It’s Time to Stop the Suppression of Natural Herd Immunity

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Despite the non-stop COVID-19 coverage on mainstream broadcast news during the last eight weeks, there’s at least one important COVID-related topic that the networks seem reluctant to cover: herd immunity.

Perhaps networks avoid the topic out of concern that their coverage could be interpreted by viewers as encouragement to go outside, to disregard the protection measures prescribed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and to ignore draconian executive orders imposed by states and localities.

Perhaps the news networks don’t cover natural herd immunity because it would make people less fearful. After all, history has shown and continues to prove that network ratings are the highest when people are fearful and bound to their homes. CNN, for example, had record-high ratings for the first quarter of 2020, The Wall Street Journal reported on April 15:

CNN and other cable news outlets could scarcely imagine that anything could juice viewership like the 2016 U.S. presidential election and its aftermath; but ratings have soared during the pandemic, reaching levels well above those when “Russian interference” and “Mueller report” dominated the news.

CNN has averaged 2.2 million total viewers in prime time through the first week of April, more than double its viewership in the fourth quarter of 2019, and roughly 57% higher than its election-season peak, according to Nielsen data. Fox News is up nearly 50% since the end of last year to over four million viewers, increasing its lead over its two main rivals. MSNBC has seen the smallest lift. The three networks’ websites all saw big audience gains, too.

Or perhaps news broadcasters fail to educate viewers about natural herd immunity because it might harm network revenues. Television viewers are “cutting the cord” with their cable companies in increasing numbers. That means news networks are relying more and more on commercial advertising revenue for the lifeblood of their business.

Over time, drug advertisements by pharmaceutical companies have grown to represent a disturbingly disproportionate share of advertising revenue. At CNN, for example, 80 percent of its ad revenue in 2018 came from pharmaceutical companies, according to Adweek subsidiary TVNewser.

Pharmaceutical companies are currently competing to produce COVID-related testing, treatments and vaccines. Sudden natural herd immunity would render moot the need for a broad deployment of vaccines. However, there is still hope for big pharma in such a scenario. Even if the public does develop natural herd immunity, there could still be demand for pharma company products provided that the public remains unaware of their own immunity, the rate of immunity of those around them and its significance.

If the mainstream broadcast news networks educated the public about natural herd immunity and beat the drum every day for mass antibody testing the same way they did for ventilators, we would likely have greater deployment of antibody testing. With more antibody testing, we can better identify true risk and make intelligent decisions about how to move forward over time. But the media is disincentivized to do so.

To some, the very idea that news providers would conspire — either implicitly or explicitly — for the benefit of advertisers and to the detriment of the public may seem like a far-fetched theory. Some people would be dead wrong. It’s an issue that is studied at length in journalism ethics classes, using actual case studies. But I digress.

Understanding Herd Immunity

Immunity occurs when a person has antibodies to fend off a virus. These antibodies are the byproduct of exposure to the virus and recovery. Exposure can happen naturally, via human-to-human contact for example, or by vaccination with a weakened or dead virus.

Herd immunity occurs when a significant portion of a population has immunity, thereby reducing or eliminating risk to those who don’t. The percentage of the “herd” that is required to have immunity so those that don’t are protected will vary depending on the contagiousness of the virus, according to MIT Technology Review. The higher the rate of spread, the higher the rate of immunity required to protect the entire herd.

The point at which we reach herd immunity is mathematically related to the germ’s propensity to spread, expressed as its reproduction number, or R0. The R0 for the coronavirus is between 2 and 2.5, scientists estimate (pdf), meaning each infected person passes it to about two other people, absent measures to contain the contagion.

To imagine how herd immunity works, think of coronavirus cases multiplying in a susceptible population this way: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, and so on. But if half the people are immune, half of those infections won’t ever happen, and so the spreading speed is effectively cut in two. Then, according to the Science Media Centre, the outbreak simmers along like this instead: 1, 1, 1, 1 … The outbreak is snuffed out once the infection rate is less than 1.

Herd immunity

Herd immunity is how the human race has recovered from numerous viruses that have swept the planet. The 1918 novel influenza virus, for example, disappeared after about 50% of the affected population contracted it and recovered, Harvard University epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch told a gathering of experts on a video call.

