Chelsea Clinton’s Leadership in Media Conglomerate Exposes Conflicting Interests in Vimeo Vaccine Racket and AIDS Genocide

Chelsea Clinton (left), co-director of Vimeo's parent company IAC controlled by Barry Diller (right), conceals Vivendi Universal and MSNBC commercial alliances generating conflicting interests in blocking Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz AIDS-origin science and online presentations, while Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation administers vaccines for population reduction. IMAGE: Medical Veritas

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Boycotts Urged in Wake of Chelsea Clinton’s Conflicting Interests in AIDS-Commerce, Science- Censorship, and Anglo-American Genocide

By Sherri Kane and Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz | 11 July 2019

MEDICAL VERITAS — “Gross genocidal hypocrisy” is what the world’s leading HIV/AIDS origin scientist and vaccine risk analyst, Harvard-trained Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, calls‘s decision to trash the doctor’s pioneering video library because the parent company, IAC (InterActiveCorp), is heavily invested in vaccines, drugs and disease commerce.

IAC/Vimeo is controlled by three people: (1) senior officer and leading political financier Barry Diller; (2) World Bank and Clinton Foundation AIDS-ambassador Chelsea Clinton; and (3) convicted criminal Edgar Bronfman who appears with Donald Trump, Henry Kissinger, and numerous celebrities in child-sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Black Book.’

The IAC/Vimeo/Vivendi/NBC Universal Music conglomerate favors leading Democratic candidates. Barry Diller, Chelsea Clinton; and convicted criminal Edgar Bronfman, are politically-aligned with the Open Society Foundations and billionaire George Soros. The ‘liberal’ lobby claims it cares for human rights, but its actions speak louder than words. […]

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