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A Crime Syndicate Primer: Brazil’s ‘O Inimigo Dentro’ (‘The Enemy Within’)

“Apparently, ‘conspiracy stuff’ is now shorthand for unspeakable truth.”— Gore Vidal, from “The Enemy Within”

How is it that the Crime Syndicate actors can hide under slimy rocks? Why is it that no one is really named? The reason is that this is systemic and international — and high level law enforcement and government is in on it in a kakistocratic criminal network. You’ve read all about it here. But given that most pajama people need to be entertained, I’ll offer a different approach.

There is a top-performing movie that I saw when I was in Brazil called “Tropa de Elite II-O Inimigo Dentro,” which translates to “The Enemy Within.” These enemies transcend far beyond the borders of Brazil. The film is highly intelligent and spot on and comes as close as anything can to describing the aspects of the Crime Syndicate that are currently in play. Plus, it’s a great action thriller. It is Brazil’s highest grossing film of all time.

The corruptos (corrupt high ranking people) were in deep into the drug trade. Brazilians believe this conspiracy theory – as well they should. Americans will too once the next economic swoon hits.

In one scene one of the few political white hats, Diogo Fraga, faces up rather unsuccessfully to the crime chieftain. But Fraga goes into the Deep State and teams up with Nascimento. After unwittingly cleaning up the Crime Syndicate’s competition in Rio de Janerio’s drug traffic, Nascimento was put out to pasture in surveillance wire tapping operations. There, alerted by Fraga, he stumbled onto the truth.

The incredible and emotional ending scene is when the hero and white-hat Colonel Roberto Nascimento (BOPE – Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais) calls out the Syndicate. The US and European deep state are too locked down and compromised to produce Nascimentos that would be given a pulpit like this in the heart of the Beast. But it makes for good fiction.

In the movie, even after the whistle blowing and some arrests within the corrupto sistema (movie’s term), the Syndicate carries on. And the sistema just reinvents itself, which is aptly described by Nascimento as the film winds down.

O Discurso de Coronel Nascimento

“Tropa de Elite II (O Inimigo Dentro)” with English subtitles may be rented at Amazon or iTunes. I speak Portuguese, which enhances it for me — but I still rate it 10 for everyone, even in English. This is the movie’s trailer.

Along the same vein, I recently had an e mail exchange with a researcher involved with the Dr. Jeffrey McDonald framing and railroading case.

Read: Retired FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Revealed Star Chamber Justice System in Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald Case

He happened to mention a sinister trolling presence that I too can’t help but notice. However, I see much of this as paid for virtual fakery. – Air Force ordered software to manage army of fake virtual people

“So WHY are there so MANY hostile and negative comments whenever someone posts a piece that defends MacDonald? Because the military, like the hasbara trolls, is running the negative comment network for counter-intelligence purposes (psychological warfare).

The troll brigade who comes out of the woodwork whenever someone puts up a page defending MacDonald as innocent are part of a very large network of counter-intelligence agents who monitor the internet for any sign of defense towards MacDonald and then FLOOD the comment section with their lying, slandering crap. These trolls are largely coordinated by the military, I believe.

While the Army is pretty bad, the AIR FORCE has the highest percentage of SATANISTS and internet counter-intelligence trolls working the internet. Mind control is rampant among the people who do this sort of devil’s work (could YOU do something like that for $20 or 25 an hour? I couldn’t. I wouldn’t do it for $200 an hour)..

Look at the HIGH volume of comments you got on your article, and the HIGH volume of NEGATIVE comments you see on Reddit or any other blogs that talk about this case. It’s like 98% negative and then 2 % of “well, maybe he didn’t do it”.

You’d think the trial happened yesterday when you see such a large volume of negative comments. That AlONE is a tip-off that it’s an organized troll network behind the comments, to quash any gathering internet sentiment that MacDonald may be innocent.

People in their 20s, 30s, or even 40s wouldn’t know jack shit about this case or know MacDonald’s name, or the details of the TV movie from 1984, let alone details of his trial or the investigations. The murders happened 50 years ago!. Yet you get this enormous barrage of negative, hostile comments from YOUNG sounding hotheads. Older people don’t talk with testosterone bravado.

Your average American would most likely be over 60 to even KNOW about this case.”

I answered that I see this elsewhere as well.

“Most revealing that you are also picking up on the very evil doth-protest-too-loudly operatives showing up around these topics. I experienced it especially on pedogate and the Smiley Face Killer (SFK) “mystery”. I call them pervert justice warriors, but I think you are right – that they are some version of covert intel ops and discordian/satanic types.

SFK is ongoing and does impact younger people, specifically young men. Something very sinister and organized is going on. Are you familiar with this? The victims are mounting into the hundreds. I am now convinced high ranking people and cover ups are involved, including some police.

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Smiley Face Murders: More Victims, A Mother’s Torment and Strange Parallels to Belgium’s Dutroux Murders

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  1. There are a lot of other unsolved outrages but the SFKs could be motivated by some kind of initiation to weed out undercover types like a gang requiring members to commit a homicide

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