Super-Rich Jewish Groups Got About $1 Billion in Covid ‘Emergency Relief’

But, guess what? “It’s not enough!”

By Rosemary W. Pennington | 3 August 2020

NATIONAL VANGUARD — More than 1,000 US Jewish organizations received federal coronavirus relief loans totaling approximately $540 million to $1.3 billion.

The recipients included several organizations that laid off employees during or immediately after the loan period, and Jewish spokesmen say that this suggests “that the relief legislation has not averted a financial crisis among Jewish organizations.” The possibility that they simply pocketed or invested the funds for a quick profit was not explored or investigated.

The figures were revealed as part of a massive data dump Monday by the Trump administration, which initially released details on its small business loans between $150,000 and $10 million. The loans were made as part of the “Paycheck Protection Program,” which provided money for payroll and other expenses from a $660 billion “relief fund” — which critics say is merely a way of enriching the already rich, many of whom continued to have steady profits during the crisis, and who were contractually obligated in many cases to pay their employees anyway and now, like the Jewish groups, can simply bank the “emergency” money. […]

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