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Blaming the Absurd on White People and Heterosexuals

A brief published  by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control claimed that Southerners’ “racism” and “homophobia” may be causing high HIV rates in the South, where instances of infection are disproportionately elevated among African Americans and homosexuals. Then, moving from the sublime to the ridiculous and with contorted logic, the corrupt CDC blames “stigma” for high infection rates — not risky behavior.

The CDC claims that one of the ‘factors driving the Southern HIV epidemic’ could be the apparent bigotry of Southerners. ‘Issues such as homophobia and transphobia, racism, and general discomfort with public discussion of sexuality may be more widespread in the South and can lead to higher levels of stigma,’ the CDC claims. And increased levels of stigma — according to the CDC brief — ‘may limit people’s willingness to seek HIV testing, care, or prevention services.’”

Shame on you whitey and straight people. Yet, this very same agency, the CDC, has other studies out about sexual behaviors that points to something altogether different. The citation is here [see pages 9, 10, 24 and 29]. Note for fuzzy thinkers: Our inductive reasoning is that heterosexuals, as a rule of thumb, have sexual contact with other heterosexuals and homosexuals with other homosexuals. In our open-source research on homosexual rape of heterosexual men or vice versa, we conclude it is not that common except in prisons.

Fraudulent agenda, scam

In a study of college students, the question of rape was asked. The results show that homosexuals are raped 329% more often than heterosexuals. The prevalence of having been forced to have sexual intercourse (aka rape) was 7.2% (median) among heterosexual students, 23.7% among homosexual students and 22.6% among bisexual students. If there is a rape culture epidemic involving heterosexuals, it sure isn’t being reported or showing up in the CDC study data. Among homosexuals and bisexuals though it is another story.

The CDC study was extended to include dating violence. It assessed having been hit, slapped or physically hurt on purpose by their boyfriend or girlfriend during the 12 months before the survey. The prevalence of dating violence was 10.2% among heterosexual students, 27.5% among homosexual students and 23.3% among bisexual students.

Those who had sexual intercourse with four or more persons: 11.1% among heterosexual students, 29.9% among homosexual students and 28.2% among bisexual students.

More serious drug use was also heavily skewed toward homosexuals and bisexuals in the study. Use of any form of cocaine (e.g., powder, crack or freebase) one or more times during their life was reported at 4.1% among heterosexual students, 22.3% among homosexual students and 17.7% among bisexual students.

The prevalence of having ever used heroin was 1.8% among heterosexual students, 17.7% among homosexual students, 9.6% among bisexual students.

Use of inhalants, such as sniffing glue, breathing the contents of aerosol spray cans or inhaling paints or sprays to get high one or more times during their life (i.e. ever used inhalants) and sexual identity: 7.6% among heterosexual students, 26.1% homosexual students and 25.9% among bisexual students.

Takeaway: Hate to burst your bubble, perv justice warriors (PJWs). We have causa proxima data and evidence that a significantly higher number of homosexual students — relative to heterosexuals — are rapists or are being raped (by a factor of 3.29 to 1), are violent towards partners (2.70x), are promiscuous (2.69x) and have serious drug use issues (7-10x depending on drug). The data points to a rape-violence-drug subculture among homosexuals, yet where is the protest?

In addition, somehow the same agency (CDC) that did this very study feeds the SJW lies and deceit and blames white and/or straight “bigotry” for the HIV epidemic among homosexuals? Really?



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  1. “A brief published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control claimed that Southerners’ “racism” and “homophobia” may be causing high HIV rates in the South, where instances of infection are disproportionately elevated among African Americans and homosexuals.”

    Stigmatization of the South has been going on for a very long time in America. As James Kennedy states: “The current campaign to stigmatize Southern heritage as detestable has its genesis in the decades before the War for Southern Independence. In 1787, Patrick Henry warned Virginia and the South about the danger of forming a union with the people of New England. Patrick Henry predicted that the North, being the numerical majority, would control the Federal Government and use the Federal Government to extract tribute (taxes in the form of tariffs) from the South. Patrick Henry was joined by other Southerners, such as George Mason and Rawlins Lowndes who warned of the danger of a union with the North. From its very beginning, the United States has been a nation divided. The division was not one of slave states vs. non-slave states but a division between a commercial society vs. an agrarian society. As explained by Southern scholar Grady McWhiney, the war was a conflict of, “culture against culture.” Southern scholar Francis B. Simkins observed that had slavery not existed the North would have “conjured” another moral rationale for invading the South.”

    Kennedy then goes on: “Post-war, the previously prosperous South became the North’s impoverished political and economic colony. This fact, repressed and hidden in standard American history, has been noted by numerous Southern scholars and writers. Paul K. Conkin noted that the post-war South was, “Impoverished, politically impotent, a dependent colony of the North,” Thomas D. Clark and Albert D. Kirwan noted that “outside capitalism” had colonized the South, while Andrew Nelson Lytle boldly declared, “If the South could be broken politically, it could be forced into a position of economic serfdom, depending on those who would control this strongly centralized government.” In a 1938 Federal report on Southern poverty, the Federal Government acknowledged that the primary reason for Southern poverty was outside ownership and control of Southern resources. What is the primary goal of all empires? To gain access to other peoples’ resources.”

    The South has been Americas “red headed step child” from the very beginning. And as Kennedy proves, the Union freed no one in the south, and made virtually all Southerner’s slaves. As Russ’s article proves, the slander goes on to this day, and as the old saying goes, “never let the facts get in the way of a good story”.


  2. Any comprehensive discussion of AIDS & drug use must include methamphetamine hydrochloride ((S)-N,α-dimethylbenzeneethanamine hydrochloride) (trade name Desoxyn ®). It’s prevalence among homosexuals is unmatched and its use among Negroes is growing fast. Some of the methods by which it is used among homos, most people would find shocking, to say the least. It is one of the most significant contributors to AIDS, second only to Herpes simplex 8 (which is necessary but not sufficient to cause AIDS).
    Linking the spread of AIDS to bigotry requires a lot of mental gymnastics and imagination. If it were true it would be reflected in the number of incidents compared to much more tolerant places such as San Francisco, which is not the case.

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