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Major Auto Insurers Now Refunding Premiums Due To ‘Unprecedented’ Driving Slump

By Tyler Durden | 7 April 2020

ZERO HEDGE — In an unprecedented move, an “unprecedented driving slump” has major auto insurers like Allstate and American Family Insurance refunding partial premiums to their customers. 

Allstate is expected to refund more than $600 million, according to Bloomberg. Personal auto customers would be getting back about 15% of their monthly premiums in April and May. American Family said it is going to be refunding about $200 million to its customers via a one time $50 payment, per vehicle.

Allstate Chief Executive Officer Tom Wilson said: “Given an unprecedented decline in driving, customers will receive a shelter-in-place payback of more than $600 million over the next two months. This is fair because less driving means fewer accidents.”

Driving is down by about 35% to 50% in most states as a result of coronavirus lockdowns. […]

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