School hearing dismissed after angry parents pack room without masks

Angry residents react when the Utah County Commission meeting was adjourned before it even started, July 15, 2020, in Provo, Utah. PHOTO: Rick Egan/AP

17 July 2020

ABC NEWS — Tensions flared at a public hearing in Utah over the state’s mask mandate for schoolchildren after several parents defied orders by packing the room without face coverings.

The parents, some of whom carried signs condemning face masks, failed to sit in the marked seats and booed at the Utah County officials Wednesday night. The hearing was held over a letter by Utah County Commissioner Bill Lee, which asked Gov. Gary Herbert to waive his requirement kindergarten to 12th grade students wear a mask when schools reopen.

Utah County Commissioner Tanner Ainge has opposed the letter citing safety for the students and admonished the crowd for blatantly putting everyone in the hearing room at risk by not wearing masks or socially distancing. […]

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  1. These parents are absolutely right. Wearing cloth masks actually increase the chances of infection as study after study has confirmed. In any case who the heck wants to breathe back in their expended CO2 and restrict their intake of O2? And if you wear glasses as I do, they continually fog up. Forcing children to wear masks is a ploy to undo thousands of years of Human interaction, a common goal of the NWO people.

  2. I keep finding links to stories from England and other Euro nations where the schools are either already open or planning for resuming regular operations. Not much about this in US mainstream media and it appears overtly edited out of US TV “news”.

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