Collateral Damage: The Mounting Human Toll of the Scamdemic Quarantine

With tens of millions out of work, the human toll of the COVID-1984 scamdemic is mounting rapidly. And yet, the big health hit is probably yet to come, given our diminished immune systems from lockdowns and lack of herd immunity. The crisis will likely peak in the fall around flu season.

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But viruses aside, we’re also starting to learn about the collateral damage caused by the extended lockdowns. For example, 200,000 surgeries and other procedures were shelved indefinitely, as hospitals braced for the hyped fictitious tsunami that never materialized.

Cancer screenings were way down during the last two months.

CANCER HEALTH: Since March, Americans have been urged to delay routine mammograms and colonoscopies to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. As a result, screenings for breast, cervix and colon cancer are down between 86% and 94%, according to new data from electronic medical records vendor Epic, reports STAT. …

The findings raise concerns that deadly cancers may go undetected if screening appointments aren’t rescheduled soon — which they may not be. “We’re also fairly convinced that even once they lift the lockdowns, we’ll still see the concerned patient a little bit more reluctant to go in,” said Carl Dvorak, president of Epic. “Truthfully, it doesn’t take much to talk a person out of going in for a colonoscopy.”

There’s a new cause of death emerging because of COVID-19: a huge decrease in emergency care for minor heart attacks and strokes. Fear is keeping these patients ate  home. Many will die because they didn’t want to be exposed to the virus.

With fewer eyes on the streets, there has been a 30 percent increase in muggings in the cities like Vancouver during the scamdemic panic.

There’s also a spike in suicides that is being kept relatively hidden. In early April, news outlets reported a nearly 900 percent increase in calls to suicide hotlines. A suicide help line that chats with folks via text message also reports a flood of people in crisis, NPR says:

Initially, the spike in traffic was over anxiety about the virus itself. That shifted to complaints of isolation. Now, texters talk of depression and grief.

“So we’ve doubled the number of conversations that are about grief, and there the top two words that we see are ‘grandma’ and ‘grandpa,’ ” she [Nancy Lublin, CEO and co-founder of the Crisis Text Line] says.

And it’s no longer just young people texting. Adults are complaining of loneliness, sexual abuse and eating disorders.

“As the quarantines go on and continue, we’re seeing it’s the people over the age of 35 who are increasing at a higher percentage of our volume,” Lublin says. “For the first time, we’re seeing people over the age of 60 texting us.”

Well Being Trust, a project of the Robert Graham Center for Policy Studies, released last week a report called “Projected Deaths of Despair from COVID-19.” The goal of the report is to predict how many deaths of despair we might see based on three assumptions during COVID-1984, economic recovery, relationship between deaths of despair and unemployment, and geography.

The center estimated that the lockdowns will likely result in 75,000 additional deaths from alcohol, drug misuse and suicide. A quick economic recovery would have the smallest impact, 27,644 deaths of despair; whereas, a slow recovery could lead to 154,037, or nearly twice the number of people who have allegedly died of coronavirus to date.

Using the historic data, the study found a correlation between suicide rates and unemployment rates. An 1-percent increase in the unemployment rate equated to a 1- to 1.61-percent increase in the suicide rate. It also found that for every 1-point increase in unemployment, drug-related deaths increased by 3.3 percent (3.9 percent for opioid-related deaths).

The current unemployment rate, as of five days ago, stands at 14.7 percent. Optimistic estimates pegged 15 percent, the report states. More pessimistic estimates range between 18 and 28 percent unemployment. Imagine a world in which a worker or a business owner is told by their elected government that they’re “non-essential” (aka “go starve”) — oh, wait, we don’t have to imagine.

Overall deaths of despair are most common among 55-64 year-olds, non-Hispanics, and American Indians or Alaskan Natives. Across ages, deaths of despair rise steadily to ages 55-64 (104.7 per 100,000) and then decline.

And yet, Zero Hedge, citing a CivicScience survey, reported on Wednesday that 69 percent of respondents would not resume all normal activities after states lift stay-at-home orders. Nearly a third of Americans, or 31 percent, would remain under quarantine even if local governments issued a notice to go back to normal day-to-day activities in order to prevent an economic collapse.

The dates are lagging, but Express Scripts says prescriptions for anti-anxiety medications jumped 34 percent between Feb. 16 and March 15, including a significant 18 percent spike on a week-over-week basis in the week ending March 15.

Sales of alcoholic beverages in the United States have increased 55% compared to this time last year.

A Google search of “increase in homeless and lock down” for the past week was revealing. The first three pages of results on this topic were out of the U.K. and Europe, none from the U.S. Lugenpresse. Same sort of strange suppressed search results occurred when searching for coronavirus suicides.

An analysis by the District Councils’ Network (DCN), which represents 187 U.K. councils, reveals that half a million households are currently at risk for homelessness.

