Cisco Fired Employees Who Questioned BLM During Company’s Racism Discussion


By G. Edward Griffin | 22 July 2020

NEED TO KNOW — In June, Cisco Systems hosted a video conference for 30,000 employees on race, and some workers who questioned the Black Lives Matter movement in the online forum were subsequently fired. Cisco says it fired a “handful” of workers for “inappropriate conduct”.

Cisco says 237 comments of the 10,400 made during the video conference “objected to what was being presented”, while the majority of comments praised management. On the video call, Cisco’s CEO announced a $5-million donation to “groups combating racism”.

In related news, James Damore, an engineer with Google who was fired in 2017 for writing a controversial memo that criticized the company’s efforts to improve the diversity of its workforce, dismissed his lawsuit against the tech giant when a compensation agreement was made. As usual, details of the agreement were not disclosed. -GEG […]

3 Comments on Cisco Fired Employees Who Questioned BLM During Company’s Racism Discussion

  1. Obviously freedom of speech/expression has far less meaning/value when people who express themselves freely must fear losing their jobs — in America 1.0 there was (more) common decency, as well as goodwill and mutual respect among all parties for this and other common rights; you didn’t need law to regulate this sort of thing — those days long gone.

  2. Cisco also used to manufacture their hardware in private prisons, that are publicly traded. Where the incarcerated make USD; $1.00 or less per hour and the hardware is marked up considerably. Additionally, the “Made in America” is slapped on the device to pull those “patriotic strings”.

    (Humbly) Recommend avoiding Cisco at all costs.

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