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CDC Extends Social Distancing Guidelines to Apply to Pets

By Tyler Durden | 1 May 2020

ZERO HEDGE — Now that the first domesticated dog has tested positive for for the novel coronavirus, joining at least one tiger at the Bronx Zoo, it’s probably worth noting that the CDC earlier this month extended America’s social distancing guidelines to include pets.

To be clear: there’s no evidence of pets infecting humans, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. So far, tests suggested that the viral strains found in animals weren’t concentrated enough to cause infection in humans, but nobody can say for certain.

Instead of allowing your dog to run around the neighborhood without a leash, sniffing the anus of every fellow canine, the new guidelines advise Americans to “treat pets as you would other human family members.” […]

4 Comments on CDC Extends Social Distancing Guidelines to Apply to Pets

  1. Ha! No Evidence! Yeah, right! – From:

    President of Tanzania John Magufuli has outfoxed Bill Gates and the WHO apparatus

    The President secretly had his security team swab imported ‘coronavirus tests’ on a goat and on a piece of pawpaw fruit … assigning the two samples human names and ages … The laboratory declared both ‘covid-19 positive’.

  2. Footage of protests all over the world! When those who lack confidence see others protesting in large numbers, it can embolden them to do the same!

  3. Next CDC recommends families self isolate in their homes away from other family members…

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