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Jaffe Memo Was Smoking Gun of Kakistocracy’s Population and Social Engineering Schemes


Two dark-side Rockefeller Foundation social engineers, one Bernard Berelson and Frederick Jaffe, exchanged working ideas on the scheme of reducing U.S. fertility rates. The outlined Jaffe memo shown below was produced on March 11, 1969.

The memo, written to Berelson while he was head of the Population Council, states, “The report was prepared in behalf of Planned Parenthood’s Population Education Staff Committee as a basis for discussion of and action on the U.S. population problem by the Planned Parenthood national organization.”

Furthermore, just two years later, Berelson and Jaffe would work together on the 1972 Rockefeller Commission Report. Many of the ideas discussed in the memorandum were incorporated into the Rockefeller Report.

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The writer of the memo in 1968, Jewish social engineer Jaffe, established the Center for Family Planning Program Development, the research and public policy arm of PPFA, along with Jewish doctor Alan Frank Guttmacher, then president of PPFA. The organization was named after Guttmacher in 1974, with Jaffe as president, and spun off from Planned Parenthood in 1977.

Dr. Guttmacher (1898- 1974) founded the American Association of Planned Parenthood Physicians, now known as the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, as a forum for physicians to discuss the birth control pill and other advances in the field. He founded the Association for the Study of Abortion in 1964. He was a member of the Association for Voluntary Sterilization. The Guttmacher Institute is named after him. In 1973, Guttmacher was one of the signers of the Humanist Manifesto II.

Not only does the premise of the Rockefeller et al social engineering scheme address population “as a problem,” it proposes draconian and downright discordian means to carry out population control. This is an infiltrative policy in so much that flying monkeys who carry out the scheme are inserted into key positions in the sistema to impose this on American society.

And the proof is in the pudding 50 years later. An examination of the elements of the proposals show clearly that it has little to do with contraception to “plan parenthood.” It is instead a full-spectrum, sinister, social-depravity agenda.

Under social constraints we see “compulsory education of children” coupled with openly “encouraging increased homosexuality.” In the current year, this is in full bloom and manifesting itself as Drag Queen Story Time.

Now comes the usual commentariat in an NBC “News” fish wrap. Ms. Marcie Bianco declares: “Women, on the other hand, are increasingly realizing not only that they don’t need heterosexuality, but that it also is often the bedrock of their global oppression.

“From Jeffrey Epstein to the Dayton and El Paso mass shooters, to Miley Cyrus’s separation and Julianne Hough’s declaration that she’s ‘not straight,’” which, she says, “together have laid bare the strictures of an American patriarchy on the edge of a nervous breakdown.”

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Another sinister social constraint are “fertility control agents in water.” Indeed this has been extended to feminizing males through chemicals in food as well.

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Person on the right is a man. Note Illuminism all seeing eye on his garb.

The herbicide atrazine is one of the most liberally applied pesticides in the world. As a result, atrazine is the most commonly detected pesticide contaminant of ground, surface and drinking water. It’s also a potent endocrine disruptor that is active at low concentrations.

National Academy of Science studies demonstrate the reproductive consequences of atrazine exposure in adult amphibians. Atrazine-exposed males were both demasculinized (chemically castrated) and completely feminized as adults. Ten percent of the exposed genetic males developed into functional females that copulated with unexposed males and produced viable eggs. Atrazine-exposed males suffered from depressed testosterone, decreased breeding gland size, demasculinized/feminized laryngeal development, suppressed mating behavior, reduced spermatogenesis and decreased fertility.

Sinister schemes center around “economic disincentives” as well. Women are encouraged to work, and then maternity leave and childcare facilities are withheld. Tax policies are altered to penalize families with children. In general the kakistocracy puts policies in place to “make life miserable” for families with children.

A most sinister entry is “chronic depression,” which obviously is designed to create less energy and desire for family raising. The other benefit of depression for the Crime Syndicate is in the (p)harma industry arm that doses millions of women and men with anti-depressives, which saps their sex drive. No, nothing to see here, move along.

Next up in these criminals’ bag of tricks is pushing compulsory abortion and sterilization. Failing in that these are heavily pushed by brainwashing and propaganda. There is a proposal to pay women to have abortions.

There is even a scheme to “discourage private home ownership.” Of course, in recent years this is defacto or shadow-instituted via heavy student debt, keeping younger people in poverty, and rolling housing bubbles and busts, which turn home ownership into a exploitative casino.

The Luciferians even have a plan to confine child bearing to a limited number of adults. This is negative selection as demonstrated in the movie “Idiocracy” in which only the dumbest and most inept reproduce.

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  1. how does this group of non humans keep getting away with murder and mayhem generation after generation with no push back. does our fear and trauma based programming go back that far that we are not capable of reciprocating?an eye for an eye bred out of us? are we going the way of the panda bear? even jesus called them out but yet they have continued their march down through time.

  2. Nature doesn’t lie. No other species wakes up one days and says gee I won’t have kids or mate with the opposite gender. Unless it’s brain and body have been polluted with chemicals.

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