Airliner With 172 Passengers Almost Downed Due To Israeli Attack On Damascus: Russian MoD

By Tyler Durden | 7 February 2020

ZERO HEDGE — Russia’s Defense Ministry has issued a rare scathing public condemnation of the latest round of Israeli airstrikes which occurred Wednesday night into the early hours of Thursday morning in and around Damascus.

Though brief in duration, they have been described as among the most intense over the past year, and included multiple aerial intercepts of inbound missiles by Syrian air defenses.

On Friday Russian Defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov spokesman said Israel’s attack directly endangered a passenger airliner. “An Airbus-320 with 172 passengers on board could have been targeted by Syrian missile defense systems because of Israel’s airstrikes on the Damascus suburbs on February 6, the plane was escorted out of the danger zone and assisted in landing at the Hmeymim air base,” he told reporters, according to TASS[…]

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