Remember the Zika virus? Hardly anyone talks about it anymore. The mosquito-borne illness got a foothold in Brazil and created an epidemic panic in 2015 because of its link to birth abnormalities. Two years later, in 2017, there was no longer worry about it, MIT reports:

A Brazilian study found by checking blood samples that 63% of the population in the northeastern beach city of Salvador had already had exposure to Zika; the researchers speculated that herd immunity had broken that outbreak. …

Even then, vaccine makers can find themselves in a losing race with nature to see which protects the herd first. That’s in part what happened in 2017, when drug maker Sanofi quietly abandoned a Zika vaccine in development after funding dried up: there simply wasn’t much of a market any longer.

Protecting the Herd from COVID-19?

The rate of spread of COVID-19 is higher than the ordinary flu but similar to other novel influenzas, researchers say. Figures range from 50% to 80%. The simplest of models, MIT reports, gives the virus an R0 of 3, which means 66% of the population would have to be immune for the entire herd to have protection.

However, if we all remain in isolation, then younger, healthier people will not have the opportunity to develop immunity. This will put the entire population at greater risk, prolong the pandemic and make vaccinations an imperative.

“Suppressing transmission means that we won’t build up herd immunity,” Azra Ghani, the lead epidemiologist on the new model of the outbreak from Imperial College London, told MIT. The trade-off of success is “that we are driving it down to such a low level that we have to keep those [measures] in place.”

Clearly, the sound approach is to encourage younger, healthier groups to go back into their communities, back to school, back to sports and to enjoy life. This is especially true given that COVID-19 is mild for at least 96% of those infected. This number may higher as antibody testing becomes more widespread (if ever).

Until we reach herd immunity by whatever means, older and more vulnerable folks should be informed of risks, be encouraged to self-isolate, be provided with protective gear and assistance, and then be allowed to make their own choices.

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  1. You’re asking too much. Too much reason and too much power in the hands of the individual. The rationale is so simple it just can’t possibly work. And all that history you speak of, well thank goodness the pharma is there to give us the cure. We no longer operate on common sense. Please save us all! No longer can death be thought of as normal. Fear death. Fear life. Trust the authorities, they want the best for themselves, I mean you.

  2. its a nightmare that the clan mentality has all but been removed from the human species. 30, 000 people wont come together and tell a little faggot governor or mayor to stick his mask order where the sun don’t shine, making it impossible to enforce. then, when one or a few humans do they get no back up from their neighbor. cops smack people in the head with bats and thousands run away like frightened children. there is no hope for the human race of panda bears. real men and women have been gutted. so herd immunity is all but finished as well.

  3. A virus , for example the one I was cured of 10 years ago HEPC , can only be spread through a transfer of blood. A virus cannot evening pass from organ to organ within the human body . This vaccine propaganda is a load of BS , humans have flourished for thousands of years without any sort of vaccines . We have natural defence systems and imunity within all of us and this is constantly in use every moment we are alive . Bacteria are a different thing altogether and can be airbourne etc. but again the die very quickly outside of a hot body.

    • Time to go one step further and kill the virus wing of the Germ theory. Pasteur the fraud and plagiarist himself admitted on his death bed that “the terrain is everything”. Not one human virus has ever been isolated according to the Koch or Rivers postulates. HIV / AIDS is a total scam, investigated even by a congressional commission. Check the work of Andrew Kaufman, David Crowe, Stefan Lanka and the expert testimony before the German Supreme Court. Not one human virus is proven to be exogeneois or pathogenic. Diseases are caused by toxicity in air, food, water, poor nutrition, poor sanitation, EMF smog, stress and fear, toxic chemicals, toxic pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

  4. The answer is to vote with your wallet and move out of the open air concentration camps known as cities which are essentially neo-feudal Duchies. Why do people live there? They’re obviously propagandized to think this way, but the only reasons you’ll pull out of a pajama person as to why they live in cities revolve around CONVENIENCE. Their reasons have nothing to do with freedom, privacy, economics or safety. People living in cities take hits in all these areas for their sacred convenience. So they’re paying for their own enslavement, thinking they’re free- mental prisoners of the highest order…

    “The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal. Many of them are normal because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence, because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives, that they do not even struggle or suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does. They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness. These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted.”
    Aldous Huxley

    “Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.”
    George Bernard Shaw

  5. Great pointing out how the Mass Media are tied in with the Pharma Dearh Cult.
    However id seriously question this:
    >If the mainstream broadcast news networks educated the public about natural herd immunity and beat the drum every day for mass antibody testing the same way they did for ventilators, we would likely have greater deployment of antibody testing. With more antibody testing, we can better identify true risk and make intelligent decisions about how to move forward over time. But the media is disincentivized to do so.Autopsies Prove that COVID-19 is a Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (Pulmonary Thrombosis)
    It is now clear that the whole world has been attacking the so-called Coronavirus Pandemic wrongly due to a serious pathophysiological diagnosis error.

