AG Fires Bureau of Prisons Chief over Epstein ‘Suicide’

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That’s Just The Latest Among Many New Developments In The Story Of The Convicted Pedophile Financier.

19 August 2019

TRU NEWS — In the wake of the reported “suicide” of convicted pedophile former financier Jeffrey Epstein, and in the midst of an investigation into the same, Attorney General William Barr has announced a complete change in leadership at the Bureau of Prisons.

Dr. Kathleen Hawk Sawyer will now serve as BOP director, and Dr. Thomas Kane will serve as her principle deputy. Hawk Sawyer served as the BOP director for more than a decade during the George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush presidencies.

The attorney general said:

“I am pleased to welcome back Dr. Hawk Sawyer as the Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Under Dr. Hawk Sawyer’s previous tenure at the Bureau, she led the agency with excellence, innovation, and efficiency, receiving numerous awards for her outstanding leadership. I am also pleased to announce Dr. Thomas R. Kane as the Deputy Director of BOP. Dr. Kane served in the Bureau for over thirty years under four Attorneys General and is known for his expertise and proficiency in prison management and organization. During this critical juncture, I am confident Dr. Hawk Sawyer and Dr. Kane will lead BOP with the competence, skill, and resourcefulness they have embodied throughout their government careers.

“I would also like to thank Hugh Hurwitz, Acting Director of BOP, for his dedication and service to the Bureau over the last fifteen months. I have asked Mr. Hurwitz to return to his responsibilities as Assistant Director of BOP’s Reentry Services Division, where he will work closely with me in overseeing the implementation of one of the Department’s highest priorities, the First Step Act.” […]

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