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Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, others, profiteering from world-scale respiratory illness racketeering scheme

Topdown firesale approach to globalist master plan reveals impending “natural disaster” or biological release may be on the way

By Shepard Ambellas | 28 July 2020

INTELLIHUB — New and shocking information obtained by Intellihub reveals that Dr. Anthony Fauci is listed on the Board of Directors of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB) and appears to be involved in a mammoth worldwide racketeering network scheme in which a prefabricated and deliberately contrived ‘health crisis’ has been used as a means to lockdown and suppress human activity worldwide while allowing the perpetrators of the dastardly multi-faceted and multi-pronged agenda to loot the proverbial coffers of the people and government simultaneously paving the way for a New World Order-style dystopian police state.

The GPMB is comprised of experts from non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, national governments, and multilateral agencies including the World Health Organization and World Bank Group respectively.

The Board’s main purpose within itself is to urge political action “multilateral agencies.”

To no surprise, the Board has ties to just about anything and everything that is COVID-19 related including the purported “pandemic” itself which seems to be nothing more than a tool that is being used to further control the populace. […]

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  1. I normally would not have clicked on an article with the Fauci name in it for the simple fact this horrid man triggers me – I am human and know my limitations. However, for whatever reason I went ahead and opened this one.
    Imagine my surprise when linking to the Intellihub website I came upon a July 20, 2020 article that contained reference to the Israeli News Live video regarding (possible?) FEMA “whistleblower” info on supposed upcoming asteroid-type event. I don’t think I watched the Youtube video in-question but did see a follow-up video his wife Jana had done, essentially reiterating this same information. I honestly did NOT know what to make of it.
    I’ve learned to keep an open mind where anything regarding the truth is concerned but it’s been a minefield to say the least. I was only briefly subbed to the Israeli News Live channel back in spring of 2017 when things were hot in Syria, as Steve gave excellent daily briefings of sorts. Beyond that, I wasn’t much interested in the channel as I don’t know where I stand with aspects of our Creator so wasn’t entirely comfortable with his format and definitely wasn’t comfortable with the comments that regularly came out of his most ardent subscribers. Creeped me out a bit. On top of it, I can’t deny it was disconcerting for me to hear Steve speak of a past employment he had with the CIA – I don’t believe he was directly employed by CIA, but was under the impression it was contract-work, through another company perhaps, I am not sure of the specific details but didn’t matter to me, it was hard to discount this information. Just because both he and his wife appear to be forthcoming with information on past CIA employment/contract-work, as well as their personal relationships with Mossad affiliates, doesn’t let them off the hook for me personally. I will take in some of their information with discernment. I’ve learned to do that with probably 95% of the resources I utilize – taking what I need and leaving the rest. This rule of thumb of mine has never included Alex Jones and InfoWars, however. I see Steve & Jana just did a live stream with Adam Green of Know More News the other day, which reminds me I still have not figured out just who Adam Green is. Yes, I have been subbed to his channel since May of 2018 but turned off email notifications over a year ago. He did good work giving updates on legislation being passed regarding antisemitism and further impediment of our free speech, as well as some Holocaust related hot ticket items. I take what I need and leave the rest. I’ve never liked him on a personal level – from the first time I ever saw him in the first video of his I ever watched, something has never sat well with me with this guy. There is a peculiarity about him. I can’t get a real feel for his personality and can’t even detect if he actually has one and this disturbs me. I am usually highly perceptive about people but he continues to work outside of my radar so this is disturbing to me.
    I’ve heard of Intellihub but never visited the website before and couldn’t find anything on their site that explains what their inner-mechanisms are. Who is behind this website and where does their funding come from?

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