As a consequence of super-low interest rates on bonds, coupled with high risk, The Wall Street Journal reports insurance companies are turning away from issuing life insurance policies. The driving force behind the action: a collapse in interest rates tied to the spread of the new coronavirus and an expectation from insurers that rates won’t rebound significantly anytime soon.

Read “Life Insurers Halt Sales As Hopes for Profit Dim” — WSJ

Life insurers earn much of their profit by investing customers’ premiums in bonds until claims come due. The less they earn, the more they may need to collect in premiums or fees to turn a profit.

13 Comments on Collateral Damage: The Mounting Human Toll of the Scamdemic Quarantine

  1. It is time for an criminal investigation into the roles of Bill Gates, Fauci, Birx in the mass deaths caused by this Pandemic. The International Criminal Court and other Non-American controlled bodies should hold an impartial analysis of what if any part these people may have played in a Pandemic that is so very personally PROFITABLE for them but so deadly and devastating to Others.

    • The ‘International Criminal Court’ has been a corrupt horror-show of Nato warmongers and globalists

      “The dramatic public suicide of Bosnian Croat General Slobodan Praljak in a ‘war crimes trial’ courtroom in the Hague (despite his already having served most of his prison term) was actually the 15th death in custody of the small number of Balkan defendants at the Hague over the last few years, three by suicide and twelve by ‘disease & natural causes.’

      It is statistically virtually impossible that so many deaths in a small group of middle-aged men occurred ‘naturally.'”

      ‘Hague War Crimes Tribunal Are NATO Fraud’

      There is no substitute for national sovereignty and courts under people’s control and vigilant review

      Israel Shamir has argued that the over-emphasis on cults and law and ‘judges’, is an ancient Jewish cultural scam designed to put people under control of agents for ruling elites

      Here’s an article about how George Soros has been buying whole gangs of judges at the international European courts, judges who don’t bother to recuse themselves from cases involving NGOs they themselves used to work for

      • Absolutely correct about the ICC, and Shamir is also correct (he would know, right?)….Common Law Courts is what we need! Wonder why that yellow fringe is on the American flag? ADMIRALTY LAW has replace Common Law! And the “Bar Association”? Bar means “British Attorney Registry” or something like that (not sure about the “A” part.)

  2. I think the fear of hospitals is twofold. The conscious fear is of Covid. The unconscious fear is going to a place where no one you know is allowed in (or only under stringent conditions), essentially putting your destiny in the hands of strangers. For any rational human being, hospitals would be off limits with those anti-human restrictions. It’s as if they are creating an orphan complex worldwide.

    • Bingo. Who needs roving death squads when you’ve got a compliant medical staff in a sterile environment, willing to do your dirty work.

  3. As a public health measure, the lockdown is overkill and actually counterproductive. Nevertheless, maybe the lockdown will lead to the financial collapse of the US. It may be the most peaceful way to remove not only those individuals in power but the system itself. We certainly are not going to vote it out. And it’s unlikely that “militias” of overweight 50 years olds will do it either. No matter how the system is removed, it was going to be a jarring upheaval.

    At least the system will have done it to itself. And while no one will remain unscathed, those in urban areas that support the system will certainly fare the worst. Further illegal immigration will no longer be subsidized but discouraged. Current illegals will deport themselves. Supporting the troops may consist of chartering idle cruse ships to bring them home.

    I am going to start embracing the lockdown without following it.

  4. We haven’t seen the full economic effect this psyop will have until after July 1st. I say this because half of the U.S. unemployed workforce affected by all this has been pacified until July with stimulus money, that when combined with their state unemployment benefits, is actually significantly more than their prior earnings. So you won’t hear from those people until that spigot turns off. When this group isn’t pacified any longer, the size of the group of people fed up with this psyop instantly doubles. The syndicate is obviously aware of this, and that’s why you hear politicians talking about yet another stimulus package to buy off the huddled masses. The government’s answer to everything- a stimulus package. Perhaps the best clue I’ve seen, that government is the errand boy of the money power

    • Here in NZ we kicked out the backpackers..These are the overseas people that get temp work visas and work the crops and orchards. Now, our young kiwis, mind you, are getting $750.00 a week to do nothing since out of work from a parallel employment skill set (waiters and retail)..No one to pick the fruit and no impetus to have the “stay at home kiwi” pull their collective heads outa their asses .

      This is either magical thinking by naive politicians with no real world experience or something quite sinister.

      My business picked up a wage subsidy, a loan, and possible 2nd round subsidy…I wonder if this is what constitutes a real economic hangover when MMT fails. We are going into debt “like there is no tomorrow”

      Makes you wonder

  5. “The Wall Street Journal reports insurance companies are turning away from issuing life insurance policies. The driving force behind the action: a collapse in interest rates”

    Really? Really?

  6. When people finally realize this was all about hiding an economic collapse and ushering in new global agendas of power and control, and virtually NOTHING to do with a flu is when this nonsense will stop, but I’m afraid EVERYTHING may now be too far gone.

    I try to remain hopeful, but I cannot see how we can recover. The damage may be far too great.

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

    ~ Occams

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