Andrew Joyce – The Four Pincers of Cabalist Control

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3 October 2019

JUSTICE 4 POLAND — In a brilliant essay, The Necessity of Antisemitism, Andrew Joyce identifies four elements in Organized Jewry’s war on the goyim: Critique, Tolerance, Sterility, and Usury. 

In the excerpt below, Joyce describes how they control the world through debt (usury.)  While in general agreement, I am puzzled that comparatively little attention is devoted to Freemasonry. Without the active collaboration of these Gentile traitors, the Cabalist Jewish assault on mankind would falter.  

The Necessity of AntiSemitism 

By Andrew Joyce 

(Excerpt by 

“The Culture of Usury”

In a West gone wildly materialistic, it can be difficult to see the extent of Jewish usury. When you mention Jewish moneylenders to most people, the response normally relates to the Middle Ages. But Jewish usury is alive and well in modernity, and entire countries are in debt to Jewish financiers, who then pass on some of their wealth to Jewish organizations dedicated to the promotion of the three other cultures of White decline (Critique, Tolerance, Sterility).

Paul Singer, of the Jewish “investment fund” has been described by Bloomberg as “The World’s Most Feared Investor,” but really he’s the world’s most feared exploiter of debt. The Democratic Republic of Congo owes Singer and his Jewish colleagues $90 million, Panama owes him $57 million, Peru owes him $58 million, and Argentina owes him $1.5 billion. When payments have been late, Singer seized and detained the flagship of the Argentinian Navy, and when South Korea put up a fight to prevent him from getting control of Samsung, he drove the nation’s President to impeachment and imprisonment.

While these activities may appear very high-level, and distant from the reality of day-to-day life (unless you are a citizen of the Congo and Singer is blackmailing you for payment by withholding essential work on your water supply), Singer and his Jewish financial clique have a hand in almost every purchase you make, and every war your country wages. […]

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