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The God Gene Vaccine: Fanciful Sci-Fi or a Controlled-Op Misdirection to Obfuscate the Truth?

A very unusual, 15-year-old video has resurfaced that we felt would be of interest to the conspiracy inquiry community. It appears to show an individual giving a presentation in a small meeting room at the Pentagon (room BC232) in 2005. The snippet of the presentation sounds like it’s about a proposed vaccine to “immunize” religious fanatics. Indeed, the latest iteration of the video makes the claim that the presenter is in fact Bill “Mark of the Geek” Gates.

The presenter in the video provides a slideshow as he speaks of the VMAT2 gene, or “God gene,” and a vaccine called “FunVac,” or “FunVax,” to eliminate it. The discussion with the attendees includes the argument that religious fundamentalists would pose less of threat if they receive this vaccine. The presenter claims the proposal for this plan has “just been submitted.” He concludes by claiming the project has “great promise.”

TIME Magazine Cover: “The God Gene” on Oct. 25, 2004

Included with the video are screen shots of a very surreal and ominous document called “Quarterly Funvax Review” (06-01-2007). The inoculation is delivered by aerosol or virus. Besides discussion of VMAT2, the document also went into the “suicide gene.”

VMAT2 is an acronym for the gene’s scientific name, Vesicular Monoamine Transporter 2. It’s function is a protein that carries neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, encoded in humans by the SLC18A2 gene [here]. A study on VMAT2 interacting with drugs is visible here , while another on VMAT2 in neuropsychiatric disorders is visible here.

The concept of a spiritual gene has been around for awhile. The book “The God Gene: How Faith Is Hardwired into Our Genes” by Dr. Dean Hamer discusses how “a variation in the  VMAT2  gene plays a role in one’s openness to spiritual experiences”.

Bill Gates at a Microsoft Convergence conference in March 9, 2005 in San Diego, Calif. PHOTO: Getty/R. Born/Wire Image

Reuters weighed in two weeks ago to call the video a hoax — at least as it pertains to the Bill Gates’ involvement.

A look at the video is truly a trip, but we would hold that the presenter may not be a dead ringer for Gates and looks like another geek. But given what Gates actually looked like 15 years ago, is it really so “ridiculous” to claim the presenter is one and the same?

The voice, on the other-hand, is very close to the geek Gates. If it’s an actor, he deserves an Academy award.

Nothing to see here, move along?

The question begs: Who would produce such a sophisticated work, even if it is hoax?

The conspiracy debunker site Metabunk lays this at the feet of an unsuccessful kickstarter called “Fun Vax.” Metabunk suggests that Ryan Harper registered on April 3, 2011, two months before the “Joey Lambardi” Pentagon video was released.

Kind of a shame exploration of this from of a mind control perspective never got off the ground. The Kickstarter explored the concept, which is different from creating a hoax.

There is no admission as to who produced the video.

The guy who created the Kickstarter campaign eight years ago, Ryan Harper said, “The release of the Pentagon lecture on Youtube created an uproar, but some skeptics claim that the video is fake. This film searches for the truth.”

Here is the kickstarter video.

The text from Kickstarter reads:

Ryan Harper has a very unique background and one perfectly suited to a project like the FunVax documentary. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Molecular Biology. He worked in a lab at UCSF and then became the director of the Biotechnology program at Silicon Valley College. He has been making films since 2005 and currently is the Executive Director of Salty Dog Studios, which produces feature films, documentaries, TV commercials and corporate videos. If it wasn’t for his experience in both science and filmmaking Ryan Harper would have never been able to make this film and the truth about FunVax could have stayed hidden forever.

The Kickstarter campaign claims [starting at 1:51] that the Pentagon video and a document called “Quarterly Funvax Review” 06-01-2007 was released by a whistleblower by the name of Joey Lambardi.

Lambardi claims to have received these leaks in the second week of February 2011. An April 23, 2011, interview with Lambardi is available here.

Supposedly, Lambardi was arrested in Argentina in 2011. But then in 2012, a Joey Lambardi is producing terrorist and anti-Muslim fear porn on YouTube.

