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Video Showing Pandemic Crisis at Elmhurst Hospital in New York was Produced by Simulations Expert Leading to Questions of Authenticity

Chinese government donates 1,000 ventilators to the state of New York. PHOTO: WFNP

By Amazing Polly | 6 April 2020

NEED TO KNOW — The Washington Post says some hospitals are withholding ventilators from Coronavirus patients who are struggling to breath, which is a death sentence for many of them. According to the paper, the reason is that the pandemic has placed so much load on hospitals that there is no choice. The basis for this is a video that portrays medical mayhem at Elmhurst Hospital in New York City – including a large refrigerator truck parked conspicuously at the rear of the hospital to receive stacks of dead bodies. The video emphasizes that they just don’t have enough ventilators.

The head of NYC public hospitals, however, says Elmhurst has never come close to running out of ventilators, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo admitted on camera that New York has thousands of ventilators received from the federal government that are still in storage, because they are not needed at the present time. Meanwhile, citizen journalists have been going to hospitals all over the country – and in other countries, as well – and filming empty parking lots and waiting rooms in the #FilmYourHospital truth movement.

Dr. Colleen Smith, who produced the video, attended the NYU School of Medicine as a “Simulation Fellow” and gives lectures on medical-crisis simulations, raising the reasonable question whether her video shows a real or simulated event. -GEG […]


5 Comments on Video Showing Pandemic Crisis at Elmhurst Hospital in New York was Produced by Simulations Expert Leading to Questions of Authenticity

  1. I used to live in CT and my work required that I travel into NYC occasionally. About twenty years ago a friend with whom I worked and who lived in NY one day got sick and was admitted to Elmhurst. On the week-end I visited him. What stayed in my memory was the thought that, if I ever get sick, I hope that I don’t get sent to this hospital. The overall impression was that the whole place was run-down, a bit disorganized and just plain messy. So, it would seem that if you want to produce an “ain’t it awful” video, Elmhurst is a ready-made location.

  2. Wow, what a piece of crap this “Dr. Smith” is. Once you know what youre looking at, it is so painfully obvious how fake it is. Anyone notice the heart within a heart symbol on the tent outside Elmhurst. That is a classic symbol of child love, maybe it is soemthing else, but looks like it to me.

  3. Ha! – Great stuff! – and that’s my word! “[Global Pandemic] Simulation” – just made sense to me – I had no idea that there were, in fact, professionals who give “lectures on medical crisis simulations” … must be a growth field!

    I am going to bookmark Amazing Polly now!

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