    According to valuable information from Italian pathologists, ventilators and intensive care units were never needed.

    Autopsies performed by the Italian pathologists has shown that it is not pneumonia but it is Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (Thrombosis) which ought to be fought with antibiotics, antivirals, anti-inflammatories and anticoagulants.

    If this is true for all cases, that means the whole world is about to resolve this novel pandemic earlier than expected.

    However, protocols are currently being changed in Italy who have been adversely affected by this pandemic.

    The impressive case of a Mexican family in the United States who claimed they were cured with a home remedy was documented: three 500 mg aspirins dissolved in lemon juice boiled with honey, taken hot. The next day they woke up as if nothing had happened to them! Well, the scientific information that follows proves they are right!

    This information was released by a medical researcher from Italy:

    “Thanks to 50 autopsies performed on patients who died of COVID-19, Italian pathologists have discovered that IT IS NOT PNEUMONIA, strictly speaking, because the virus does not only kill pneumocytes of this type, but uses an inflammatory storm to create an endothelial vascular thrombosis.”

    In disseminated intravascular coagulation, the lung is the most affected because it is the most inflamed, but there is also a heart attack, stroke and many other thromboembolic diseases.

    In fact, the protocols left antiviral therapies useless and focused on anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting therapies. These therapies should be done immediately, even at home, in which the treatment of patients responds very well.

    If the Chinese had denounced it, they would have invested in home therapy, not intensive care! So, the way to fight it is with antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and anticoagulants.

    An Italian pathologist reports that the hospital in Bergamo did a total of 50 autopsies and one in Milan, 20, that is, the Italian series is the highest in the world, the Chinese did only 3, which seems to fully confirm the information.

    In a nutshell, the disease is determined by a disseminated intravascular coagulation triggered by the virus; therefore, it is not pneumonia but pulmonary thrombosis, a major diagnostic error.

    Some world leaders doubled the number of resuscitation places in the ICU, with unnecessary exorbitant costs.

    According to the Italian pathologist, treatment in ICUs is useless if thromboembolism is not resolved first. “If we ventilate a lung where blood does not circulate, it is useless, in fact, nine (9) patients out of ten (10) will die because the problem is cardiovascular, not respiratory.”

    “It is venous microthrombosis, not pneumonia, that determines mortality.”

    According to the literature, inflammation induces thrombosis through a complex but well-known pathophysiological mechanism.

    Unfortunately, what the scientific literature said, especially Chinese, until mid-March was that anti-inflammatory drugs should not be used.

    Now, the therapy being used in Italy is with anti-inflammatories and antibiotics, as in influenza, and the number of hospitalized patients has been reduced.

    He also discovered that many deaths, even in their 40s, had a history of fever for 10 to 15 days, which were not treated properly.

    The inflammation does a great deal of tissue damage and creates ground for thrombus formation. However, the main problem is not the virus, but the immune hyperreaction that destroys the cell where the virus is installed.

    In fact, patients with rheumatoid arthritis have never needed to be admitted to the ICU because they are on corticosteroid therapy, which is a great anti-inflammatory.

    With this important discovery, it is possible to return to normal life and open closed deals due to the quarantine, though not immediately, but with time.

    Kindly share so that the health authorities of each country can make their respective analysis of this information, prevent further deaths and redirect investments appropriately; the vaccine may come later.<

    The original article was taken down a few seconds after I copied the content.

    make of it what you want friends

    • Thank you for insights! Greatly appreciated. The information aligns with what I’ve read on the topic thus far; specifically, the clotting aspect. It seems those with heart disease and high blood pressure should take precautions, certainly. I still believe there is merit though in testing for antibodies.

  6. im very sorry about the messed up incomplete posting, have no time to correct it now, I hope you get the gist. There is no proper identification of a novel virus, see Jon Rappoport and Dr. Andrew Kaufman for this. Bullshit and incomplete tests and antibody tests. IF theres a “new kid in town”, its being treated wrongly and killing people in droves by maltreatment in ventilators.

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