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  1. People should burn a copy of this to CD and print off a hard copy for file and study. The only source that reveals the history of the British Revolution (usually called Glorious). The Parliamentarians who fought the monarchy for ‘the Supremacy’ of Henry VIII (as in The Oath), went to the Great Synagogue of Mulheim an der Ruhr and they took out massive loans to equip the New Model Army and ship it back to England to engage the standing national army of Charles I. From what followed it is clear that the Parliamentarians put up the allodial (in Scotland udal) or original title of all estates as collateral on those loans so that if they won the Nasi were in effect in possession of all titles. Page 11. “The real objective of the Glorious Revolution was achieved a few years later 1694 when Royal Consent was given for the setting up of the Bank of England .” Usury was then the basis of the economy of the ‘UK’. Like the Bank of Holland – the Amsterdamsee Wissel Bank, the Bank of England was set up to monetize the debt for a Revolution. In Holland that Revolution was made against Spain by the Dutch Reformed Calvinist Church. In England it was made by the English and Scottish Parliamentarians. Both went to the Synagogue for the money to hire mercenaries and equip armies to fight the standing national armies of the nation and its territories they were carving up.

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