Israeli spyware found on journalist’s phone days after maker’s anti-abuse pledge

GRAPHIC: Peoples Dispatch

By Dana Priest | 21 June 2020

MY SAN ANTONIO (WASHINGTON POST) — Technologists who discovered spyware made by an Israeli company targeting journalists in several authoritarian countries said they found the same spyware used against a Moroccan journalist three days after the company announced a policy against such uses.

Amnesty International’s Security Lab, the forensic technology arm of the human rights organization, said it found telltale signs that NSO Group’s Pegasus software had been used to infect the cellphone of an award-winning Moroccan journalist and human rights defender, Omar Radi. On Sunday, the group released its analysis of Radi’s phone.

In its report, Amnesty said its research “demonstrates NSO Group’s continued failure to conduct adequate human rights due diligence and the inefficacy of its own human rights policy.” Because NSO says it sells its software only to governments, Amnesty assumes the surveillance was conducted by Moroccan authorities. […]

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