedo network is far more vast than we realize and they are experts and instrumentalizing everything for their agenda, even good and faithful Catholics who do not yet realize they are being controlled by their agents.

For this reason, we will never understand history and the news if we do not properly and accurately characterize events, however so much that characterization is objectionable to the elites which rule this world. […]

7 Comments on Pope Benedict XVI’s 7-Year Imprisonment by Pedophiles Continues Anew

  1. I studied in a Catholic seminary in the 1960s. It was full of homosexuals both teachers and students. A disproportionate number of the queer students were ordained and eventually jailed for sexual abuse of young boys. The church knowingly protected these perverts for decades and simply moved them from parish to parish.

    I left the church but later had the opportunity to meet many priests, bishops and cardinals at The Vatican. Almost every one of them was a flaming fruit.

    Next question.

    • I was, in the early 1970s, given a very similar account by an ex-seminarian and homosexual. He did say that they were given very vague reprimands for transgressing their “vow of celibacy” which is, of course, not the same thing as chastity.

      The full report by Br Bugnolo looks very interesting. Pity that Benedict is 93 – it will be a long fight and it is doubtful that his allies will be in a position in the hierarchy to wage it.

  2. And people wonder why Paganism is growing. I attended a lecture by a local methodist preacher on Islam 2 years ago and the whole gist of the story was Islam was a cult recently made up in the 5th century… It dawned ony me from then on who Christianity and Islam were made up by. Jesus was a cool guy but after that the rest is old testament garbage by you-know-who.

    • The most iconic Old Testament stories (Adam and Eve, Noah etc.) were plagiarised from earlier sources – Babylonian, Assyrian and Egyptian. The Hebrews were magpies with no original thought. Parasites.

      The Koran was plagiarised from heretical Christian and Jewish sects on the Arabian peninsula.

      This is why I laugh when people mock Joseph Smith and Mormonism. His only mistake was plagiarising in a time of more scrutiny. Mary Baker Eddy stole Christian Science from Phineas Quimby. And Ellen White “invented” 7th Day Adventism from sources too numerous to mention.

      I don’t know much about Eastern religions but I understand the same theft goes on there.

      It’s all nonsense.

    • Even ‘cool guy’ Jesus quoted the old testament Whose lineage is traced to Adam- & not by the ‘you know who’. What is one person’s garbage is another person’s jackpot. Division is the status quo after all.

      • Who knows what Jesus said? The earliest Gospel was written about 35 years after his death. The last Gospel (John) was written almost 100 years after the death of Jesus. None of the Gospels were written by people who knew Jesus.

        There is interesting evidence that, like Moses and Abraham, Jesus and Mohammad never existed but were composites created to suit tribal/political/spiritual needs.

  3. More likely Benedict is in the gang and is protected from extradition while within the Vatican. Otherwise, he would be dead.

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