To our sensibilities, all of this comes off as spoofy or even spook-inspired. Keep in mind that the spooks love to run misdirection away from real projects and schemes.

It could well be controlled-op. Who else has the sophistication to create the Pentagon video and the “Quarterly Review”document? An unsuccessful Kickstarter-funded filmmaker?

The spooks now give it new legs by debunking that its Bill Gates speaking. This is reinforced by a cadre of social media shills and bots declaring it can’t be Gates.

Those who despise Bill Gates will grab it and run with it. They want anti Gates people to look like crazies. They bring in the usual spook suspects “debunkers,” Snopes and Metabunk. Once they have pointed out that it is not Bill Gates speaking and that the film itself is dicey, then no one will even consider the seriousness of what the video is actually telling us.

Winter Watch Takeaway

No hard conclusions, but we lean toward a psyop.

A century ago, the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner warned of a vaccine, an anti-religious vaccine, which will inoculate people against having a soul, an anti-spiritual vaccine that will ensure the success of the dark spirits in completely materializing many as human beings.

Keep in mind that the definitions of the words “vaccine” and “inoculation” are broad, meaning more than just the use of a needle.

Steiner: I have told you that the spirits of darkness are going to inspire their human hosts, in whom they will be dwelling, to find a vaccine that will drive all inclination towards spirituality out of people’s souls when they are very young, and this will happen in a roundabout way through the living body. Today, bodies are vaccinate against one thing and another; in future, children will be vaccinated with a substance which it will certainly be possible to produce, and this will make them immune, so that they do not develop foolish inclinations connected with spiritual life ‘foolish’ here, of course, in the eyes of materialists.

8 Comments on The God Gene Vaccine: Fanciful Sci-Fi or a Controlled-Op Misdirection to Obfuscate the Truth?

  1. Its called Tequila, and you have to have some Native American blood in you for it to work. Otherwise it’s a lobotomy.

    No one knows where ideas come from. Just look at The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo. Some gynecologist figured that the surroundings of God are a perfect anatomical representation of the human brain

    The neurological maps are in their infancy and I don’t believe can be quantified as these mad scientist believe.

    The post WWII pre WWIII generation relied heavy on sociology, psychology, and economics to guide their premises.

    I think a botanist would be more appropriate during these times. Plants work around all kinds a shit.

  2. 1. Slither out of the eastern European sewer you were hatched in.

    2. Infest a warm semi tropical paradise called Palestine.

    3. Call anyone pointing out your criminal antics insane.

  3. The new Laser Thermometer Guns pointed directly at the Third Eye may be doing the same thing. Some say the pineal gland behind the Third Eye affects spirituality. But the pineal gland is deep inside the brain, protected by the prefrontal cortex, you may say. Yes, but if you look at a diagram from the front, it is divided into two halves like a walnut. And the Laser Thermometer Guns point directly at the corridor between the two halves, easily reaching the pineal gland. Just sayin’.

    • They’ve been using this technology to calcify the pineal glands of the celebrated and dangerous at White House State dinners for decades.

    • Protestant, those sinister temperature guns are used everywhere here where I live (Asian country) and I was suspicious of them right from the start of the scamdemic. (And where people — including ordinary people without any healthcare credentials and who are, say, just manning a store front — get the authority to point those things at people’s foreheads and “click” without proper consent is another question.) Curious what additional information you have (i.e. sources) regarding their affect on the pineal gland. Couldn’t find anything via an Internet search except ads and reviews for the damn things. Thanks in advance.

  4. The idea of ‘spirits’ inhabiting humans takes on a new meaning when you consider Musk and his neuro-link coupled with DNA modification thru nano injection. The Bible quotes God saying he won’t live in a Temple made of human hands, so the children of cyborg humans ‘technically’ may no longer be human. The D-wave computer supposedly goes into another dimension to solve problems, so it (the AI D-wave) may be the intermediate step for displaced demon spirits. Interesting times, indeed.

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