Virginia’s 2nd Amendment Protest Shows Signs of a Setup — Don’t Enter That Cage!

The Second Amendment (2A) movement is planning a demonstration at Capital Square at the State Capital in Richmond, Virginia. It’s called the Virginia Capitol Protest Against Gun Control, and it’s to be held on Monday, Jan. 20. They face a hostile state Governor.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has not only issued temporary flight restrictions for Richmond, Virginia for Monday, but has designated the airspaces are “National Defense Airspace” until after Lobby Day.

As if on cue, agent provocateurs are being deployed to spark what may become a manipulated or staged event in the manner of Charlottesville. And, like clockwork, comes stories like this: “Neo-Nazi group linked to Virginia rally is as dangerous as ISIS: former FBI agent.”

Virginia has instituted a temporary gun ban at the rally, but Antifa goons will be allowed to be masked and will undoubtedly use any other type weapon available to assault anyone they choose. The game is rigged against the 2A protesters. They’ll be assaulted, arrested and portrayed as the aggressors. The Lugenpresse is going to have a field day.

The script writers are creating a caged zone for the event and forcing adversarial groups together.

Lights, camera, staged deception. Given that the event is occurring in Virginia, it will managed by the best agitprop pros on the planet.

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Below is a map of the cage, or trap. Notice that there is only one way in, marked in green. There are three exits only and bunched in the southwest corner of the square. You couldn’t plan a better stampede and turkey shoot.

The second photo shows trees for concealment within the Square as well as tall buildings all around the circumference.

A Gladio False Flag?

Some reports are emerging that Antifa will be posing as gun rights activists and will start shooting in order to make pro-2A look crazy/a danger and to give the public and government officials even greater reason to take guns and implement pre-crime measures.

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Agent provocateurs garbed as 2A may fight fire with fire and, of course, be blamed. Look for grainy obscured film to emerge to cloud the issue.

Virginia state Sen. Amanda Chase is issuing warnings to 2A people.

Virginia Gov. Northam has hyped the threats and declared a state of emergency.

Then, this in-your-face bad boy was spotted rolling into town. This is an armored deployment platform with sliding shooting ports. It’s a New Underworld Order jack-booted machine. This demonstration is a primary reasoning that individuals wish to be able to bear arms.


Winter Watch Takeaway

Second Amendment advocates may want to reconsider even going, or at least stay outside of the cage or find an alternative location. Let all the crisis actors and Antifa inside the caged Square. Do not wear any militia-identifying patches or clothing. Stay alert for florescent wearing glow worms, and photograph what you see – as the media won’t. This is a no-win situation. You will likely end up on a watch list and possibly tossed into the growing Star Chamber judicial system.

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13 Comments on Virginia’s 2nd Amendment Protest Shows Signs of a Setup — Don’t Enter That Cage!

  1. Let me be the first to welcome all the new Nazis this event will create into our community.

    It’s not as bad as it sounds. You will get used to it.

    Do get a jump on looking for a new job, as your employer is required to fire you upon learning you attended a Nazi rally. C’est la vie.

  2. “Stay alert for florescent wearing glow worms . . . ” I don’t know what this means. I’m assuming ‘glow worm’ is a slang term, but I’m not familiar with it. Little help, please ?

      • Thanks, Mr Winter. Your articles cover a lot of ground and I am appreciative of our efforts. Please keep ‘pulling back the curtain’ and exposing the motivations behind MSM headlines.

    • Something very weird here as “FBI invokes “imminent domain” to seize high-end night vision tubes, GPS to be in-op in that area until until Jan 24th.
      “The GPS jamming exercise continues through Jan. 24th and effects South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Eastern Tennessee, Alabama and all of Florida. The AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association)”

      • “[The arrests are] giving a message to the people that might be prone to violence [that the FBI] knows who you are and we’re arresting you, we’re taking you out of commission,” he said. “The federal government is not going to let [rally violence] happen, [not] on Martin Luther King’s birthday.” Silly FBI douchebags… First off, the fact that they are admitting that they’re arresting people that *might* be prone to violence is officially admitting their bastardized form of pre- crime “law enforcement” with no due process is completely bogus…just as is their practice of finding lonely isolated mental defectives, radicalizing, arresting, and then parading them in the media as foiled terrorists. Secondly, making a statement to the effect that MLK day is in some way sacrosanct at the FBI shows how very captured that bureau really is- totally asinine! Real law enforcers are vigilant every day, not just on their favorite holidays… The beta cucks at the lgbtFBI need to watch the MLK documentary “Beast As Saint”, and get a fucking clue. Of course that’s unlikely to happen in a bureau that was largely created to investigate organized crime, who’s first director (who was a degenerate transvestite himself) once famously lied out loud about how organized crime didn’t even exist.

  3. Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase warns her constituents Virginia VCDL Lobby Day is a set up. A state of emergency has already been declared by the governor of Virginia.
    “If you show up wearing any kind uniform, patch or other symbols on their clothing signifying they belong to a militia and something goes wrong you could/will be held as a domestic terrorist”.

  4. Off topic; this is a excellent documentary on the asylum scam they’re running in Ireland. Of course, this is taking place in almost every European country today behind the backs of not only the general public, but most of the public officials are clueless as well. I just don’t know how we can reverse course on this kind of systemic treason!

  5. The mythical neo-nazi group that is “as dangerous as ISIS” is called “The Base”, which of course in Arabic is Al Queda, another mythical terrorist group. How freakin’ stupid are the average TV watchers, that they fail to see this?

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