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Slovakia: Third Positionist Party Rises To Second As Gypsy Violence Engulfs Country

Marian Kotleba chairman of the far right People's Party Our Slovakia, walks to the Supreme Court in Bratislava, Slovakia, Monday, April 29, 2019. The Supreme Court denied a request from the Prosecutor General to ban Kotleba's parliamentary far-right party. PHOTO: ABC News/AP/Petr David Josek

By Eric Striker | 23 January 2020

NATIONAL JUSTICE — Nationalists are on the rise in Slovakia.

The People’s Party – Our Slovakia, led by charismatic rebel Marian Kotleba, is polling at 14% ahead of parliamentary elections next February. This will almost double the seats they won in 2016, putting them ahead of all the competing conservative and liberal parties and making them second only to the ruling socialist party, Smer, which is polling at 18.7%.

Kotleba is campaigning against organized gypsy crime, Zionist power, American influence and the European Union. They have combined this with a pro-family socialist economic platform, which will reassert Slovakian sovereignty, defeat high finance, and put the economy back in the hands of the struggling Slovakian people. The group is known for its volunteer projects and high levels of civic engagement.

They also honor the memory of an important Slovak independence leader, the Catholic Priest Jozef Tiso, who aligned with Germany during World War II. […]

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